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About SalesWarp

SalesWarp’s cloud-based omni channel management system has the product features that every retailer needs to unify data, synchronize sales channels and deliver a consistent shopping experience. With SalesWarp’s robust feature set and automation capabilities, retailers can manage all products, customers, orders, inventory, suppliers and warehouses all from one system. Reallocate the time and resources previously spent on managing these siloed systems and processes and put them towards more strategic issues, like growing the business. Click on any of the product features below for a full description of the functionality SalesWarp’s omni channel commerce management software has to offer.

Customer Management

Delivering an omnichannel experience is no easy task for any retailer. With SalesWarp’s Customer Management tools, a retailer gains complete visibility of every customer profile across every channel, helping each department deliver the omnichannel shopping experience today’s consumers expect.

From customer service to sales to in-store associates, everyone has the ability to log into one system to view all customer information complete with order and return history, buying trends, contact information, customer tickets and more. By empowering everyone in the organization, retailers can begin to build a company culture that is focused on servicing the customer rather than on the channel.


With all of your product, order, and customer data within one system, SalesWarp is able to provide you at-a-glance insights from one dashboard. The SalesWarp dashboard summarizes customer tickets, orders, and aging orders over different time periods and helps you to understand sales volume and the performance of your company. From the dashboard, every user can also access information on the total number of stores, warehouses and suppliers that are connected to SalesWarp at all times. Managers can then direct their attention to the information presented in the dashboard, such as addressing urgent customer tickets and incomplete orders that need attention.

Event Manager

One way SalesWarp supports retail growth is through it’s automated events manager. By automating routine tasks, such as product and inventory updates, order processing, pushing information to your accounting system, shipping updates, generating purchase orders and reporting tasks, retailers can focus on growing their business rather than on repetitive tasks.

Retailers can determine how often and to which systems SalesWarp needs to synchronize with in order to complete an event (task). All events are prioritized so that they are executed efficiently in the background. When events occur at the same time, SalesWarp will pause large tasks to complete more critical tasks to avoid interrupting the user experience.

SalesWarp’s Events Manager takes the manual work off a retailer, allowing them to run efficient and synchronized operations.

Inventory Management

SalesWarp’s Inventory Management System provides retailers with automated inventory management for real-time inventory visibility across all fulfillment locations and sales channels from one centralized system. This includes all warehouses, drop-shippers, suppliers, eCommerce channels and retail stores so you can deliver the omnichannel experience customers expect. Synchronized with SalesWarp’s Product Listing Manager and Order Management tools, SalesWarp improves inventory tracking and increases the efficiency of updating stock across every sales channel.

With SalesWarp’s Inventory Management software, a retailer is able to control the amount of stock kept on hand, the amount of stock for sale on each channel, and how often purchase orders are generated to keep stock levels optimal. Retailers selling the same product across multiple channels never have to worry about overselling, cancellations, or out-of-stocks with SalesWarp’s user-defined inventory thresholds, automated purchasing, and real-time inventory synchronization across every channel.

Omnichannel Management

Delivering a unified shopping experience requires the consolidation of data and systems that participate in cross-channel business activities. SalesWarp’s Omnichannel Management software integrates with eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, warehouses, suppliers, POS systems and call centers to provide total visibility into orders, inventory and customer data across every consumer touchpoint from one system.

SalesWarp’s Omnichannel Management tools work in synchronization with SalesWarp’s Distributed Order Management System, Advanced Store Builder, Product Data Management, Inventory Management System, and Customer Management tools to consolidate all product, order, inventory and customer data from every online and offline sales channel, providing real-time, end-to-end visibility and data intelligence for management teams across the organization.

With SalesWarp’s Omnichannel Management, retailers are able to automate inventory synchronization, product listings, order flows, and customer management across multiple sales channels and fulfillment locations. And, retailers can offer the “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experience to customers with SalesWarp’s flexible fulfillments options, such as pick-up in-store and ship-from-store.

