A 100% open source, modular, scalable, and secure business software.

Product Overview

TRYTON is a 100% open source business software that provides all the fully integrated features a business needs to manage back-end operations. Features includes financial accounting, CRM, supply chain management, and more. Users can demo TRYTON without installing.

TRYTON is released by series (same major and minor version numbers) every 6 months and then is supported for 1 year. the exception is for new majors which have long term support of 5 years. This software has a Three-tier architecture: It is composed of an application server which connects to a PostgreSQL database, a web or desktop client for the presentation and a set of server modules for the business logic.


  • 100% open source software
  • Wide variety of third-party modules


  • May require a third-party vendor for customization and implementation

Target Market

Companies of all sizes that require a cloud-based ERP solution. It’s an open-source platform with scalable modules, making it adaptable for various corporate needs. This includes handling accounting, sales, purchasing, inventories, customer relations, reports, and production​.


Video Overview

TRYTON Features

  • Financial accounting: Record all transactions in the chart of accounts.
  • Sales: Follow orders from quotation to customer satisfaction.
  • Inventory and stock: Track goods in warehouses from receipt to delivery.
  • Analytic accounting: Break down expenses and revenues by category.
  • CRM: Convert leads and opportunities into sales.
  • Purchasing: Follow requests for quotation and reduce costs by grouping orders.
  • Supply chain: Fill warehouses just in time.
  • Manufacturing: Transform raw materials into finished products with bill of materials and routing.
  • Shipping: Package shipments for carriers.
  • Project management: Check the profitability of projects and never forget to invoice customers.
  • Subscription management: Create recurring invoices for customer contracts.
  • Third party integration: Automate communication with banks, carriers, websites etc.

Product Overview

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