A certified, award-winning electronic prescription writer

About MDToolbox-Rx

MDToolbox-Rx is a certified, award-winning, complete electronic prescription writer that can run stand-alone or synced with your other office software. The e-Prescribing Software is a highly customizable, simple to use e-prescribing system that allows you to easily select drugs, find drug information, and create and electronically send a prescription quickly and efficiently.

MDToolbox-Rx is certified for e-Prescribing, Eligibility, Formulary, EPCS (e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances), and Electronic Prior Authorization.

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  • Certified to connect to the Surescripts® Network: Electronically Send Prescriptions to Pharmacies Nationwide
  • One-Click Refills and One-Click New Rx Writing!
  • Using your Favorites Lists, you can Write and Send an e-Prescription in 3 Clicks
  • e-Refill: Electronically receive Refill Requests - easy to Review and Respond
  • Search for drugs by name, nickname, generic, brand, rx, OTC, class or indication in the most comprehensive drug database available
  • Higher productivity due to less pharmacy calls and time spent for renewal requests
  • e-Cancel: Electronically Send Cancels to Pharmacies
  • EPCS Certified: We were the 4th eRx System in the US to become Fully Certified to Send and Receive Electronic Controlled Substance Prescriptions
  • Immediate e-Send Response from Pharmacies - each message is sent directly through Surescripts to the Pharmacy with an immediate response

Added Features

  • Create favorites lists per prescriber and practice - 1 Click selections from your fav lists
  • Pre-loaded with Doctor managed script library including thousands of the most common scripts that can be selected with one click.
  • Monographs and Entire Drug Reference Library Built In: Dosing Monograph, Drug-Food, General Warnings, Pregnancy, Lactation, Side Effect, Dental Specific Monographs, Usage Monographs
  • Pending lists so no prescription ever gets forgotten or misplaced
  • Can use on any major device: iPad, tablets, and all major browsers so you can use it with whatever is the most convenient for you
  • Web based so Providers can e-Prescribe wherever is most convenient and nothing to install on client machines
  • e-Send ALL Prescriptions: Non-electronic Pharmacies e-Send auto drops to fax; Plus e-Send Controlled Substances
  • Integrated Dosing Calculator at the point of prescribing. The calculator does the math for you and gives you the recommended per weight dosing values for reference.
  • PMP Integrations - check state PMPs from directly within the prescription writer


MDToolbox has two main pricing options: E-Prescribe Pro and E-Prescribe Complete. The first is $30 per month or $28 per month when paid annually. The second is $38 per month or $35 per month when paid annually. Add-ons for extra features are available for $10 per month. There is a 30-day free trial available.

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User Reviews of MDToolbox-Rx

Submitted on January 12th, 2022 by Mitch Halper MD

So far my experience with MD Toolbox has been great. The tech support has been terrific. They are knowledgeable and friendly. The program is much easier and more efficient than the EMRs I work with.

Submitted on January 12th, 2022 by Anne Ganzer Kanarek

I am a long-time prescriber and subscriber of MDToolbox. I can’t say enough about how I love this e-prescribing platform. It is so simple to set-up, easy to prescribe and has many features including email Alerts when a refill is needed…

Submitted on January 12th, 2022 by Margarita Eydelman, MTA - Psychiatry

I am very happy with MDToolbox!!! Thank you for an exellent service!