Order Management

SalesWarp’s order management software simplifies the way retailers manage orders across channels and fulfillment locations. By connecting to every channel a retailer sells on and every fulfillment center, retailers get one centralized tool to deliver on the “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, return anywhere” experience today’s customers expect. This includes the ability to offer your customers the ability to buy online-pick up in-store, reserve online-purchase in-store, buy in-store-ship home. Consolidating this data into one platform, provides a single view of all orders from virtually any order source, to easily identify, track, modify, and manage the life cycle of virtually any type of order.

Product Information Management

Having one system to manage all product information is a tremendous asset for multi-channel retailers. With SalesWarp, a retailer gains “one source of product truth”. By consolidating product data from every warehouse, 3PL, supplier, manufacturer and drop shipper into one system, SalesWarp ensures product information is consistent across every sales channel and is accessible by everyone in the organization.

Product Listing

SalesWarp’ Product Listing Management helps retailer’s get-to-market faster by integrating with eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, POS systems and B2B sales channels. SalesWarp not only reduces the time and resources needed to manage and list products, but also provides retailers the power to facilitate bulk product listings, easily expand product lines and reach more customers on more channels, ultimately increasing online sales.

Using SalesWarp’s Product Information Management tools, a retailer will already have a centralized product catalog that contains all the content needed to create attractive product listings. With the push of a button, SalesWarp’s product listing management tool creates the online store or marketplace listing with all the product information identified in the product catalog for each sales channel.

With SalesWarp’s multichannel product listing management, retailers gain complete visibility of all active and inactive products, including quantity for sale and sale price. Any modifications to a product listing can be made in SalesWarp and synchronized across all channels.

Reporting & Analytics

SalesWarp’s reporting and analytics tools allow retailers to see at-a-glance and in-depth performance of their online and retail business. With all data managed within the same system, SalesWarp is able to provide retailers detailed order, inventory, and sales reports.

SalesWarp also provides a dashboard so retailers can easily view the past weeks performance, including sales and profit, orders, purchase orders, inventory, customers, and tickets. All reports can be exported and printed. With all data managed in one place, retailers gain advanced intelligence and real-time operational visibility that results in more effective decision-making for a profitable, streamlined and responsive retail business.

Shipping Management

Whether you need direct shipping integrations or are using a shipping software, SalesWarp Shipping Management provides eCommerce and omni-channel retailers with the tools to simplify and streamline the order fulfillment process.

SalesWarp also can sit between your eCommerce platform and third party shipping software, allowing you to manage every step of the order fulfillment process with ease. With direct integrations with UPS, USPS and FedEx, SalesWarp allows you to process a shipment, print a label, and update shipping and tracking information right from within the SalesWarp interface. SalesWarp also integrates with all shipping software solutions like Shipworks, Shipstation and Enroute, allowing the third party software to download orders from SalesWarp, automatically create shipping labels and update SalesWarp with the tracking number and shipment of each order.

Once shipping information is updated in SalesWarp, it can be then pushed to the online store. SalesWarp supports partial shipments and multiple fulfillment locations per order as well as multiple shipping addresses per order.

Supplier Management

SalesWarp’s purchasing and supplier management tools help retailers reduce the time and resources needed to manage inventory and replenish stock in their warehouse. SalesWarp streamlines supplier communication, while providing one place to track, manage, and record purchase orders as they are received.

With a retailer’s entire inventory centralized in SalesWarp’s Inventory Management system, SalesWarp uses inventory thresholds and re-order rules to generate automated purchase orders. This way, purchase orders are generated when you need them and in the format you need, in order to replenish inventory in the least amount of time. SalesWarp’s purchasing and receiving process is so streamlined, uses it to manage their just-in-time inventory of 1.5 million SKUs.

Warehouse Management

SalesWarp’s Warehouse Management tools streamlines inventory and order fulfillment from picking and packing to product location management, ensuring all orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

With barcode scanner support, SalesWarp significantly reduces the amount of time and resources it takes to pick and pack orders, count inventory, locate a product in a warehouse, and organize inventory that pertains to orders waiting to be shipped. SalesWarp is constantly talking to your warehouse management system to exchange the latest inventory, products, orders and shipment confirmation files to keep everything going in real-time. Or like some of our clients, you can use SalesWarp as your warehouse management system eliminating the need to integrate an additional system.

Product Overview

  • Developer SalesWarp
  • Type eCommerce Software
  • Client OS Web
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted

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