A comprehensive financial management system designed by Corbin Willits Systems for government & public administration and non-profit organizations.

About MOM Software

MOM Software has developed an accounting software package for municipalities and non-profits. This software package is fully interactive, so after purchasing all the modules, one module will interact with another; meaning double data entry never occurs. By combining the modules listed below, you will get the benefits of the many features offered in this software package.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module automatically interfaces with five other modules: Purchase Order, General Leger, Cash Management, Inventory, and Tribal Roll. This module gives you the capability to print several reports in summary or in detail. The use of a vendor database allows for the organization of and the easy posting of invoices. This subsequently allows you to easily pay and keep and unlimited history of your records. Additionally, the Accounts Payable module offers specific advantages in the following areas:

  • Invoice Entry - only a small amount of input information is needed to bring up an account for invoice posting; hence, increasing efficiency. Recurring invoices can be set up and if you need to pay invoices from separate accounts you are able to do so.
  • Automatic Check Processing - you are able to set up automatic check processing by using the ýAutomatically Create your Cash Requirementsý feature. This feature will enable the MOM Software Accounts Payable module to automatically include all ready to pay invoices, with the ability to exclude certain invoices at your discretion, and then print needed checks.
  • Report Generation - the following reports can be easily printed both in summary and in detail:
    • Transaction Listing
    • Accounts Payable Trial Balance
    • Check Register
    • Cash Disbursements Report
    • General Ledger Account Distribution Report
    • Vendor Report
    • Invoice Payments on Hold
    • Voucher Distribution
    • Aged Open Accounts Payable Listing
    • Upcoming Payments Register
    • Outstanding Checks Listing
    • Cash Requirements Report
    • Vendor History Report
    • Vendor Listing

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module can run independently, but works best when fully integrated with the Inventory, General Ledger, Purchase Order, and Cash Management modules. The Accounts Receivable module will give your non-profit or municipality group several advantages in invoice entry. With integration into the above mentioned modules, the Accounts Payable module will make the appropriate adjustments needed to make invoice processing fully automated. Completed orders, back orders, and credit or debit memos will be stored until removed by you. Additionally this module will give you the capability to generate the following reports:

  • Master Aged balance Report
  • Monthly Customer Statements
  • Journal Entry Summary
  • Audit Trails
  • Revenue Activity Report
  • Monthly Cash Receipts
  • Sales History Report

Business License

The Business License module will allow you to implement several automated processes to make your organization’s invoicing processes more efficient. This module will create pre-billing invoices and renewal forms at the start of each month; this form can then be used to verify calculations at the time of payment. Business license fees can be determined by using an unlimited criteria. MOM Software will then provide an unlimited online history of billing, payment, or adjustment transaction history. Additionally, this module will allow you to create Franchise Tax Board reports that meet the state of California requirements. Other standard reports available through this module include:

  • Monthly Activity
  • Billing/Renewal Aging Report
  • Audit Trail Listings
  • Business Listing
  • General Ledger Account Distribution
  • SIC Code Listing
  • Business Classification Code Listing
  • Billing Category Listing
  • Billing Action Listing
  • State of California Business License Report
  • New/Stopped Business Reports

Cash Management

The Cash Management module can run independently but works best when fully integrated with the following modules: General Ledger, Utility Billing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Purchase Order, Business License, Pet License, Fund Raiser, and Harbor Billing. When integrated this module will post transactions to the appropriate preceding modules. This module also prepares bank deposit slips, and allows you to make deposit adjustments after transactions are completed. The Cash Management module provides many benefits in the area of bank reconciliation; benefits such as:

  • Support of an unlimited number of your bank accounts
  • the ability to perform reconciliation at any time
  • Automatic posting of checks written in the Accounts Payable, Payroll, or Tribal Roll modules
  • Automatic importation deposit and disbursement information from the Accounts Payable, Payroll, Purchase Order, and Tribal Roll modules
  • Multiple register allowing for easier reconciliation among your departments

Additionally this module will be able to generate a number of reports for you; those reports are:

  • Monthly Activity
  • Audit Trail Listings
  • Receipts
  • Bank Deposit Slip
  • Cash Drawer Reconciliation Report
  • Bank Account Reconciliation Report
  • Bank Reconciliation Adjustment Listing
  • Outstanding Check/Warrant Listing

Fixed Assets

MOM Software’s Fixed Assets module is your complete asset management module with the ability to track assets, depreciation, and general asset information. This module will automatically post depreciation to the general ledger at your discretion. Depreciation is done by up to three different calculations and as said before posts adjustments to the general ledger. MOM will provide you with an unlimited online history for future review, giving you the ability to run prior year reports at any point in time.

