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Study: State Rankings of Business Software Investment Rates

Published on by Adam Bluemner


Alaska, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Virginia are the states with the largest percentage of their companies investing in new business management software.

The data is the result of five years of input from 27,824 individual companies. The study considered national buying patterns for key business management systems including: accounting, ERP, supply chain, manufacturing, and customer relationship management software.

State business software investment rates vs. national average

California lead the nation with the largest raw number of companies conducting new business software searches.

But when adjusted for the number of registered businesses in each state, the data showed that companies in Alaska were the most likely to have pursued new business management software. Companies in Alaska were 45% more likely than the national average to seek new software for their businesses.

The state with the lowest percentage of state-based companies pursuing investments in business management software? Delaware. 41% fewer companies in Delaware sought new business management software compared to the national average.

State rankings of business software investment rates

Rank State Rate vs. US average
1 Alaska +45%
2 New Mexico +33%
3 Texas +30%
4 Colorado +28%
5 Virginia +19%
6 Georgia +18%
7 Arizona +16%
8 Minnesota +16%
9 Utah +14%
10 Tennessee +13%
11 Michigan +10%
12 California +9%
13 Kansas +9%
14 Nevada +9%
15 Hawaii +8%
16 Wisconsin +8%
17 Oregon +7%
18 Missouri +7%
19 Ohio +5%
20 Iowa +5%
21 Idaho +4%
22 Massachusetts +4%
23 Washington +4%
24 Indiana +3%
25 Wyoming +2%
26 New Hampshire +1%
27 Florida +1%
28 North Dakota +1%
29 Maryland +1%
30 Nebraska At national average
31 Oklahoma At national average
32 Illinois -1%
33 Connecticut -1%
34 Alabama -1%
35 Louisiana -2%
36 South Carolina -7%
37 Pennsyvlvania -7%
38 North Carolina -8%
39 South Dakota -9%
40 New Jersey 10%
41 Rhode Island -12%
42 Kentucky -12%
43 Montana -13%
44 New York -15%
45 Arkansas -16%
46 West Virginia -16%
47 Maine -20%
48 Vermont -20%
49 Mississippi -21%
50 Delaware -41%
Rate vs. US average represents the likelihood of an individual company in the state to have sought new business management software, in relation to the national average.

Study background info

The study data is based on input from 27,824 businesses who used Find Accounting Software to identify suitable software options for purchase consideration. All searches were conducted between 2010 and 2014.

Find Accounting Software is a leading provider of software matching assistance. The service is freely available to companies in all 50 states.

US census records documenting the number of registered businesses in each state allowed for the identification of state-by-state software investment rates, when combined with Find Accounting Software software search data.

For more information on differences between states in terms of business software investments, please email Adam Bluemner.

Adam Bluemner

is a Managing Editor at Software Connect. He's been helping software buyers make informed investments in business software since 2004.

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