A multi-module management system designed by Torbert Data Systems for non-profit organizations.

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This developer is no longer in business. As such, OMS is no longer sold or supported. Please visit the church accounting software guide for alternatives.

Are you tired of shuffling papers or typing updates to church rosters and mailing lists? Are you able to track donations and print annual donor statements without hours of work? Are you able to effectively organize financial records and provide the finance committee with timely monthly reports? Could your congregation be better served if more information was available? CMTS for Windows® gives you all this and more. Applications include Members/Visitors/Others, Donations, Fund Accounting, Attendance and Visitation/Event Tracking


Record congregational attendance for up to three worship services each day, for individual Sunday school classes, choir rehearsal, or other church organizations. Entering attendance is quick and easy. Recognize those members with outstanding attendance or those who may need a call.


Data entry is fast and simple. Access a donor by name or by envelope number. Quickly record donations by donation category. Define as many donation categories as needed. Donor pledges may be entered for the current year, the next year or for the life of a particular fund for any of the donation categories.

Print donor receipts for contributions in excess of $250.00 and annual statements for each donor in either a detailed or a summary format as desired. Statements comply with IRS requirements. A Canadian statement is also available. A wealth of reporting options provide comprehensive information on donations received for the current year as well as for previous years.

Fund Accounting

Implement the bookkeeping using a simple accounts payable/check writing approach or as a powerful double-entry fund accounting system. In the AP/check writing implementation, it handles multiple bank accounts, prints checks, provides excellent month end bank/check reconciliation, handles budgets for all receipt and disbursement categories, and provides excellent monthly financial reports. Yet, very little accounting knowledge is required to handle the church finances with excellent results.

If the double-entry option is selected, the system is transformed into an extremely powerful general ledger system with true fund accounting. The equity section of the balance sheet is titled the ýfund equityý section. Whenever an income (source of funds) account or expense (use of funds) account is added to the chart of accounts, it is associated with a fund equity account. When a transaction involves an income or expense account, the associated fund equity account is updated automatically so that fund balances are known at all times. Additional reports include a balance sheet, statement of sources and uses of funds, detailed audit trail and many more.


Enter household and individual information for church members, visitors, prospects, and any others desired. Print mailing labels for all households, for a select group of households, or for the individuals in the choir, on the finance committee or in a specific Sunday school class. Print an attractive church directory of all members or a name and telephone list of prospects. Need a birthday list or a roster for the choir? This module does it all.

Visitation/Event Tracking

Enter detailed notes on any individual. The visitation notepad includes date, time, subject and the memo. Track events for statistical purposes. The Pastor will want the visitation module on a laptop while visiting in the community.

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