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About Syrasoft Connect

Syrasoft Connect is a self-storage management platform that is offered as a cloud-based or locally installed solution. Self-storage owners use Syrasoft for billing and invoicing, tracking unit usage, assigning late fees, payment processing, and more. This solution is optimized for managing multiple facilities, allowing you to easily manage business operations across all buildings.

Syrasoft’s cutting-edge self storage technology is built by independent self storage owners and operators with decades of experience standing behind every product and service. As a result of this unrivaled expertise, Syrasoft’s self storage software, and website services are maximizing profits and enhancing efficiency at thousands of facilities around the globe, today.

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  • Mobile Manager
  • Online Rentals
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Online Payments
  • Business Intelligence
  • Automated Payments
  • Rent Adjustment Wizard

And more:

  • Cloud Based Architecture: Facility information available securely 24/7 from any high-speed internet connection.
  • Support and Monitoring: Expanded technical support team is available to train your staff and answer all of your questions.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: Your facility, your rules. Management software shouldn’t limit your business decisions.
  • Advanced Security: Built on cutting edge Amazon cloud servers Syrasoft Connect offers unrivaled security.
  • Industry Leading Business Intelligence: Advanced reporting and business intelligence tools put the power of data analytics at your fingertips.
  • Deep Industry Integration: Extensive integration with hardware and software partners allows you to select the best options for your facility.
  • Enhanced Performance: Thanks to Fortune 500 server technology Syrasoft Connect offers blazing speed.
  • Massively Multi-User: Syrasoft Connect allows multiple authorized users to access, modify, or analyze your facility data simultaneously from any location.
  • Desktop Version: An ideal solution for facilities with limited internet connectivity.

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User Reviews of Syrasoft Connect

Submitted on January 26th, 2021 by Anonymous

Do NOT do it, I’ve been in agony every month for a year, it has not improved. I threaten to make a move every single month. 1.) Caveman style system in every way. 2.) SLOW -I have wicked speed fiber optic internet - between every single click of the mouse it is a full 10 second delay, . 3.) Customer service - they do not answer phones after hours so if you get locked out of your account you are down, there is no way to reset your password automatically. 4.) The app is useless, you can not do anything on the go. 5.) There are no automatic system updates. To get a software update you have to call in and let them connect to your machine to manually do the update. You NEVER get notified that you need an update, the system just practically not working. 6.) Utility billing rarely works correctly. 7.) You can not modify billing categories, if you need to make any kind of change to YOUR system you have to call them and they will get back to you. I can go on and on. There are many many more issues, actually too many to list.

The Good…

Do NOT do it

The Bad…

Where to begin, slow, clunky, no good APP, get locked out and you are out of luck. ITS BAD