A web-based ERP system designed by New Generation Computing for manufacturing companies.


REDHORSE is a complete ERP system designed specifically for the sewn products industry. This product consists of 12 optional modules; allowing you to purchase only the modules you need, so you can be assured you are getting only the features you need. This product is a part of the NGC SQL series which includes e-SPS and e-PLM. The 12 modules included are:

  • Customer Order Processing
  • EDI Information System
  • Invoicing & Accounts Receivable
  • Finished Goods Inventory Control
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  • Components Inventory
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Import Management
  • Remote Plant Management
  • Locator System
  • Screen Printing & Embroidery.

Components/Finished Goods Inventory

The REDHORSE Inventory Management System features a large field size to accommodate a wide range of companies. This product is capable of handling the following character field sizes: Style 15, Color 10, Size 10, and Season 10. Some of the features of this module are:

  • Interactive Cut & Sold
  • Work Order Management
  • Cuts Import Orders
  • Cost Sheets
  • Capacity Planning
  • e-Commerce Interface
  • Factory Tracking
  • Physical Inventory
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Interface to e-PDM
  • Warehouse Locator Interface
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Multi-location
  • Sales Analysis
  • Flexible Reporting

Customer Order Processing

The Order Allocation system gives you the ability to allocate orders by warehouse, customer, style, stock, or work in-progress. You are able to create and run an unlimited number of allocation simultaneously. Additionally, you are able to define allocation templates that can be used for future new allocations; and pre-set allocation rules can be used to refine the allocation after specifying customer and style information. What if scenarios allow you to see the results of allocations before you run them. Additional features of this module are:

  • Basic allocation is option
  • Unlimited number of DC’s
  • Rules base allocation
  • Allocation Templates
  • Reservation system
  • Multiple active allocations
  • Allocation worksheet
  • Audit trail of users
  • Interface to Inventory Module
  • Interface to Locator
  • Flexible Reporting

Import Management Module

The Import Management Module controls factory orders from start to finish: starting with purchase orders, through LC requests, issues, tracking, and ending with release. Furthermore, this software will track factory orders and shipments until their arrival at the distribution center; all while recording estimated and actual costs for each factory order. This module is integrates the following modules: Inventory Control, Cut & Sold, Allocation, Accounts Payable, and Inventory Locator. This product comes loaded with the following features:

  • Import Purchase Orders
  • Letter of Credit Tracking
  • Import Costing
  • Estimated
  • Actual
  • Purchase Order Tracking
  • Shipment Tracking
  • e-Commerce Interface
  • Factory Tracking
  • Production Status Reporting
  • Production vs. Sales Reporting
  • e-SPS Integration
  • P.O. Export
  • ASN Import

Remote Production Management

The Remote Production Management module can be operated as either a stand alone product or integrated into REDHORSE. This system gives you incredible functionality in managing your inventories of piece goods, cutowrk, trims, supplies, WIP and finished goods. This product is capable of managing inventories at an unlimited number of factories. Additionally, this product will automate the generation of trim shortages and excess reports for each location. This product works for any business engaged in production at multiple locations. A central database repository will completely eliminate duplicate data entry. Inventories in the system are connected to the cuts through bills of materials, which assist in trim control, inventory reduction, shipment loading assistance, and automatic detection of trim shortages or excesses at the individual plant level. Implementing this system will increase your control and efficiency in your entire production process

Warehouse Locator System

The Warehouse Locator System will provide you with an effective solution to managing stock inventories in multiple locations; while saving you money by not requiring you to implement a full scale warehouse management system. This system utilizes the effectiveness of barcode technology to identify each bin location. Identification can be defined on multiple levels: Warehouse, Area, Row, Level, Bin, etc. The system uses the barcode information to record put-away location and assist in physical item location transferring. The system will automatically create pick slips showing stock location and barcodes to facilitate the easy entry of stock, or removal from current location. Inventory reports can be generated by location, SKU, or other variable. A summarized listing of this products features is shown below:

  • Barcode control
  • Pick Slips with location
  • Unlimited number of locations
  • Simplifies Physical Inventory
  • Receiving by barcode locations
  • Transfers are recorded
  • Reports Locations by SKU
  • Reports SKU’s by Location
  • Audit trail
  • Interface to Inventory Module
  • Interface to Order Allocation
  • Flexible Reporting

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