A multi-module management system designed by Sigma Micro.

About SigmaCommerce

With the SigmaCommerce multi-channel retail solution, you will be given a solution that utilizes a single database to house information from all order management points: call centers, web stores and retail stores. This will allow you to manage every step of your business by integrating commerce, customer service and business processes together. Finally, SigmaCommerce provides multi-channel order management solutions that address promotional strategies and manage the customer-facing web store and call center. The modules of this product can be viewed below.

CRM - (Customer Relationship Managment)

SigmaCommerce CRM gives you a single screen for sales and order processing. You are also given easy access to transactional history for orders, returns and customer service/case management. In addition, there are a multitude of ways to interact with your customers, from one-to-one email messaging, to traditional telephone calls and the self-service ecommerce that allows customers to easily find answers and manage their preferences and profile. Some of the features of this product are as follows:

  • Single order entry screen
  • Browser-based, allowing for remote Call Centers
  • Supports batch cash order entry
  • Reduce reliance on purchased demographic data - creates and manages customer profiles
  • Integrate your shopping cart and electronic customer care
  • Equip CSRs with special offers or new item information
  • Track inventory availability and order status in real time
  • Store multiple billing and shipping addresses
  • Manage B-to-C or B-to-B orders with unique processes for each
  • Search products and view catalog/ecommerce product images and copy
  • View cross-sells
  • Track multiple promotion and source codes

ECOMMERCE - (eStore)

The E-commerce platform will give you a complete sales order processing system that is tightly integrated with the CRM module. The ecommerce platform offers full access and management of customer and order-related information. You can easily choose which products, product combinations and pricing to publish on your ecommerce site(s) and in your Call Center. Some of the additional features of this product include:

  • Exclusive internet marketing tools
  • 100+ ecommerce drag & drop controls
  • Over 50 built-in page templates or create your own
  • Search Engine Optimization Toolset
  • Web Analytics set-up Wizard
  • Automated Merchandising & publishing
  • Leverage Web 2.0 marketing concepts
  • Give visitors a media-rich experience
  • Offer customers ‘self-serve’ access to their purchasing information and history no matter how they purchased
  • Engage visitors with blogs, customer reviews, and ratings

FINANCE - (Financial Management)

The Finance module gives you a tight integration between your general ledger, accounts receivables and accounts payables module. By utilizing one of the strongest accounting software packages on the market (Sage MAS 500) you will be given an incredibly deep and functional financial management solution. With the depth of functionality, ease of use, and intuitive work-flow you expect from an accounting product, MAS 500 gives you the financial capabilities you need today and room to grow as your business grows. Some of the features you receive with this module include:

  • Seamless integration between Sage MAS 500 and SigmaCommerce
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Hold order management
  • Quickly access mission-critical financial data
  • Eliminate inefficiencies of multiple databases
  • Flexible general ledger accounting structures
  • Post payable vouchers directly from SigmaCommerce to MAS 500
  • Retrieve and update supplier information in real-time
  • Manage payables by division and via multiple bank accounts
  • Post invoices and credit memos (from returns) directly from SigmaCommerce to MAS 500
  • Retrieve and update customer information - such as terms and credit limit - in real time from MAS 500
  • Set up divisional receivables and multiple bank accounts
  • Assemble daily G/L debit and credit activity in SigmaCommerce and send to MAS 500
  • Real time account lookup and validation
  • Drill down from MAS 500 to SigmaCommerce to view financial activities detail

MARKETING (Marketing Relationship Managment - MRM)

SigmaCommerce Marketing Relationship Management gives you control over campaigns, offers, data analysis, merchandise planning and more. This system is your complete advanced campaign and merchandise management software solution. The OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) component allows you to analyze complex data relationships, as well as transform data into patterns, trends and exceptions that are easy to interpret.

  • Complete tool set for managing campaigns, customer data and more
  • Easy-to-use statistical analysis tools
  • Automated square-inch analysis
  • Customer segmentation based on purchasing habits, demographics, and lifestyles
  • Utilizes ProClarity software
  • Analyze past promotion performance and plan future promotions
  • Conduct complex data analysis
  • Eliminate manual task or outsourcing of square-inch calculations
  • Improve forecasting
  • Plan, test and analyze customer offers
  • Manage your client lists without duplicating data

MERCHANDISING - (Product Data Management)

The Merchandising module allows you to configure, change and publish products on the fly. It will allow any of your staff members to change pricing for products, promotions and coss-sells. It will also give you the ability to easily configure rules-based pricing engines to allow customer flexibility when it comes to purchasing. Some of the features of this product can be viewed here:

  • Real-time changes visible to all users
  • Centralized document management including images, copy, and custom policies
  • Powerful product search capability
  • Supports tax calculation changes
  • Increase up-sells and cross-sells with intuitive product associations and product attributes
  • Eliminates the need to maintain multiple product databases
  • Accelerate data input and management with easy set up tools and built-in workflow
  • Automated drop-ship management
  • Create a PO by searching items by re-order points, at any stock level and on backorder
  • Establish standard pricing, discounts, promotional prices, taxes, freight costs and surcharges with powerful rules-based engine
  • Manage discounts by customer type, source code, key code, promotion code, catalog code, order total, item categories on the order, and item quantities
  • Easily add or edit products and images and publish to both the Call Center and/or your ecommerce site with a simple check of a box


This module will provide you with everything you need to take orders at your retail store, while streamlining the sales process, enhancing your customers’ experience, and increasing overall staff efficiency. Some of the additional features of this product include:

  • Integrated with your SigmaCommerce centralized database
  • Simple transaction process
  • Supports bar code scanning
  • Accepts credit card payments
  • Reduce reliance on manual processes and records
  • Accurately collect sales and customer information
  • Minimize inventory shrinkage through better information visibility and management
  • Make better-informed business decisions based on quality data
  • Centralize customer information for improved record keeping
  • Quickly locate and view customer history, including date and amount of last transaction
  • Capture multiple phone numbers and email addresses
  • Search for products by item name and number
  • View related product details including images, item number, type, status, price, return policy, promotional pricing and more
  • Accept multiple forms of payment, including credit cards
  • View and trace returns to original purchase

WMS - (Warehouse Management System)

This module will give you a flexible and integrated system with full end-to-end management of the order fulfillment process. This system is completely customizable allowing you to configure it to a warehouse specific to your business. This comprehensive warehouse and inventory management system will allow you to automate and record all warehouse management functions, such as picking, value-added processing, packing, shipping, and inventory control. Some of the additional features of this system include:

  • Integration to Kewill
  • Handles inbound product - receiving, stocking and QA inspection
  • Kit work orders and personalization
  • Rules-based cycle counting
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Configurable putaway logic
  • WYSIWYG warehouse layout planner
  • Powerful warehouse solution without being overwhelming
  • Control pick release and fulfillment operation using comprehensive, rules-based wave planning
  • Choose zone picking or batch/cart picking
  • Create assemblies with ease
  • Create simple picking using batch fulfillment, cart picking, or rules-based batching / cart picking
  • Support complex picking rules with business logic that considers split shipments, kitting, gift wrapping or personalization
  • Customize warehouse setup based on aisles, bins and shelf sizes
  • Set up primary and secondary stock locations with automated bin creator
  • Receive multiple POs
  • Move goods directly to the pick or reserve location
  • Maintain logic for auto suggestion of stocking tasks

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