Interlink Commerce

A cloud-based EDI software solution.

About Interlink Commerce

Interlink Commerce is focused on being the number 1 EDI Service Provider with the most awesome value proposition in the Market. We offer a complete managed solution, acting as your EDI department we will take care of document compliance, AS2 connection and document changes.

Web Portal

Our intuitive cloud based portal enables you to receive orders and create Invoices, Advanced Shipment Notices etc without the need to invest in cost prohibitive software or hardware. Our portal includes the capability to generate UCC 128 labels. You will still need a printer to print them though.

ERP Integration

Using our proprietary XML import and export scripts we can integrate your customer transactions. Just imagine no more order entry, we specialize in ERP integration. Our integration includes complete automated integration via our SFTP or AS2 server.

Compliance, Could the Following Be a Sample of Your Questions?

  • Is your objective to become EDI compliant without investing cost prohibitive time and expense?
  • Are you looking for 24/7 monitoring of your EDI traffic and the need to ensure you are in compliance with your customers.
  • Trying to figure out how this stuff works! Mapping? Document changes implemented by Walmart? Connections?
  • What does AS2 Mean?
  • An 856, 810, 945 USC 4010 well hmm& Ok?

Let Us Be Your EDI Department

We will take your invoice, order or shipment notice data, and put them in the standard data format, and send them out for you. We can also receive POs, payment notices and error messages for you from your customers and publish this data in a readable “Pretty” format. Would you prefer to receive our orders via email? We can do that!

  • Send Invoices directly from the portal website from anywhere.
  • Create ASNs and Leverage Workflow by sending the ASN to a holding pattern for subsequent processing.
  • Unlimited users and You control logons and respective security features.
  • Dynamic dashboard to gain a birds eye view of your transactions

You Already Have EDI Translation Software?

Let us provide you with a VAN service – you will not have to deal with Interconnects, AS2, SFTP or FTP etc.

  • Full mailbox service. Messages are automatically routed to the correct mailbox. Business partners connect to the EDI Network to retrieve their messages
  • Inspection and authentication of all EDI messages. Our EDI Network will verify the identity of your business partner and validity of the message
  • Full audit trail. All EDI messages are tracked and recorded
  • Message notification. Business partners are notified when message enters their mailbox
  • Ancillary services. Interlink Commerce offers an extensive range of services including data backup and recovery, document mapping and compliance.
  • No Kilo-Character Charges – Yes you got that right No Kilo-Character Charges – $29 dollars per month per trading partner absolutely no other fees.
  • We guarantee 99.95% uptime.

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