NetSuite OpenAir

A multi-module management system designed by NetSuite for large enterprises.

About NetSuite OpenAir

NetSuite OpenAir software is the world’s #1 cloud professional services automation (PSA) solution, providing project-based businesses with powerful project management, resource management, project accounting and timesheet and expenses management capabilities.

NetSuite drives down bench time, elevates on-time project delivery, improves invoicing accuracy, streamlines revenue recognition and increases services visibility.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers real-time visibility into your services organization’s performance and profitability
  • Improves on-time project delivery and drives project success rates
  • Increases resource utilization with advanced resource management functionality
  • Equips your services team with mobile access to time and expense management
  • Reduces hardware maintenance costs and upgrade hassles with cloud-based delivery.

Dashboards and Reporting

Get Actionable, Real-Time Visibility Into Project Performance

To maximize your professional services team’s performance, your organization needs clear visiblity into team and project performance. NetSuite OpenAir provides robust dashboards, and reporting and analytical tools that are integrated across all modules to deliver an on-demand, real-time view into your services organization.

NetSuite OpenAir dashboards and reports enable you to monitor, report and analyze overall project performance in real time, including resource utilization, profit margins, project budgets vs. actual and more. With NetSuite OpenAir, every stakeholder from executive to project manager can instantly see the reports and metrics that mean the most to them. Your organization gains real-time dashhboards that can be personalized to each stakeholder’s needs, giving everyone instant access to the information that matters.


  • Closely monitor project profitability and project performance, see resource utilization, share billings forecasts, understand the backlog and clearly see timesheet status
  • Eliminate time spent reporting using spreadsheets with web-based real-time reporting
  • Zero in on the metrics and reports your services organization needs to drive project performance
  • Improve collaboration by ensuring every stakeholder is operating on the same shared view
  • Reduce time spent hunting for key metrics with personalized role-based dashboards.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Personalized Dashboards
    • Utilize personalized dashboards that provide notifications and one-click access to critical project information
    • Monitor key metrics such as resource utilization, profit margin, project budget vs. actual and more
    • Customize dashboards with end user self-service capabilities
    • Set up reports and view key company information in chart form
    • Share customized graphical dashboards with other users and departments
    • Analyze chart details by viewing underlying reports
    • Individually customize charts on a per-user basis
    • Create bar charts (horizontal, vertical or multi-bar), pie charts or line charts.
  • Self Service Collaborative Reporting
    • Use and modify more than 100 pre-configured professional services reports
    • Create powerful historical and forecast reports, including billing and utilization
    • Run timesheet status reports to ensure employees are entering time in an efficient and timely manner
    • Create backlog reports to identify remaining work on a particular project, helping ensure that all projects are profitable
    • Run resource utilization reports to ensure resources’ time are appropriately allocated among various projects
    • Generate projected billings forecast reports to identify what can be potentially billed in the future at the client and project level
    • Organize reports in folders, save and share them, and schedule reports to run automatically to ensure data is shared with the right people at the right time
    • Allow users to build detailed or summary reports from scratch
    • Create calculations, use custom start or end dates, and custom report filters with a powerful report engine
    • Create custom start or end date periods on summary reports
    • Inclusive and exclusive filtering capabilities for summary and detail reports
    • Download reports in PDF, Word or Excel format
    • Integration with

Expense Management

Maximize Accuracy and Timeliness of Expense Processes

In a billable services organization, expense management is a critical part of the business. To maximize the accuracy and timeliness of expense reporting and overall expense management, this process should as easy and flexible as possible for users and connect directly with project management and project accounting.

With NetSuite OpenAir, you can automate and streamline the entire expense management cycle, including expense reporting, submission and approval processes, while integrating with project accounting and invoicing. By managing the entire lifecycle, it becomes easy and seamless to track and submit expenses for rapid reimbursement and client billing.


