A Chiropractic EHR, Billing, and Practice Management Software.


ECLIPSE is a chiropractic EHR, billing, and practice management software. The software is ONC certified Complete EHR licensed to over 37,000 users across more than 7,000 Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Medical facilities throughout the United States on their LAN’s & in the cloud.

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With an extraordinary feature list that can only be associated with the product’s longevity and widespread use, ECLIPSE has gained an unrivaled reputation for performance. Routinely used by multi-site practices with hundreds of users and 150,000+ patients, it’s also proved itself to be amazingly cost effective for small practices with one or two providers. Since MPN invented the concept of case management under a single ID# way back in 1987, users can be assured that unique innovations appear throughout the product–whether you need to create a custom form to streamline 3rd party payer requirements or seamlessly synch the scheduler with your smartphone in real time via the Google calendar.

ECLIPSE has been INGENIX certified for HIPAA mandated electronic claim submission protocols since 2003, and billing, scheduling, alerts, reminders, SOAP and document management are all standard. One feature that is especially beneficial to ECLIPSE users is the ability to pull up multiple patient files without having to retrace their steps or undo previous activity. This accessibility of patient charts helps the user reduce extraneous clicking and makes the system an especially good fit for front desk workflow.

Due to its popularity, ease of use, and straightforward functionality, ECLIPSE can work for all sizes of chiropractic, physical therapy, and pain management practices.

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User Reviews of ECLIPSE

Submitted on March 23rd, 2020 by an ECLIPSE user from Rowe Chiropractic

In our busy office, learning curves need to be short and thanks to ECLIPSE, we can accomplish that. There are just too many features to list in ECLIPSE that have helped us over the years and as we have continued to grow. Simply said—IT’S AWESOME!

Submitted on March 23rd, 2020 by an ECLIPSE user from Hay Chiropractic & Wellness

I experienced an audit of numerous patients along with records requests from a substantial insurance company. After submitting records and SOAP notes, which I had recorded using the Encounter software, I received a phone call from the auditing company representative along with a representative from the Insurance company. Not only did they reverse any monies requested, but they had conveyed to me how thorough my notes were, how well organized they were, and mentioned ‘they were a pleasure to read,’ and ‘set a new bar for SOAP notes.