A unifying order-to-cash system

About Zuora

Zuora is an order-to-cash and subscription maanagement software. The Zuora system has different applications to control the entire order-to-revenue process:

  • Zuora Billing
  • Zuora Revenue
  • Zuora CPQ
  • Zuora Collect

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Features of Zuora

  • Create, change, or renew subscriptions without a glitch
  • Easily capture complex orders such as multi-year ramp deals
  • Track every change to your subscription over time
  • Review key metrics and how they’re impacted by every change
  • Charge customers based on how much they use
  • Incentivize people with tiers. The more they buy, the cheaper it gets
  • Get creative with promos. Offer discounts, coupons, and promotional periods
  • Bill customers annually, monthly, weekly, all the way down to the day
  • Trigger bills upon sign-up, fulfillment, or activation
  • Batch in-advance, in-arrears, or ad-hoc

Product Overview

User Reviews of Zuora

Submitted on April 24th, 2020 by Curtis Huber from The Seattle Times

Zuora made it simple — consumers can subscribe quickly. No cost of acquisition, no cost of fulfillment. A little fee to process a payment and we are growing and retaining revenue. That’s what we needed. Overnight, new subscription conversions improved by 30%. There’s nothing I’ve done in my career that have impacted subscription start numbers like that! We’ve also captured new consumers that have never subscribed before. And those that are starting their subscriptions are sticking around. We improved our retention by another 25%.