  • Capture expense information from anywhere with a browser, iPhone, BlackBerry or any PDA or WAP-enabled device, or use the offline client and submit when you’re back online
  • Increase accuracy by integrating expense management with project management
  • Customize workflows and approval processes to meet your unique business, project accounting and expense management needs
  • Integrate with virtually any accounting or ERP system to eliminate double entry of expense reporting data
  • Track expenses in any variety of currencies.

Key Features

  • Flexible, Accurate Expense Entry and Reporting
    • Consolidate expenses from multiple projects into a single expense report
    • Create and submit expense reports with a browser or mobile devices, including BlackBerry, iPhone and Palm
    • Enter expense reports without an internet connection with the offline client and submit for approval when back online
    • Customize business rules for expense management to match your unique needs, such as requiring receipt association with project tasks or specifying items as billable or non-billable
    • Automate entry of recurring expenses with “repeat receipt” option for defined intervals
    • View expense reports in HTML or PDF formats
    • Enter expenses in multiple currencies using the Foreign Currency Receipt Wizard
    • Tailor expense items to match company-defined expense categories
    • Upload attachments at the expense item or expense report level
    • Enter historical pricing for expense items
    • Mark expense receipt costs up or down for billing purposes and define tax locations for specific expense items
    • Quickly enter expense receipts via expense grid view or use the standard form and enter expenses individually
    • Configure form permissions at the receipt level
    • Create per diem expenses according to policies
    • Expedite expense entry by cloning expense reports.
  • Advanced Expense Approvals and Workflows
    • Track expense reports through the submit/approve lifecycle and view an auditable system history for each report
    • Create overdue expense report approval alerts
    • Define user and/or project-level approvals for expenses, including customizable multi-level processes.

Project Accounting

Drive Cash Flow by Automating Project Accounting and Invoicing

NetSuite OpenAir’s project accounting capabilities enable you to easily and efficiently manage and analyze project finances with advanced project accounting software. From bid preparation through time and expense tracking to client billing and internal charge-backs, NetSuite OpenAir project accounting and billing software provides powerful tools to perform these processes across multiple offices and mobile employees.

NetSuite OpenAir’s project accounting billing engine provides flexibility in managing client billing, handling both fixed-fee and time and material billing on the same project. Automated billing rules guarantee that all billable work and expenses are accurately captured and timely billed to your clients to increase your quote-to-cash cycle and improve cash flow.


  • Improve your cash flow by invoicing customers quickly and more accurately
  • Reduce manual effort by automatically invoicing customers for billable work and expenses
  • Monitor project profitability and get real-time visibility into project finances against budget
  • Easily align invoicing to changing project, regional, customer and business needs
  • Scale invoicing processes across offices and countries with multi-currency and multi-tax intelligence.

Key Features

  • Gain Flexible and Automated Invoicing
    • Automate project invoices and manage approvals based on customer or project with an end-to-end invoicing engine
    • Record payments against invoices and view the outstanding balance on an invoice in real time
    • Integrate project time and expense entries, project billings, revenue recognition transactions and invoice totals with your General Ledger
    • Create and customize multiple invoice templates and easily associate them with customers or projects
    • Easily include multiple projects on a single invoice
    • Define project-level approvals for invoices, and even create customizable multi-level processes
    • Create charges manually whether flat fee, hourly, expense items or more
    • Utilize support for multiple charge rates with any unit such as $/word, $/day, $/unit etc.
    • Track and report on charges that have not yet been assigned to an invoice
    • Record and track retainers and customer purchase orders
    • Associate retainers with agreements
    • Select and include payment terms for the invoice
    • Electronically send an invoice directly with additional attachments or text as required
    • Enable customers to download invoices in HTML or PDF format.
  • Automate Project-Level Revenue Recognition Processes
    • Recognize revenue according to its own unique schedule and guidelines
    • Leverage revenue recognition that’s separate from project billing to support exactly how your organization measures profitability.
  • Monitor Project Profitability
    • Clearly monitor and report on summary and detail project-level accounts, include project profitability metrics
    • Monitor and project budget vs. actual in real time using easy-to-read graphs and reports.
  • Multi-Currency and Tax Intelligence
    • Easily manage multi-currency and multi-taxation requirements
    • Apply taxes to invoices based on the location of the work done or by service/expense completed
    • Automatically apply sales tax to invoices whether VAT, GST, PST or more
    • Manage tax rates for service and expense items.

