Cloud-based accounting software designed for churches

About ShelbyNext Financials

Shelby2000 is a totally integrated system - financial modules among themselves as well as with the database and accompanying records for members and participants. Designed on true fund accounting principles following FASB guidelines. Financial modules include:General Ledger (with Budgeting), Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Bank Reconciliation, Purchase Order, and Fixed Assets. The software is multi-company, multi-department, multi-fund, allowing operation on an accrual, partial accrual, or cash basis. The Payroll module exemplifies the strength of the programming in its handling of taxable/non-taxable issues related to minister and clergy salaries, and in its commitment to helping customers maintain current tax tables.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module provides software to pay bills and keep records of invoices and manage credits from and payments to vendors. Users operate on a cash, accrual, or modified accrual basis. Module interfaces with Bank Reconciliation, Purchase Order, and General Ledger.


  • Company Information Data: company setup, who did the setup, and when completed.
  • All inquiries from one screen.
  • Accrual or cash basis accounting.
  • Direct/automatic integration: General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation.
  • Optional integration: Purchase Order.
  • Recurring payment processing.
  • 1099 forms printed or recorded onto diskette.
  • Manual checks tracked.
  • Inquiries: paid and unpaid invoice, vendor, general ledger account number, project.
  • Check selection: due date, vendor, invoice.
  • Multiple lines of distribution per invoice.
  • Multiple invoices from vendor combined into single check with stub detail.
  • Multiple bank accounts in multiple banks.
  • Standard reports: cash requirements, aging analysis, vendor activity, vendor labels, lists.
  • ShelbyREPORTER: choices for reports and formats. Voided checks removed from the vendors paid file, displaying only regular and manual checks. Voided AP check voids all line items of invoice for which check was written. Distribution percentages for expenses you wish to split between departments. Distribution percentage of remittance to multiple G/L accounts. Project descriptions attached to every transaction, for easy recapping and reporting.


  • Achieve accuracy with the standard processing steps: enter, edit, update.
  • Produce audit trails for internal and external accountability.
  • Save staff and processing time with single entry of information: vendor information, recurring payments.
  • Streamline the voiding processes.

Accounts Receivable

This module manages receivables from your various revenue centers.


  • Open Item or Balance Forward
  • Cash or Accrual accounting
  • Customized statement format
  • Printing on plain paper or pre-printed forms
  • Unlimited number of user-defined revenue centers and items
  • Revenue centers linked with user-specified G/L account numbers
  • Recurring charges
  • Integration with other ýreceivablesý modules: Registrations, Loan Processing
  • Interface with General Ledger & Bank Reconciliation
  • Distribution by percentages
  • User-defined project codes
  • Aged analysis reports
  • Payments applied to specific charges
  • Late charge calculations by dollar or percentage
  • User-defined Sales Tax: automatically calculating with invoicing.


  • Provides good audit trail with system integration
  • Increases accuracy with automatic calculations
  • Generates billing statements
  • Produce statements reflecting registration fees and outstanding loans if applicable

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation electronically manages your checkbook.


  • Reconciliation of all transaction types: withdrawals, deposits, transfers
  • Various reconciliation methods: clicking specific checks on a grid of unreconciled checks or entering check #, date and amount
  • Verification of balance
  • Discrepancy advisory: imbalances, canceled check amount disagrees with bank statement amount
  • Extensive reports: reconciled and outstanding checks, deleted canceled checks, newly written checks
  • Integration with all Shelby software that prints checks or receives deposits
  • Works with Cross Check machine to speed data entry and reduce processing time


  • Avoids duplicate data entry: all bank transactions are posted automatically
  • Assures user of accuracy by noting discrepancies and simple keying errors
  • Mimics actual environment of managing an account by handling all phases of the transaction process
  • Included with purchase of Accounts Payable, Payroll or Check Express

Check Express

This module enables ýquick checký printing, as well as deposit and withdrawal recording.


