Apparel ERP system designed by AF Technology.

About AIMS360

AIMS360 is a cloud-based, fully integrated order and production processing system for fashion manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and distributors.

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  • Inventory Management: Maintain complete control over your entire inventory, including future arrivals
  • Physical Inventory: Ensure accuracy and assess shortages by quickly recounting inventory
  • Case Packs/Kits: Meet customers’ unique size and quantity requirements by packing products together in a case pack


  • Order Management: Easily manage your order processing by using powerful reporting and Business Intelligence capabilities
  • Order Fulfillment: Receive, process and deliver all of your customer orders with ease and control

Sales Reps

  • Salesrep Management: Manage your salesreps, assign them to accounts and create sales reports
  • Commission Management: Calculate commissions due to salesreps and consider non-payment accounts and returns


  • Style Management: Organize all fashion style information, including images, colors, and sizes
  • Style Matrix: Reduce data entry time, minimize confusion and simplify documents by managing colors and size ranges in matrix format
  • Labor Costing: Increase profitability by maintaining control of production labor costs
  • Style Costing: Manage the costing of styles, including materials and more
  • Price Sheets: Target a larger audience by offering different price points for different customers, styles, and more
  • Bill of Materials: Organize information about materials & other components needed to manufacture products


  • Customer Management: Manage your customer details, including contacts, stores and ship to locations


  • Advanced EDI Capabilities: Full capabilities for 300+ major retailers like Macy, Nordstrom, etc.
  • Cross Dock: Unload and load goods with little or no unpacking in between
  • Drop Ship: Move goods directly to the customer through any major retailer


  • B2B E-Commerce: See an overview of your entire production and track the most important aspects.
  • B2C E-Commerce: See an overview of your entire production and track the most important aspects.

UPC Bar Codes

  • UPC/Bar Code Management: Assign and manage UPC bar codes, commonly required for products sold by retailers

Pick Tickets

  • Pick Ticket Management: Create and manage pick tickets to ensure the correct items are picked off shelves and packed for shipment


  • Factor Integration: Finance your business with simplified electronic integration for easy factor approvals and assignments


  • Materials Management: Set up all of your fabrics and trim required for creating Style Bill of Materials (BoM)
  • Materials Requirements Planning (MRP): Know what materials you have available and what is necessary for production


  • Production Management: Produce accurately and on time by managing vendors, materials, and operations
  • Domestic Production Capability: Maintain a flawless production tracking process with complete Cut Ticket management
  • Production Tracking: Know where your goods are in production and address any delays


  • Work in Progress (WIP) Concept: Maintain visibility and ensure completion time of inventory in process of production at the factory


  • 3PL Integration: Connect AIMS360 seamlessly to your outsourced logistic services for faster shipping
  • Scan to Pack: Ensure accuracy throughout the whole shipping process with optimal scanning capabilities
  • UPS & FedEx Shipping Integration: Save time by generating labels directly in AIMS360 for UPS and FedEx

Accounts Receivable

  • Invoicing: Create, manage, and email invoices to customers
  • Accounts Receivable Management: Ensure payment from customers by staying on top of your cash flow
  • Chargeback & Deduction Management: Identify, quantify and address all chargeback & deduction problems
  • Credit Management: Minimize credit costs by assigning credit indicators to accounts
  • Credit Card Processing: Receive and manage credit card payments with ease


  • WMS: Control inventory by separating it virtually and/or physically


  • Returns Management: Manage all customers returns, and identify and address any damaged goods


  • Tasks & Reminders: Prevent mistakes by assigning tasks and reminders on any object for any user

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