Project Management

Visibility, Collaboration and Control to Drive On-Time Delivery

NetSuite OpenAir’s project management software enables project managers and team members to collaborate on projects and maintain current and accurate project status at all times, allowing managers to proactively identify and resolve potential threats to the success of each and every engagement.

With NetSuite OpenAir’s web-based delivery, every stakeholder can see, monitor and manage project status any time, anywhere. By delivering complete visibility and control, NetSuite OpenAir’s project management solution gives you real-time access to all of your project information. The result is a significantly improved project completion record, more satisfied clients and reduced non-billable work.


  • Project management software that helps you deliver projects on time and within budget
  • See project performance by easily monitoring project status
  • Gain real-time collaboration for your project teams
  • Estimate project profitability and generate forecasts
  • Get top-down visibility into work breakdown structures
  • Establish project budgets and track project costs according to budgets.

Key Features

  • Easy Project Setup
    • Rapidly set up projects using project templates, and use flexible project duplication options to create new projects from templates
    • Set up project stages to group similar projects together
    • Flexibly assign resources at the project level, as well as to tasks based on hours or percentage of time
    • Create task predecessor relationships
    • Utilize complete bi-directional integration with Microsoft Project.
  • Comprehensive Project Visibility
    • View the entire project plan with an easy-to-read Gantt chart view
    • See a project outline view for a comprehensive real-time snapshot of project status down to the task level
    • Identify and view task assignments in an intuitive chart format.
    • Monitor Project Progress in Real Time
    • Record project issues down to the task level, and track them with descriptions, severity, resolution date and assignment
    • Generate pricing estimates for pre-sale projects from underlying project plan and staffing model
    • Track changes to the project plan over time using baseline functionality
    • View Earned Value Management metrics to measure key performance indicators
    • Manually override user cost at the project level
    • Get alerts and notifications triggered by key project events (such as adding or changing a task).
  • Create and Monitor Detailed Project Level Budgets
    • Create revenue and cost estimates for engagements, and use “what if” project planning scenarios to optimize price, margin, billing rates and staffing
    • View pipeline reports, gaining visibility into future enterprise revenue and profit opportunities
    • Easily create project-level and date-based budgets
    • Define budget categories to identify different budget items within the total budget amount
    • Get real-time budget alerts based on percent of allocated budget, and budget overruns.

Resource Management

Gain Complete Visibility Into Resource Management and Skills

With NetSuite OpenAir’s resource management software, you can make sure that the right resources are working on the right projects, based on real-time project timelines, and as the project evolves. A comprehensive resource management system, NetSuite OpenAir helps you manage even the most complex project resource management requirements.

NetSuite OpenAir’s resource management software gives you visibility into all aspects of your project resource management needs, helping to increase overall resource utilization and manage and deploy resources based on employee skills, interests, experience and availability.


  • Achieve complete visibility into resource utilization, skills profiles, bookings and more
  • Reduce your dependence on resource management spreadsheets with real-time tracking of skills and availability and centralized, up-to-date, searchable resource profiles
  • Automate resource management requests and bookings with customizable workflows
  • Manage a single, dynamic, global pool of resources to optimize projects teams, regardless of physical location
  • Accurately forecast staffing needs and improve employee utilization rates.