This module stores information on assets by recording: Asset Number, Asset Type, Description, Manufacturer, Serial Number, Department, Location, Vendor, PO Number and Date, Acquisition/Service Date, Revenue Source, Depreciation Beginning Date, Depreciation method, Estimated Life in Months, Age in Months, Purchase Cost, Added Costs, Total Acquisition Cost, Salvage Value, Insured Value, Estimated Replacement Value, Disposition Date and Value, Depreciation Cost Basis, and Total Depreciation. Additionally MOM Software will provide unlimited online history records; giving you the ability to run reports at any point in time. After implementation of MOM software you will be able to track your assets by: asset number, type, manufacturer, department, or physical location. Finally MOM Software’s Fixed Assets module will give you the capability to print several reports for information and statutory compliance; these reports are:

  • Monthly Activity
  • Audit Trail Listings
  • Asset Listings (by your selection parameters)
  • General Ledger Account Distribution
  • Manufacturer Code Listing
  • Asset Type Code Listing
  • Department Code Listing
  • Location Code Listing
  • GASB Statement 34

Fund Raiser

The Fund Raiser module will help you in several areas of managing your fund raising activities and performing fund accounting. To start, this module will allow you to organize your donors in a master record; this record will be able to be sorted by several dimensions of your choice(eg. Geographic Region, Income Range, etc.). Additionally, you will be able to search for donors by a number of variables. Receipts will be automatically generated after a donation is received, and will print at your discretion; receipts are then automatically posted to the General Ledger module. This module also allows you to post up to four salutations per donor; and supports both open and installment type pledges. Finally, as is the case with all MOM software modules, this module will allow you to generate several different reports:

  • Pledge Aging
  • Report Pledge
  • Due/Past due Reminder Notices
  • Matching Gifts
  • Statement
  • New Donor Listing
  • Non-Cash Donation Listing
  • LYBUNT Report
  • SYBUNT Report
  • Periodic Analysis Reporting by a number of details

General Ledger

The General Leger module allows you define your account structure through an easily modifiable chart of accounts. This software package interacts with all other modules in the MOM Software system to provide you with a wide array of features such as:

  • Budget Control - Four types of budgeting (managers requested, pro-forma, adopted and revised working) allow you to accurately compose a relevant budget. Each budget is open for you to change regardless of time period.
  • Custom Financial Report Generator - this fully customizable report generator not only allows you to choose which type of reports to create; but also the page width and length, number of columns (and their width), and add header and footers to reports.
  • Month End Processes - this feature allows you to run the trial balance at several intervals: monthly, quarterly, or yearly; and view everything in the general ledger over those same intervals.
  • Journal Entry - Journal entry can be automated at your discretion by integration with other modules. You also have the ability to print individual journals.
  • Account Analysis - you have the ability to select and display an individual account’s balance, the encumbrance, the budget and the calculated variance for each month selected.
  • Unlimited History - you can save an unlimited amount of history for every account. You can use this information for analysis in the future; or for making audit adjustments on past months/years.

Geographical Database

The Geographical database module is your complete information processing solution. This product allows you to define and describe all of your land parcels using vital information like: zoning information, lot number, subdivision, census tract, land owners name, address, phone number, tax status. This module also allows you to type unlimited notes for each parcel and features a contractor organization database; allowing you to better manage your contractors.

Human Resources

The MOM Software Human Resources module is the complete solution to managing your employees. This module will track your open employment positions and print job announcements; then it gathers recruit information and stores it. When an employee is hired they will get profile in your Human Resources module. Each employee has the following information on their profile:

  • Medical Information
  • Two emergency contacts
  • Driving records
  • Insurance information
  • Past employment
  • Ethnicity
  • Skills, defined by you (certification, courses taken, education level, etc.)
  • Spouse and dependents
  • EEOC Reporting
  • Telephone number
  • Position History

Additionally you will be able to set automatic salary range adjustments, define positions and pay, setup earnings tables, and make mass changes to account numbers or departmental transfers.


The Inventory module of MOM Software is your complete solution for the efficient handling and maintenance of your inventory items. This module will allow you to efficiently handle your inventory items; giving you the ability to make adjustments to inventory at any point in time. You will realize the benefits of the advanced sorting capability; and the reference codes feature will allow you to cross-reference products in your inventory. The Inventory module will allow you to set up multiple locations for your inventory items, making this module capable of functioning in any size municipality or non-profit organization. With the integration of other MOM Software module’s your inventory costs, quantities, and pricing will be updated automatically. This product, like other modules in MOM Software gives you the ability to create numerous reports; these reports are:

  • Monthly Activity
  • Audit Trail Listings
  • User defined Inventory Listings
  • Rolodex cards
  • Serial Number Labels
  • Physical Inventory Sheets
  • Price Change Report
  • Inventory Detail Report
  • Low Stock Report
  • Summarized Location Report
  • Detailed Inventory Value Report


The Payroll module will allow you to process regular or special payroll on a recurring basis, with direct deposit capability. You will be able to view a complete employee payroll history with past checks, employer paid expenses, deductions, and earnings. With the Diskette Funds Transfer Control, you will be able to create electronic transmittal files to send to your bank. This module is a complete payroll solution for your municipality or non-profit organization.

