An EHR that is designed to ensure a patient-centered practice.

About Medicomp EHR

Medicomp is an electronic health records (EHR) that is the first step towards computerization of medical practice. This integrated care EHR can record, store and transmit health information of individual patients in a secure form accessible by multiple authorized users. An ideal EHR ensures confidentiality of patient information without compromising on accessibility.

Features of Medicomp EHR

The key features of Medicomp EHR include:

Accessible Data

Patient-centered records are easily accessible for authorized users to ensure security of the information stored. Records are updated on a real-time basis to ensure validity of the information. Access patient information on several web enabled devices–cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops.

Real-time data

The software allows real-time entry of clinical and laboratory data. The system captures clinical examination data, available laboratory investigations and results on a real-time basis. It also provides relevant clinical scoring or staging systems for conditions like injuries, malignancies and shock. Nurses can record real-time patient care data using hand-held devices. Data entry is simplified to save time.

Report Generation

Medical reports are generated in a time-stamped and comprehensive manner. Patients visits and procedural notes are displayed in a systematic manner. Generate on-demand, customizable reports for audits and management meetings using your practice management system. The software lets you analyze the data to deduce and track key indicators of quality and growth.

Standardization of care

The system links the patient information to medical information databases and analyses the data to provide the user with information on relevant best-practice care.

Other Features

  • Remote Accessibility
  • Round the clock Availability
  • Speedy and user friendly
  • Speech- to-text feature
  • Customizable medical report generation

Product Overview

User Reviews of Medicomp EHR

Submitted on December 3rd, 2020 by Yolanda C. Holmes from Washington DC Dermatology

I started working with Medicomp approximately 7 years ago. I was using another billing service and had enormous amounts of money from claims that had been rejected and/or had not been paid. I was desperate. Medicomp came to my rescue! They refiled old claims, set me up correctly with Medicare allowing me to collect. That was 7 years ago and I am still with them today. I am grateful to them.

Submitted on December 3rd, 2020 by Michael Rezaian from Rural Outreach Arthritis Center

For several years, my practice has depended on Medicompâ??s services and support including a full practice management and EMR solution. I canâ??t express enough how impressed we have been with Medicompâ??s professionalism and dedication. Their billing department has saved us substantial time and money leaving us more time to concentrate on our patients. I highly recommend Medicomp.

Submitted on December 3rd, 2020 by Michael R. Armstrong from Cosmetic Dermatology of Georgetown

Our practice signed on with Medicomp for our billing and IT support at the end of 2011 when our practice was experiencing some growing pains. Their billing and IT staff are always attentive and very responsive with any concerns. Theyâ??ve assisted our practice in various ways including helping our patients understand their bill, answering insurance questions, all while maximizing our productivity. Theyâ??ve even furthered our efforts to go paperless. Medicomp has been quintessential in growing our practice into one of the top Dermatology clinics in the greater DC area.