Key Features

  • Proactively Forecast and Allocate Resources
    • View and manage resource utilization and allocation with graphical, interactive reports
    • Use automated resource utilization alerts to address resource management challenges and exceptions before they occur
    • Drive full-time employee (FTE) forecasts and the staffing process with generic resource placeholders.
  • Streamline Resource Requests and Bookings
    • Effectively track and allocate resources by defining multiple booking types (e.g. requested, confirmed, internal) to match your business needs
    • Allocate resource bookings to specific timeframes to provide in-depth visibility into time management, and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google calendars
    • Map customizable workflows to your resource management needs
    • Stay on top of changes with automated email notifications for newly created, modified or deleted resource bookings
    • Book resources to projects individually or in bulk with multiple bookings forms or a resource booking grid
    • Enter, modify or delete bookings for multiple resources on a single project via the project booking grid
    • Allow project managers to request specific or generic resources in booking requests
    • Easily adjust, delete or swap resources on bookings based on resource utilization and staffing needs
    • Create bookings at the task or project level Manage booking requests in bulk with the project booking request grid.
  • Advanced Skills Tracking and Searching
    • Assemble advanced skills profiles for resources with demographic information, interests, experience, language expertise, work preferences, proxy capabilities, leave accrual rules and more
    • Create and manage custom skill sets to match your requirements
    • Tailor views of your resources’ skills profiles with custom filters of specific parameters, or see all resources at once
    • Conduct advanced resource searches to find the right people based on multiple factors including availability and skills
    • Quickly filter lists of resources based on a single attribute, such as skill, education, department or job code
    • Flexibly view and search all active and inactive resources, including contractors and other specialty resources
    • View resource utilization in calendar view and graphical booking chart view.

Timesheet Management

Expedited and Easy Timesheet Entry to Match Your Needs

When it comes to timesheet management, you need to make it simple and easy for employees to enter hours worked and supporting timesheet information. The more accessible the process, the more likely employees will complete timely and accurate timesheets.

With NetSuite OpenAir’s timesheet software, users can quickly and easily capture detailed timesheets, whether in the office or on the road. Better yet, NetSuite OpenAir timesheet software allows you to map timesheet entry and approvals to your unique business requirements, ensuring you capture the right information the first time, every time.


  • Track hours worked and allocate directly to projects or tasks, expediting project management and project accounting processes
  • Submit timesheets for approvals based on your business processes, or requirements unique to each client or project
  • Submit timesheets from anywhere with a browser, iPhone, BlackBerry or any PDA or WAP-enabled device, or use the offline client and submit when you’re back online
  • Create timesheets from scratch or save time by duplicating previously entered timesheets
  • Place visibility and control in the hands of users with self-service tracking of timesheet management and approvals, including leave tracking and vacation time.

Key Features

  • Timesheet Entry
    • Filter timesheets based specific search criteria such as timesheet date and user, or view timesheets by stages such as open, submitted and more
    • Tailor timesheet layout to include certain fields and/or only show tasks to which users are assigned
    • Customize time entry to meet your business rules–require notes on time entries, flag time as billable or non-billable and more
    • Include time entries for multiple projects on the same timesheet
    • Define the appropriate timesheet duration for your firm based on invoicing and reconciliation cycles
    • Create timesheet rules, such as minimum or maximum daily values, to reduce errors
    • Enable “hours remaining” functionality to allow users to provide an estimate of remaining hours to work on a task
    • Download timesheet reports in HTML or PDF format
    • Generate alerts for overdue timesheets and/or overdue approvals
    • Specify time types to provide additional granularity in reporting and tracking time, such as regular time, overtime, personal time and more
    • Create “schedule requests,” allowing users to request a change to their regular schedule
    • Leverage advanced support for Leave Accrual tracking
    • Utilize an integrated stopwatch-style timer for detailed capture of time spent on tasks and projects.
  • Timesheet Approvals
    • Define user and/or project level approvals for timesheets, including customizable multi-level processes
    • Easily make adjustments to approved timesheets
    • Reject individual time entries on a single timesheet, or the entire timesheet
    • Empower users to self-reject timesheets when needed.

Product Overview

  • Developer NetSuite
  • Type Professional Service Automation (PSA) Software
  • Client OS
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted

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