Pet License

This module will give you the ability to generate a pet license. The Pet License module features demand activity; meaning you will be able to execute the procedures on demand. You will also be able to automatically generate and send a bill for the pet license; and adjust that bill at any point in time.

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order module will help your municipality or nonprofit organization in all of your PO creation and management needs. This module gives you the ability to set up a vendor database, where each vendor can be modified, added, or removed at your discretion. Requisitions can be sent from your departments and electronically sent to purchasing; this allows you to control requisition submission and approval. Once approved, your departmental requisitions are automatically turned into purchase orders and sent to a recommended vendor, unless you assign a new vendor. If your purchase orders need encumbering or dis-encumbering, the Purchase Order module will do so automatically. With this module you will also receive the benefit of being able to print a number of pertinent reports such as:

  • Monthly Activity
  • Three Month Status Report
  • Twelve Month Status Report
  • Vendor Listing
  • Vendor Priority Class Listing

Tribal Roll

The Tribal Roll module provides you with several unique features that will be helpful to your nonprofit organization. First, it includes an extensive member database that stores information on several variables: name, family name, clan, voting location, social security number, four phone numbers, and unlimited comments. This module then tracks and stores member payment history in complete detail, making it perfect for schools. Other functionalities of the Tribal Roll module is dividend distribution and loan processing management. This product allows you process dividends or loans at any point in time. You are also able to define an unlimited number of dividend and loan types and make deductions. You will be able to store an unlimited amount of loan or dividend distribution history for your records and convenience.

Utility Billing

As a municipality you will have to perform billing for frequently, the Utility Billing is your complete billing solution. This module allows you to set up auto pay so you can automatically deduct from customers checking or savings accounts. Services can be billed separately or together; and additionally services can be billed at any time. This module will give you unlimited ability to override or adjust billing; and send out up to four late notices per customer with late fees. You will be given several options on your method of billing, giving you major flexibility. Finally, the Utility Billing module will give you the option to print off many reports and notices:

  • Master Aged Balance
  • General Ledger Account Distribution
  • Audit Trail Listings
  • Deletion Balance Aging Report
  • Water Usage Report
  • Notices, Customer Mailing Labels and Rolodex Cards
  • New/Terminated Customer Reports
  • Customer Balance
  • Aging Report

Work Management

The Work Management module of MOM Software is you complete solution to providing work orders and finishing work projects. Work Requests are created by a user and then sent to a supervisor on your staff for approval. Once your staff’s supervisor gives approval, that supervisor will enter all relevant information and assign a work to be responsible for the task. Your supervisor will then have the option of creating a work schedule by day week or month. A work order is then produced through two ways:

  • An approved work request automatically becomes a work order.
  • Work orders are also created from work schedules

This module focuses on giving your supervisor complete control of your projects; allowing him or her to control how work projects are posted to the General Ledger Module. Your supervisor will have the ability to print off several month end reports such as:

  • Monthly Activity Report
  • Log History
  • Journal Entry Summary
  • Usage Report

Product Overview

User Reviews of MOM Software

Submitted on November 5th, 2019 by Josh

MOM software GUI reminds me a lot of Windows 3.1 with the window boxes and menus.Very basic, no frills format that is not intuitive. It takes quite a while to learn the capabilities because the help guide is difficult to understand and often doesn’t explain what to do to operate the software. The form boxes are often very powerful and putting the wrong codes in the wrong boxes can result in serious issues. Also no list of what codes you can use. The software is mainly keyboard driven, which make it very fast to manipulate once you memorize the shortcut keys, but you are able to use a mouse if preferred. There is no graphics enhancement, just window boxes. Also reports are not intuitive or easy to generate.

The Good…

It runs quickly because there is no fancy graphics or design. That is nice, especially if you have a lot of information. Also, we run it on an internal server which has been running 24/7 for at least 6 months without any issues, probably much longer. The users often have their sessions lock up or have errors requiring closing and reloading at their terminal, but the server keeps going strong.

The Bad…

Visually it looks like a relic from the 80s/90s. It is not intuitively designed which makes it difficult to learn, especially for older people. The help file has huge gaps. The modules do not integrate well in many instances, requiring re-entering information again and again.Have not found any troubleshooting windows to check for duplicate entries of vendors/licenses or any way of automating cleanup or archiving. For the price I would expect much more than it delivers. Can not copy and paste. Can not run the reports I need. I have to stumble through every part to try and figure out what I am doing.