A spend management and purchase order software

About Approveit

Approveit helps teams save time and avoid errors by putting the approval process on autopilot right in Email and Slack. Approveit automates the approval workflows for expenses, purchase orders and more. It eliminates routine tasks thanks to various integrations (XERO, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, etc.) and automatic post-approval actions. Get reminders, submit and approve requests - right in Slack or Email, anytime.

Streamline approvals, control spend and assure compliance together with Approveit!

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  • The visual approval workflow builder
  • Easy-to-use templates and custom forms
  • Multi-step approvals and conditional rules
  • 3000+ no-code integrations
  • Approval history storage and export

Approveit Pricing

Approveit has three pricing packages: Free, Starter and Enterprise. The exact cost will vary depending on features. The Starter plan is $49 per month for unlimited users and up to 5 workflows. The Free plan also allows unlimited users but only 2 workflows. Request a quote for the Enterprise plan which allows unlimited workflows.

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User Reviews of Approveit

Submitted on March 31st, 2022 by an Approveit user from Blade

A great product! Super focused and easy to use. When we had a compliance requirement to log all permissions requests and approvals I wanted to avoid introducing yet another piece of software. Approveit let us handle everything directly in Slack, which I and the entire company greatly appreciated.