The all-in-one toolkit for pet rescues and shelters

About Buzz to the Rescues

Buzz to the Rescues is the all-in-one toolkit to help pet rescues, sanctuaries, and shelters rescue more pets. With software, get everything organized in one place, so you’re on top of things, progress is clear, and a sense of calm sets in.

Build a custom platform with Buzz Custom Dog and Cat Modules, in order to add new pets to your website in as little as two minutes.

Video Overview


  • Website platform
  • Pet management
  • People management
  • Donation management
  • Event management
  • Shelter management

Pet Management Details

  • Routine: List the food, sleeping habits and other information critical to a dog or cat when he gets Adopted or Fostered out.
  • Disposition: As you get to know the pet’s personality, likes and dislikes, your team can easily enter the information. This information can be used later to make better Adoption and Foster matches.
  • Medical: Enter MicroChip information, Spay/Neuter information, Vaccines and Preventatives, past and present medical conditions, past and present dental conditions, allergies, medications and vaccination history for each dog or cat.
  • Documents: Seamless integration with Google Drive allows your team to upload and attach any document of any size to the pet’s record. Download PDFs that include your rescue/shelter’s branding, the dog/cat’s info and unlimited fields. Driven by data in the pet’s record.
  • Notes: Keep a history of internal communication within each pet’s record. No more hunting through cluttered inboxes

Buzz Pricing

Buzz to the Rescues is priced annually or monthly, depending on your organization’s preferences. There are 3 plans:

  • Crucial: $54 per month
  • Central: $99 per month
  • Complete: $249 per month

Who Uses Buzz?

Buzz to the Rescues is used by:

  • Pet rescues
  • Pet shelters
  • Pet sanctuaries

Product Overview

User Reviews of Buzz to the Rescues

Submitted on December 7th, 2021 by Carissa Arndt from Whiskers TNR of Warren County

The Buzz team has been great to work with. This is the first time that our organization has worked with a software platform specifically designed for pet rescues. Our team has been overly satisfied with the product and look forward to continued integration as web design and creativity are ever growing. Buzz has excellent customer service and turn-around-times. Their support team is responsive to questions outside of business hours when necessary. That is a luxury we are delighted to have!

Submitted on December 7th, 2021 by Audra Bowen from Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue

Many of our processes have been recognized as a leader in managing an all-volunteer non-profit animal rescue. This software not only enhances our processes, but streamlines many of our time-involved tasks, allowing us to focus on the ‘bigger picture’ of saving our favorite breed. This software integrated almost every app we use, e.g., email, donations, metrics, volunteer management, google drive, e-Commerce, PayPal. This software also includes hosting and daily backups, so we were able to roll our previous costs to HostGator into the cost of this software.