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Retail - 1

A multi-module management system designed by Gemmar Systems International for retail trade companies.
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Gemmar Systems’ Retail-1 provides a full suite of products that have the ability to aid in every step of managing your retail business. Every part of Retail-1 was designed by retail customers to satisfy your needs. The Retail-1 software package can be scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of your company and effectively manage growth and enhance profitability. The system is constantly updated, so you can be assured that your investment will become more valuable over time. The Retail-1 system will provide you with the most effective and comprehensive tools for managing your retail business; and hence it will help to ensure profitability and security for your business.


Retail-1 Analytics provide you with on-demand analytics; providing you with an immediate snapshot of key performance measures across merchandise sales, suppliers, and stores. Analysis periods are completely user defined, and can be as short as a day or as long as a year. Accessing data and viewing results is easy for any single user; all the user must do is use the single key selection to instantaneously display data. Results can be presented in the form of data or a graph. This product is incredibly useful because it is integrated into the Resource 1 database; allowing for simple and efficient data collection. The existence of templates for typical queries of buyers, store operations, merchandisers and financial personnel; mean minimal training is needed. Additionally, user’s can save their queries for later use; and they can utilize Boolean logic to complete the most complex queries.

CRM DataMiner

Retail-1 CRM DataMiner is a business intelligence program for CRM. All customer information stored in Retail-1 Store can be fully analyzed with the CRM DataMiner. This product will provide you with numerous advantages in both your macro- and micro-marketing efforts. By allowing you to segment your market with a dynamic analysis of customer demographics and profile data; you can focus your marketing budget on the true target market. With the additional information you can also improve your understanding of customer response time to your marketing mix and promotional activities. This software package will also give you the capability to identify and target your most profitable customers. You can also use this information to generate lists for: direct mail, e-mail, and telephone contact. Additionally, you have the ability to identify laggard customers (those who have not recently shopped at your stores) and target them for specific marketing efforts to get them back in and shopping.


Retail-1 EIS (Executive Information System) is a performance marking software system. This product will answer critical questions for you; questions like: how are my stores performing? what merchandise is selling? etc. This product can provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly recaps of product, store, and supplier performance, against plans, and against prior year results. Every key measure in judging performance is included in the system. Additionally, the drill-down capability makes it easy to see top-ten and bottom-ten performers in any category, by class, as well as by supplier. Furthermore, measures of performance specific to the retail industry (sales per square foot, refunds, traffic conversion rates, etc.) are included within the software. Implementing this software allows you to immediately diagnose problems, allowing you to respond sooner; and hence, prevent further losses.


Retail-1 Merchant features the complete functionality to manage merchandise, launch and control purchases, establish and manage merchandise allocations, maintain inventory control, control receiving and distribution, and manage warehouse-to-store or store-to-store transfers. Reorder and replenish tools, prompt automatic messages and ordering, and assure you will have the right items, in the right place, at the right time. Additionally, Retail-1 Merchant gives you the ability to achieve profitability goals by giving you the proper tools to set pricing, and manage promotions and discounts. The inclusion of a customer history feature allows you to target your product or promotion to individual customers based on past purchases.

Merchant DataMiner

Retail-1 Merchant DataMiner is a complete business intelligence program for merchandising. This product is pre-configured to access your Retail-1 database. You can access current and historical information at any level (include the SKU level). With this product you can better adjust your business strategy to take advantages of your strengths while working on your weaknesses. This product will also highlite the exceptions to the 80-20 rule. The single-screen format allows you to easily drill down detail by week, month, and year-to-date. Furthermore, you have the ability to capture opportunities, anticipate slow-movers, and avoid short-falls.


Retail-1 OTB (Open-to-Buy Planning) allows you to perform integrated merchandise planning. With this software, you will be given the tools to formalize and improve your entire planning process. Meaning you can integrate planning for anything from corporate revenue and gross margin objectives, to merchandise plans by class, to store inventory and sales plans. This product will give you better information, which you can use in your decision-making for new merchandise, current merchandise, and overall budgets. This product supports both top-down and bottom-up planning scenarios. You can also develop multiple scenarios to evaluate merchandise alternatives. To check up on the progress of your planning, Retail-1 OTB provides progressive analysis of stock-to-sales ratios.


Retail-1 Store is your complete solution to running an efficiently operated store. Thanks to it’s easy-to-use, intuitive interface, your newest sales associates will be able to immediately operate the POS system. The presence of a scanner system allows you to easily scan items for sale or return. Customer history is captured and stored within this system, as well. Within Retail-1 Store are features that all managers need to successfully operate a retail business. Scheduling and employee reporting can both be done within the system; allowing employees to view schedules and punch in/out right from their LCD touch-screen POS terminal. This product will also keep track of store inventory levels with controls over receiving, drop-ships, transfers in and out, returns and returns-to-vendor, as well as store physical inventory and cycle counts. With the purchase of Retail-1 Merchant, an integration can be made that will allow you as a manager to see instantaneous inventory items across all locations. You are also given the ability to perform layaway and special order functions, adding to your sales capabilities.


Retail-1 Traffic is a complete store traffic monitoring and analysis reporting system. This software is integrated with store traffic monitoring devices and in-store POS software to provide immediate feedback on sales conversion rates throughout the day. This high level of integration provides you with insight into conversion patters, sales to staff ratios, average tickets by pieces and amounts, and even comparative sales by associate. This software can aid you in staff scheduling and other operations decisions, by providing you with information on real-time customer behaviors. All information can be viewed on multiple time scales (hour-by-hour, day, week, month).

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