An electronic medical records and practice management solution.

About MicroMD EMR

MicroMD EMR EHR medical record software helps practices and health centers eliminate unnecessary paper, improve clinical productivity and enhance care for your patients. MicroMD EMR is designed to work in all varieties of medical practices, from single physicians to large multi-specialty medical groups, to MSO’s and PHO’s. MicroMD’s scalability supports single or multiple practices with each practice having multiple locations and providers.

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MicroMD EMR Features

  • Simplify detailed code searches and quickly assign codes with ICD-10 functionality
  • Save time with Two-way patient-to-practice communications
  • See all methods of Clinical Documentation
  • Improve medication safety, enhance workflow, and save time with e-Prescribing
  • Legally write prescriptions for controlled substances, reduce drug abuse, drug diversion and “doctor shopping” with MicroMD EPCS Gold
  • View your patient’s most pertinent data at once with Clinical Dashboard
  • Save pictures, clinical images and anatomical diagrams with Image Management and Annotation
  • Manage your workload on your own terms with Desktop Management
  • Control system access for peace of mind with Security Features
  • Customize your EMR EHR with ease with Specialty Content
  • See clinical data from medical devices in real time with Device Connectivity
  • Explore a range of features and benefits with Integration and Interoperability

MicroMD EMR Capabilities

The following capabilities are some of, but not all of, the capabilities offered by MicroMD EMR:

Anesthesia Billing

Because anesthesia billing has its own requirements, MicroMD PM incorporates a range of special features developed with anesthesiologists’ clinical workflow in mind.

MicroMD PM is designed to manage anesthesiology billing for multiple practices and providers expeditiously.

Appointments & Scheduling

The MicroMD PM practice management solution makes scheduling easy and gives your physicians, nurses and staff the control they need to manage patient visits smoothly. When scheduling an appointment, you’ll start with easy access to detailed information and let the system search for an open slot according to patient needs and staff availability. As you assign a date and time, you may choose to attach a note or designate an appointment class such as sick visit, well visit or follow-up. To move an appointment, just drag and drop on screen. MicroMD PM can deny scheduling for selected patient, protect specific slots from changes, or link appointment classes with recalls. At setup, you determine time slot lengths, color-coding and many other practice parameters.


The MicroMD PM billing module streamlines claims processing and puts both patient financial overviews and billing transaction details at your fingertips.

In MicroMD PM, all charges, payments, write-offs, adjustments, refunds, aging, and encounters related to a given claim are easily accessible. For billing inquiries, users simply double-click a payment line to drill down into greater detail.

Claims Management

The MicroMD ARS module dramatically boosts your practice’s degree of control over claims and insurance data and your control over your accounts receivable. With advanced tools that retrieve claim information quickly, staff members get the facts they need in the formats they can use most effectively. This minimizes the amount of time they spend on the telephone with the carriers and time spent on administration, freeing them to focus on the activities that impact your accounts receivable.

Community Health Centers

Federally Qualified Health Centers and other community health providers face distinct reporting, operational and service challenges. MicroMD for Community Health Centers offers features designed specifically to ensure reporting accuracy, streamline workflow and enhance services.

With advanced scheduling, billing, patient information, claims management, mobile computing and many other features, the award-winning MicroMD practice management system establishes a strong foundation of functionality. But because proper reporting and flexible service are vital to maintain funding for community health organizations, MicroMD includes special tools to capture and track patient details. And MicroMD’s user-friendly interface automates a range of time-consuming tasks to help your staff put patients first.

Patient Registration

With MicroMD PM, medical practices manage large volumes of registration, encounter, lab, and other types of data with ease. From referrals to prescription histories to medical alert information, the system provides a complete picture of each patient with fast access to the functions you use most frequently.

Just one of many advanced features, in MicroMD PM you can create multiple medical cases for a single patient. The ýCasesý function lets your practice track chronic diagnoses, injuries, and other incident-related information. By linking cases to primary insurances, you can ensure that claims are filed properly and efficiently. MicroMD PM does much more than maintain appointment histories. With its ýPlanned Visitsý capability, you can log pre-authorized visits for a given procedure and/or diagnosis and monitor remaining eligibility over time. The system also interfaces with third-party lab systems to retrieve lab results. MicroMD PM presents order and results data in user-friendly displays.

Prescription Writer

From generating prescriptions to tracking medication histories to handling patient instructions and refills, MicroMD RX helps practices automate and enhance the complex tasks related to prescription management. MicroMD RX brings together patient-care data and drug information to help clinicians reduce medication errors while enhancing workflow.


In day-to-day operations, your practice generates volumes of data. What you need is insightful information.

Advanced reporting capabilities–one of the strongest reasons why MicroMD PM consistently ranks among the top practice management systems in the nation. With MicroMD PM, you get the right perspective on your data. MicroMD PM lets you view key indicators to monitor trends in service delivery, discover potential trouble in billing, or simply save time on repetitive reporting tasks.

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User Reviews of MicroMD EMR

Submitted on March 19th, 2020 by Joanne Halbrecht

Particularly when you perform a lot of procedures with assistants, technicians, and schedulers all needing access to the chart, it can be a logistical nightmare. You have to pay someone to physically pull a chart, match up a physical therapy note and deliver it to the doctor.

For so long, EMRs that were designed for internists were peddled to surgeons and other specialists. So they had a lot of nice features and modules that we wouldn’t need. To me, they just made the software more complicated and more expensive.

The implementation was so much easier than I anticipated.

If I spend 30 more seconds with the chart and finish it during or just after the visit, then I’m done with that chart. At the end of the day, I’ll have maybe two or three charts to finish instead of 10 or 15

With MicroMD EMR, we got an integrated EMR that was simple to use and customize. When my office manager showed me how to modify and create templates, I felt it was almost ridiculous that I hadn’t been doing them sooner.