Church Helpmate

A church management software system designed by Helpmate Technology Solutions.

About Church Helpmate

Provides church leaders, administrators and secretaries an easy-to-use yet effective tool to ease their administrative burdens, and better serve their congregation and community. Church Helpmate…simply powerful…powerfully simple!

This software was acquired by ACS Technologies and is no longer sold or supported. They recommended you consider Realm as a replacement.

Church Helpmate “Desktop”

Church Helpmate has been designed for churches looking to ease their administrative burdens and better serve their congregation and community. This software system will actually make managing your church enjoyable! With its proven easy-to-use design and powerful features, backed by the personal support and experience, you and your church can rest assured this product will truly be a “helpmate” to you and your ministry.

With Church Helpmate Desktop, you’ll install this church management software product locally on your Windows-based computer. If your organization has a local area network (LAN), the Church Helpmate data can be shared across your LAN to multiple, on-location computers.

Benefits of Church Helpmate “Desktop”

  • Helps you become a better steward of your time & resources.

  • Helps you establish connections & build unity.

  • Helps you better disciple & equip your members.

  • Helps you increase ministry participation.

  • Helps you improve outreach effectiveness.

  • Helps you stay in-touch with dozens of key church health indicators and trends on a week-by-week basis.

  • Enables you to produce professional, easy-to-understand reports such as donor financial statements, charts/graphs and even pictorial directories. Once you’ve configured your report settings, you can save the report so that you can easily recall it later from a listing of “Memorized Reports”. They have also included a custom report generator!

  • Provides you with incredibly powerful communication capabilities. Easily produce mailing labels, envelopes, form letters and even personalized bulk emails for specific “targets” of people within your database. You will even be able to email contribution and pledge statements to your contributors in one easy step! Communication will be a breeze!

  • Easily email your reports with others by using the built-in PDF converter to save your Church Helpmate reports as PDF files.

  • Provides you easy interaction with other software products such as QuickBooks, Quicken®, MS Outlook®, MS Word®, MS Excel®, and others.

  • Provides a reliable method for protecting your data from unauthorized eyes with its flexible built-in security system.

  • Keeps your staff and volunteers on the same page at the same time by allowing your church office computers to share the data file across a local area network (LAN).

  • An “online” version of Church Helpmate is also available. See the Church Helpmate Online page for more details.

  • Provides expansion capabilities by allowing you (if desired) to tap into the product’s data through 3rd party tools such as MS Access, Visual Basic,, Crystal Reports, and many other such tools.

Church Helpmate “Online”

Church Helpmate Online (or CHO for short) is an installation of Church Helpmate Desktop that resides on the secure servers. This “cloud-based” service enables you (and others from your organization) to access Church Helpmate (and your data) from virtually any computer that has access to the Internet (including both Windows and Mac computers).

Benefits of Church Helpmate Online (CHO)

Ease of Remote Access

With CHO, users can connect to the CHO program and data from any computer connected to the Internet. With CHO, all users share the same data file at the same time…no matter where the user is located.

Automatic Updates and Upgrades

With CHO, updates and even full version upgrades of the Church Helpmate product are automatically included and implemented without any effort on your part.


In most cases, you’ll actually see a speed/performance advantage with CHO - especially if you typically have more than one user running Church Helpmate at the same time (sharing the same data file). The CHO customers have been very delighted by the quick speed of CHO - many noting that it’s faster (sometimes significantly faster) than their existing locally installed standard Church Helpmate Desktop software.


With CHO, it’s easy for Mac users to use Church Helpmate.

Automatic Backups

With CHO, your Church Helpmate data file is automatically backed up daily…giving you piece-of-mind that your data (and time investment) is always safeguarded.

Support Coverage Included

With CHO, you’ll have full support coverage - enabling you and your team to contact the friendly and helpful support team by phone and/or by email with any questions you may have about setting up or using the Church Helpmate Online product.

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