  • GlobaFILE: a normalized relational database
  • Immediate check printing
  • Audit trail provision
  • Multiple distributions over General Ledger accounts
  • Integration with General Ledger and Accounts Payable
  • ShelbyREPORTER for standard and customized reports
  • Bank Reconciliation included


  • Generate checks ýon the spotý for reimbursements and pre-payments
  • Enter checks previously written manually
  • Print a check register for audit trail
  • Distribute transactions over as many as 10 General Ledger accounts


This module does NOT take the place of Accounts Payable. Reports involving selection of data over particular periods, etc., must be generated by General Ledger and Accounts Payable.

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets module manages physical assets of your organization by tracking items as well as noting depreciations.


  • Data tracked: location, class, vendor and purchase order number, serial number as well as the accounts associated with the asset
  • Asset accumulated depreciation and expense department account number
  • Extensive comment space
  • Information for replacement costs and projected replacement date
  • Warranty and contract information
  • Transfer data, from tag or company
  • Types of depreciation: All current and prior supported (allowable methods based on capitalized date).

Pre 1981 - Straight Line, Double declining, 150% Declining, and Sum of the Years Digits.

1981-1986 - ACRS

Post 1986 - MACRS

Can record depreciation for both Book (interface with G/L) and Tax (for reporting only). Depreciation calculation upon entry of asset.


  • Provides accurate way to manage long-range planning
  • Assures that depreciations are managed to fit your organization’s tracking methods
  • Validates information supplied to banks, lending institutions, business organizations
  • Forces user to pick only a depreciation method applicable to capitalized date
  • Corrects errors: if prior calculations were wrong at time of entry, user can override but system will bring into balance when first depreciation calculation is run.

General Ledger

This application is the backbone of our accounting system as all financial modules integrate with it. The stored data provides history and reports to handle planning and budgeting activities.


  • Flexible length account numbers; up to 9 digits for sub-accounts.
  • Optional funds and departments.
  • FASB 117 compliant.
  • Multi-year processing on-line.
  • Account number level security for data view and access.
  • Dedicated debit and credit columns.
  • Accounting options - calendar or fiscal year, cash or accrual basis, multi-company, chart of accounts designation.
  • Integrating modules: A/P, Payroll, Check Express, A/R, Fixed Assets, Receipting, Registrations.


  • Avoids multiple entry of checks by receiving data from Payroll and A/P, Check Express, Fixed Assets, Registrations and A/R.
  • Assures user of accuracy by noting discrepancies and simple keying errors.
  • Mimics actual environment of managing an account by handling all phases of the transaction process.


GlobaFILE is a normalized relational database, storing all data for individuals, organizations, and other contacts, regardless of the particular relationship with your organization.


  • Complete report generator - no need for third-party report writer.
  • One-time data entry for any record.
  • General demographic data storage: personal information, specific organization information, organization structure.
  • Unlimited user-defined salutations, family relationships, phone types (voice, fax, pager, cellular), address types (residence, vacation, student, email).
  • File association for each record using UNC file name convention - word processing (.doc, .txt, etc.), spreadsheets (.xls), images (.bmp, .gif, etc.).
  • Unlimited dated and profiled comments, with multiple security levels.
  • Custom data: up to 8 separate tabs/screens of customized information designed for activities/needs specific to your congregation.
  • Austerity in system design: absence of redundant routines.


  • Eliminates keying duplicate information: one record for each contact, regardless of the particular role - member, employee, vendor, parent, teacher.
  • Manages total reporting process - selecting, sorting, printing, macros.
  • Streamlines communication - multiple phones, fax, email, addresses.
  • Provides unprecedented ministry support with custom information tabs - user designs entire tab, specifying number and types of fields to support specific activities.
  • Assures confidentiality in using comments for counseling as well as general data tracking.
  • Gives quick access to files useful to individuals and groups: minutes to committee secretary, certification with employees/lay leaders, press releases with business administrator.
  • Gives user control on greetings appropriate for targeted group.
  • Processes rapidly; programs use indexing extensively, and data takes up relatively small amount of space.


