1st EHR Alternative: Clinician Workflow, Revenue and Health Data Optimizer.

About PertexaIQ

1st and Only EHR Alternative: Clinician Workflow, Revenue and Health Data Optimizer. Cloud-based affordable app platform empowers providers to practice medicine, not data entry, using innovative health tech that eliminates the critically flawed usability and data quality found in today’s EHRs.

One-of-a-kind User Interface (UI) for EHRs is designed to enter patient data with smartphone-like ease & speed using proprietary Touch-Tap-Talk™ technology. Over 5,000 drilldown graphics tied to algorithm allow tapping on body parts.

No transcriptions, no scribes, no claims resubmissions. Twice the results in half the time.

1-page training manual–so simple to learn that you are ready to use in just 30 minutes!

NASA-like precision data algorithms generate real-time actionable data - the most accurate documentation & coding data available today. Natural language processing for instant visit summary worded precisely.

PertexaIQ Features

Auto-complete, auto-accurate documentation & coding in real time - 99.67% clean claims on first submission. Complete encounter done in minutes.

Cloud-based, portable, works on any device. Designed for in-office and on-the-go care (in-home, rehab and other facilities).

PertexaIQ Target Market

  • Clinics of all sizes
  • Providers going out on their own
  • Home health organizations
  • Rehab, PT and nursing facilities

PertexaIQ Pricing

Packages available for Telemedicine, Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management, Home Health, and Rehab / PT / Nursing Facilities.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of PertexaIQ

Submitted on March 5th, 2021 by Laura Graze

I like the calculation of the CPT coding. All you do is choose which components of the exam you did and the complexity and the code is calculated for you. It even shows you where you are deficient in your exam for a code which helps you code correctly. Their customer service and insistence on making the customer happy is top notch. You get to talk to real people when you have a problem. On every encounter, you can click on a part of the body for a real world documentation of a problem.

The Good…

I like the customer service most of all. The PertexaIQ team is kind and helpful.

The Bad…

I would like to have it navigable with rolling of the cursor instead of clicking with a mouse, but this is only applicable if you are on a non-touch screen, so it is not a huge concern.

Submitted on February 26th, 2021 by Anonymous

Wow, just amazing. A lot of the grade book features I’ve been looking for years. I’ve tried so many and ultimately for the ease-of-use, price and customizability. I have not found anything that compares.

The Good…

This has lot of the grade book features I’ve been looking for years. If you are using a traditional grading system it works exceptionally well. For standards-based grades it is difficult to use unless you use some type of conversion. Otherwise, it does everything I need it to do with clean interface.

The Bad…

The only shortcoming for me is the ability to easily enter standard-based grades and a way to easily link a standard to each grade. Hopefully, it’s something coming in the not too distant future.