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About B2B Commerce Cloud by Insite

InSiteCommerce is designed with flexibility at the forefront. This system will integrate your ERP system with your eCommerce applications. The system will work with any business’ website. If you need help designing your website, InSite Software has services to meet these needs. The system can be implemented in the website development process, or implemented for use within your company’s pre-existing website.

InSiteCommerce works for any distribution, manufacturing, or retail company. The system is capable of handling both B2B and B2C transactions. With InSiteCommerce, you are able to setup secure access for portals needed by vendors. Alternatively, you are able to set other areas of your eCommerce website to open, for the public to browse and shop. The system gives you the ability to distinguish between vendors and customers in real-time, ensuring anyone that needs access to your products will have it.

InSiteCommerce integrates with many of the most popular ERP, accounting, and CRM packages, ensuring you will never have to re-enter orders taken on your eCommerce site. The software will automatically repost all transactions to your general ledger saving your staff hours of time. Further efficiency improvements realized with this software can be acquired through its ability to automatically adjust the pricing of your products on your eCommerce site, based on product pricing changes in your back-end accounting system. The system will also give all of your vendors online access to their order history and negotiated discounts. The system is capable of integrating with the following ERP systems:

  • Sage Mas 500
  • Infor ERP
  • SAP
  • Visual
  • Microsoft Dynamics Products
  • Oracle
  • Syteline

Additionally, InSiteCommerce can integrate with the following marketing, CRM, and design systems:

  • ConstantContact
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • ExactTarget
  • PayPal
  • Industrio
  • Little&Company
  • Treefort
  • Periscope
  • Strother Communications
  • Olson

Content Management System

InSiteCommerce Software comes featuring a content management system to maintain the most important part of your eCommerce site: the actual content of the site. InSiteCommerce is designed to respond to the seasonal requirements, promotions, new products and customer demands facing your company. The system features multiple layers of security, ensuring that only approved users will have the ability to edit your site.

The Content Management System in InSiteCommerce allows for both intricate HTML programming for those proficient web administrators. Additionally, a graphical editing tool will allow your employee, regardless of HTML experience, to make changes to your site. This graphical editor is designed as a ýwhat you see is what you getý editor, ensuring user friendliness. The Content Management System in InSiteCommerce makes your website a powerful and responsive marketing tool that enhances your customer’s relationship with your company.

InSiteCommerce Software’s built-in Content Management System also gives you every tool you need to manage your online product catalogue. The system gives even the most novice user the ability to easily add product descriptions, images, prices to new products. When the system is integrated with you back-office ERP system. If you make any changes to an item’s price, description, availability or bill of material in the ERP system, the changes will be reflected on your eCommerce site as well. In fact, the system can even display specifically negotiated pricing or discounts from your ERP system in your eCommerce site.

With InSiteCommerce you are able to setup cross references and suggested buys for each product. Once you setup a cross reference for products, any customer who shows interest in said product will be shown those similar items, as suggested products for them to purchase. The system makes setting up cross references an ease. All you need to do is simply select similar products from the list of available products.

InSiteCommerce Software features a full set of tools you need to allow for quick changes to your site, reflecting market changes. The system actually allows your marketing department to manage web promotions from within the system. When they make changes in the Content Management System, the graphical editor allows them to see what their web marketing campaign will look like on the website, approve it and publish it.

Order Fulfillment

InSiteCommerce Software provides deep integration into your order fulfillment process. All information about order status is available to your customers online. When your customers are requesting a quote or placing an order, they can select their shipping methods, and the system will determine shipping cost automatically. After they place their order, they will be able to view when their products were shipped, and will give them the tools they need to track the shipment through the carrier. In an attempt to further satisfy your customers, InSiteCommerce will provide email update notifications, including order confirmations and advanced ship notices, to your customers.

InSiteCommerce Software contains the most robust shipping engine and rules, to rate shop across carriers. The system will allow you customers to select their freight costs based on the products ordered, weight, dimensions, distance, and speed of delivery. The rules in the system prevent your customer from choosing a shipping method that is not available to them. Rules can be set to exclude shipping methods when a ship to, product type, or delivery method would limit the available carrier or ship method. Most importantly though, this software gives your customers the power to rate shop, select the carrier they prefer and calculate shipping rates by dimension, weight and distance. The carrier rate tables are easy to use, but still allow your online customers to determine their own freight costs based on products ordered, weight, dimensions, distance, and speed of delivery.

Shopping Carts & Storefronts

InSiteCommerce uses ASP.net 2.0 and Ajax technology to give you the most flexibility in website speed and design. This technology assures that the response rate of your site is the fastest available. Microsoft .NET 2.0 technology is used to enhance the functionality of the system and integration into your back-end ERP system. This is done to ensure that you aren’t losing out on potential customers because of poor refresh rates, limiting template designs and an inability to easily search for your products.

InSiteCommerce will build a storefront interface and shopping cart that will allow your customers to easily navigate your site and access your products. The system will also give your customers a way of contacting you directly, and providing feedback on your products or quality of service. The software also gives your customers the ability to apply coupons, review shipping options with freight rates and then apply payment with gift certificates or credit cards or submit purchase orders online. InSiteCommerce gives you the power to design and enhance your customer’s online shopping to the extent that they will remember the experience in a positive way and want to come back for more.

Product Overview

  • Developer Optimizely
  • Type eCommerce Software
  • Client OS Web
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted

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