CDI Project Control System

A multi-module management system designed by Tecsys.

About CDI Project Control System

The CDI Project Control System is an integrated project accounting system especially designed to meet organizations’ complex project financial management needs. This client/server, activity-based management software package provides complete operational control for the management of projects from quotation to final invoice, with access to work in progress.

Customer Invoice Management

The CDI Project Control System is fully integrated with CDI Purchasing, offering users of the CDI Project Control System a host of flexible time-saving features. For example, when a purchase order line item is added, changed, received or paid for, that information is immediately available throughout the entire system.

You can apply directly to a job. The system provides you with vendor product information and on-line material purchases history.

Purchase orders may be printed individually or in batches. Powerful query capabilities allow you to find any given line item on any given purchase order. And you have the advantage of comprehensive reporting, including purchase order variance reporting.

CDI Purchasing is also integrated with CDI Accounts Payable and can be integrated with other accounts payable packages as well. This seamless integration allows you to conduct three-way matching and to close PO’s automatically during AP posting.

Employee Expense Management

The Employee Expense Management module allows for direct entry of expenses by employees. The system will automatically print an expense report and forward the released expenses to a manager for approval. Robust query capabilities allow managers to closely review and authorize expense records on-line.

When expense reports are posted after managerial review, related job orders are automatically updated and accounts payable vouchers are created for employee reimbursement, eliminating repetitive data entry. This module easily integrates with accounts payable and general ledger applications for complete employee expense processing automation.

Job Order Management

CDI Project Control Applications fully automate the creation and management of jobs – improving your efficiency and effectiveness. Features like job cloning, support for unlimited numbers of phases, activities, tasks and users, and user-definable activities and tasks simplify the management of your complex projects.

The Job Order Management module provides complete audit trails and easy, drill-down access to all labor hours, materials, employee expenses and customer invoices. And to support sophisticated reporting and analysis, financial information rolls up from every phase, task and cost level, while extensive job budget capabilities let you accurately plan future projects.

Labor Management

The Labor Management module tracks labor applied against productive jobs or other indirect activities. Labor entries can be configured to allow batch entry of labor records by employee and on-line validation and managerial review features ensure integrity of entries prior to posting.

You also have complete costing and billing rate flexibility so the correct billing rate is applied to the correct job, phase or task. And as is true with all CDI Project Control Applications, powerful inquiry capabilities and extensive labor reporting allow for in-depth employee productivity analysis.

Project Administration

Unlike competing systems, CDI Project Control Applications track actual costs and revenues by both project and customer, not just by job. This ability to summarize information at different levels and in different ways makes financial analysis easier, more targeted and more in-depth.

Projects serve as the top level of control for all related jobs within CDI Project Control Applications. From the Project Administration module of the system, you can drill down to review all associated costs and revenues. Each project can have an unlimited number of jobs assigned to it. And all jobs can be associated with any customer or operating group within your company. In addition, jobs are user-definable (internal projects, customer projects, recurring services or time and material work).

Product Overview

  • Developer TECSYS
  • Type Project Management Software
  • Client OS

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