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About DynamicPay

DynamicPay is a development framework for creating the next generation of payroll applications that are multi-country, multi-company and multi-platform, which integrates with any Microsoft.NET application that uses Microsoft SQL Server as its data store.

Multi-Country Support

DynamicPay has a single database schema which can accommodate any country’s payroll solution. The single database has been designed to effectively serve as a single repository of all data belonging to multiple payroll solutions of different countries.


DynamicPay can hold calculation rules and customizations that are company-specific for a given country.

Multi-Platform Integration

DynamicPay provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for developers to interate their payroll solutions to any ERP application based on Microsoft.Net technologies.

Date-Driven Logic

By associating effectivity dates to DynamicPay objects, the system is able to maintain a snapshot of an object’s set up details given a particular period. This concept allows for the user to have multiple versions of the same object to be set up. Through effectivity dates, the payroll rules engine will know when the updated details set up for an object should be used in calculations.

Product Overview

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