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About SPC for Excel

SPC for Excel features a variety of statistical tools including Pareto charts, control charts, process capability (Cpk and Ppk) analysis tools, Gage R&R analysis, and more. The software gives Lean Six Sigma and quality professionals a cost-effective way to analyze data and solve problems. This solution runs in Excel, allowing you to use a program you’re already familiar with.

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SPC for Excel Features

  • Pareto Charts
  • Control Charts
  • Process Capability
  • Scatter Diagrams
  • histograms
  • Cause and Effect Diagrams
  • And More

SPC for Excel Pricing

SPC for Excel starts at $269 for one user with discounts for multiple users.

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User Reviews of SPC for Excel

Submitted on September 19th, 2019 by Anonymous

SPC for Excel is an exceptional tool for the presentation and analysis of data. This valuable tool is quick, easy and intuitive for the statistical beginner to the most advanced user. This version is another example of the Voice of the Customer at work. The improved charting capabilities along with the inclusion of shortcuts to make presenting and reporting the data easier takes SPC for Excel to a higher level. Just type the data into Excel, the program can coach users in the proper formatting and selection of charts. As a Six Sigma Black Belt I have used this great tool to support the completion of numerous projects. It is versatile as well as highly capable. This version has phenomenal enhancements that will make stronger analytical tools available to anyone with Excel. Way to go, SPC for Excel.

Submitted on September 19th, 2019 by Anonymous

With this SPC program, I can chart almost all aspects of my operation from shop floor quality to service level performance. I can easily spot trends, identify special cause situations and evaluate how process changes affect operations. Since I started using this program, our company has achieved improved performance levels in all areas charted.