The Payroll module manages all aspects of your payroll. Provides gross wage computation, calculates all necessary taxes, determines voluntary deductions, prints a payroll check for the employee, and accumulates necessary totals for monthly, quarterly, and annual government and management reporting, including magnetic media reporting.


  • Total descriptions for compensation and deduction types rather than codes. Built-in federal, state, and local tax tables.
  • Definition of W-2 information during the setup procedures. Data tracked: salary amounts, hourly rates, rates for tax calculations, voluntary deductions and cafeteria plan choices, unemployment and worker’s compensation rates. Allowance for taxable & non-taxable compensation.
  • Any combination of pay cycles.
  • Compensation entered by annual or periodic rates; uneven splits handled by rounding difference in the first check of the year.
  • Management of non-taxable wages such as annuities. Recording of non-cash compensation, such as life insurance over $50,000. Records management: time card labels, time card worksheets. Provision for vacation and sick hours allowed and remaining.
  • Earnings allocations to multiple general ledger accounts for each employee.
  • Provision for automatic bank deposit for individuals using Direct Deposit or Automated Clearing House methods.
  • Integrates with General Ledger.
  • Multiple calendar years on line.


  • Streamlines paycheck production with extensive data and tables stored.
  • Provides employees with real-life payment situations - salary, wages, bonuses.
  • Assures employees that earnings are both accurate and secure.
  • Allows tax tables to be easily updated by user as changes occur.
  • Provides check reprinting capability before Payroll and General Ledger are updated.

Purchase Order

Use this module for entering and managing purchase orders.


  • Tracks requisition number, date issued, date received, authorization agent and issued to for each purchase order
  • Invoices entered in Accounts Payable applied to Purchase Order items
  • Individual or batch-processing
  • Accurate processing: enter, edit, update
  • Automatic temporary backup
  • Unlimited General Ledger distributions per each purchase order
  • Extensive inquiring capability: flexible filtering and sorting


  • Prints open purchase order or history lists at any time.
  • Provides user confidence with extensive system safety features.
  • Combines multiple fields to narrow range of purchase orders for inquiries and reports.
  • Allows extensive archive referencing with extensive storage capability.
  • Uses predetermined, user-defined distributions.
  • Provides for up-to-date budget reporting by including encumbrances on budgeted Financial Statement.
  • Streamlines entry process in Accounts Payable to apply to purchase orders.


This module lets you track people who want to attend either a singular event or recurring events.


  • GlobaFILE: a normalized relational database.
  • Unlimited number of records.
  • Information tracked: basic demographics, participant type, hotel registration, arrival/departure times, registration dates, fee categories, etc.
  • Management for individuals or groups.
  • Standard or ýslidingý fee management and billing.
  • Reservation system.
  • Flexible data entry: ýsmartý fields, on-the-spot additions, retained information, etc.
  • User customization: memo attachment, definable fields, dated/profiled comments.
  • ShelbyREPORTER for standard and customized reporting.
  • 32-bit applications for WIN98, WIN2000 and NT.


  • Manage all aspects of recurring events such as dinner meetings: standing reservations, attendee roster, fee category, amount due.
  • Manage data associated with events such as camps, seminars, etc.: individuals, VIPs, ýumbrellaý group (Pinecrest and its 23 registrants).
  • Place individuals automatically in some events, self-designated in others.
  • Associate fees as needed: by participant category (spouse, children, guest, member, alumni), by activity (main event, optional workshop, tours, sports activities).
  • Export data for word processing (personalized correspondence) and for badges.
  • Save record clean-up time with quick deletions, grouping.
  • Use Shelby REPORTER to access on-screen data, analyze attendance patterns, print lists by staff need, etc.

Product Overview

  • Developer Shelby Systems, Inc.
  • Type Church Accounting Software
  • Client OS Web
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted
  • Starting Price $79/month

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User Reviews of ShelbyNext Financials

Submitted on May 30th, 2018 by Anonymous

Using V5. I can’t get any of their reporting to work and everything is too chunky. There are so many reports that need to be run and the reporting in the modules are no that great.

Submitted on May 20th, 2018 by Anonymous

Been using Shelby Version 5. Easy to use and user friendly