Senseye PdM

A cloud-based predictive maintenance solution

About Senseye PdM

Senseye PdM is a cloud-based predictive maintenance software which integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure investments. Use captured data to understand the future health of your machinery. This process is entirely automated, collecting key data such as abnormal vibrations, current or pressure, and temperature fluctuations. The system then generates machine behavior models automatically to demonstrate the best plans for on-going predictive maintenance efforts.

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The main features offered by Senseye PdM include:

Condition Indicators

Collect data like vibration, temperature, current, acoustic, pressure and other sensor systems from your machinery and stored in your factory historian or IoT middleware platform.

Current (and if available) past data is utilized by the system and combined with asset maintenance information to automatically build prognostics models.

Senseye PdM Automation

Senseye PdM is completely automated and can integrate with your existing maintenance management systems.

Machine Health Calculation

Calculate the health and remaining useful life of your machinery based on a series of algorithms.

Insights and Alerts

Insights and alerts are generated and delivered to relevant organisation members, with information about matching failure modes and likely Remaining Useful Life.

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