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About AdvancedMD EHR

AdvancedMD EHR is an electronic medical records (EMR) software with prioritized task donuts, patient cards and a physician dashboard to unify all roles of your practice to improve clinical care while creating a more personal experience with patients.

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AdvancedMD EHR Features and Available Add-Ons

  • EHR Homepage
  • Patients Cards
  • Task Donuts
  • Patient Rooming
  • Unified with Practice Management
  • Unified with Patient Tools
  • Customizable Templates
  • Telemedicine
  • ePrescribing
  • EPCS
  • Mobile EHR iOS App
  • Immunization Reporting
  • Cloud EHR Software & Data
  • Paperless Fax
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Multi-specialty Support
  • Patient Messaging
  • Physician Dashboard
  • CQM Reporting
  • Meaningful Use
  • High-priority Checkbox

AdvancedMD EHR Benefits

AdvancedMD EHR provides many benefits provided by top electronic medical records (EMR) software. This includes:

View & Control Your Entire Schedule in One View

Access crucial patient information and control the entire patient scheduling process from a single screen. Manage patient demographics, view referral information, verify insurance coverage, check-in, and of course, schedule appointments.

Verify Patient Information

With one click, you can quickly open patient demographics to review and verify patient information. View patient and family balances. Add notes to the appointment and quickly check-in a patient.

ONC-ACB Certification by Drummond Group

ADP AdvancedMD EHR software is compliant in accordance with the criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Send & Approve Prescriptions

Streamline your prescription workflow processes; quickly and securely generate and transmit scripts electronically from the office, hospital or home. You can also approve or deny renewal requests that come from the pharmacy.

Manage Your Entire Claim Process in One Place

AdvancedMD gives you all the tools you need to manage your claims process–in one place. Other medical billing software systems force you to manually export and upload claims to separate or multiple clearinghouses. The Claims Center powerful automation manages all these tasks for you behind the scenes.

Receive ERAs Electronically

eRemittance" automates the processing of payer Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) files. It takes care of receiving and posting payments as well as building worklists to manage denials and unexpected payment amounts.

Gain Greater Insight Into Your Practice’s Financial Health

AdvancedInsight" is an all-new reporting suite that offers a 360-degree view of your practice’s financial performance. In seconds, get the right data and understand that data through elegant and meaningful reports and dashboards.

Capture Charges Anytime, Anywhere

Easily create new patients, capture charges and see outstanding charges from your iPad. You’ll minimize the risk of lost charge slips. And best of all, your work is automatically synchronized to the AdvancedMD cloud, so your billing manager can immediately access charges to start claims processing.

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User Reviews of AdvancedMD EHR

Submitted on March 19th, 2020 by Steve Wampler

Scheduling is challenging because we have patients that walk to our front window and come in right then when doctors have an opening, and we’re trying to squeeze them in without upsetting patients that are there already.

A lot of patients stop by my house to see if they can avoid going to the office. This can help patients from going to the ER and save money.

The front office people may spend 2 hours a day looking for misplaced charts or waiting for lab results.

Before our EMR, vacation was scary. Now I was able to travel and have x-rays sent to me, I could see info online and help out from the road.

We can easily scroll into people’s charts, see what medications they are on, whether a physician has helped them recently, and more.

We can do our billing which helps provide financial stability to the practice. We’ve been far more productive.

We don’t have to flip through pages. Instead we walk in with our laptops. We are seeing more patients because we have all the info right there.