Tomorrow’s technology saving animals today

About ShelterBuddy

ShelterBuddy is an animal shelter management software, designed with tomorrow’s technology to save today’s pets. ShelterBuddy is owned by an animal shelter and thus knows the firsthand demands of day-to-day operations.

ShelterBuddy Features

  • Digital Dashboards: Display your key information to people visiting your shelter. These dashboard screens tell the public how many adoptions you have done for the day, month, year, how many volunteer hours have been served, and more.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting: If the 700+ canned reports that come standard with ShelterBuddy® Software don’t have the exact layout and data you need you can use ad hoc reporting tool to create your own custom reports.
  • Medbuddy: Keeping track of what medications have been administered to a pet and which pets have not yet had their medications has always been a nightmare to manage for vet staff. ShelterBuddy alleviates this pain by tracking with Medbuddy.
  • Virtual Shelter: Gain a global view of your shelter by seeing all your in care animals and where they are housed in your shelter. The helpful color coded system shows which kennels are free and which are occupied.
  • Google Maps: Using your Google Maps account, ShelterBuddy® can use Google Maps to verify addresses upon entry and then also use plotting to show trouble areas on maps.
  • Digital Signatures: ShelterBuddy® was the very first animal shelter software to include electronic signature as part of its system.
  • Digital Kennel Cards: Using monitors fixed to the kennel, you can show the details of the animal in the kennel! The feed is taken directly from ShelterBuddy® so no additional work is necessary.
  • Intranet: An additional intranet site can be available and will include news, message boards, breed identification guide, document library, booking system and much more.
  • Matching Homeless Pets with New Homes: With the add-on module of a public site you can have your adoptable animals show online from within your own website!
  • Reuniting Pets and Owners: Using the add-on module of the public site you have a live Lost and Found service that the public can access via your website.

Product Overview

User Reviews of ShelterBuddy

Submitted on December 7th, 2021 by an anonymous ShelterBuddy user.

Previously, our website adoption section was manually updated twice weekly, which meant a lot of people were visiting or calling the shelter about animals adopted days earlier - ShelterBuddy® has solved that problem!