AllegianceMD Medical Billing Software

A web-based multi-module management system designed by AllegianceMD for health care & social services companies.

About AllegianceMD Medical Billing Software


  • Books 60% of your appointments online.
  • Let your patients input their own demographics.
  • Calls patients to confirm appointments.
  • Allows patients to fill out their history and demographics online, according to your predetermined parameters.
  • Checks patient eligibility.
  • Check insurance eligibility, then forwards you the patient eligibility data (co-pays, deductible amounts, co-insurance).
  • Scans/archives all patient documents. (Unlimited document upload).
  • Lets you fax from anywhere in the world since the fax is attached to our class five switch system and not your office-bound system.
  • Scans/archives/organizes faxes sent to your system, letting you annotate the fax and attach it to patient records–never loose a fax again. (E-fax)
  • Calls/collects 60% of patient charges.


We try to automate every aspect of your practice with automated eligibility where the system contact the insurance company for you and bring the eligibility information like Co-pay amount, deductible, co-insurance. Electronic phone confirmation where the system calls the patients for you, and confirm the appointment for you.

A patient portal that uses Artificial intelligence can automate your practice by allowing your patients to fill out their history, demographics, and book appointments without human interference according to your instructions.

Electronic toll free fax that let your faxes come in to your system, ability to annotate the fax, attach it to certain patients. Never loose a fax, and fax from any where in the world, because unlike others our E-fax is attached to our advanced phone system, not to your system

Artificial Intelligence


No other medical billing EMR software is quite like Allegiance MD–thanks to our expert system. An expert system is part of a particular branch of computer science, which program computers to behave like humans–making decisions, based on past actions of the human counterpart.

Computer science has catapulted over the years, offering the medical community tremendous these unique aides: computer applications, known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, physicians use such expert systems to help diagnose diseases, based on symptomology.

Our skilled engineers integrated such a system with the capabilities and comprehensive features required to optimize a medical practice. Allegiance MD is the innovative program, which studies human actions and translates them into a language the computer comprehends–and later mirrors those actions in future decision-making activities. Going one step further, our Artificial Intelligence also self-corrects on the fly, finding potential glitches long before you would even know they existed.

With Allegiance MD, efficiency is magnified and your bottom line is enhanced significantly. That’s because our web-based expert system does even more than learn your habits and automate decisions. It outperforms our competitors . . . every time.

Claim Scrubbing


Imagine your staff no longer spending hours to chase down claim errors. Now you can streamline your claim process while maximizing time, ensuring accuracy and securing your bottom line. Allegiance puts its expert system technology to work for you.

Our system is driven with Artificial Intelligence, which identifies problems and self-corrects on the fly. That includes those frequently difficult areas of claim processing that can take hours to track down and resolve. Allegiance saves you time and money–helping you make better use of employee work hours.

Allegiance’s innovative technology is designed to scrub electronic claims clean, creating accurate submissions. And our scrubbing engine is updated to reflect the most current regulations for claim screening. Think of it. No more claim processing headaches, frustrating returns or subsequent delays in receiving your money. Instead, you enjoy a highly efficient administrative process that helps keep a steady stream of cash flowing straight to you


The 1996 HIPAA legislation–the American Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act–laid down strong ground rules for healthcare providers, hospitals and health plans to uphold a patient’s rights. On April 14, 2003, HIPAA set a challenge before the healthcare profession: ensure that all patient records, account information and handling and billing are within the HIPAA compliant platform.

Consequently, medical billing and medical record systems of all healthcare companies had to undergo a steep transformation–or face civil and criminal penalties. The legislation encompasses various sections with separate compliance dates, defining rules on software, electronic transactions, patient privacy and data security. This impacted the methodology, technology and policy-and-procedural systems. National standards were put into place, impacting payors-providers electronic transactions. Clearly, HIPAA forces all healthcare organizations to create and implement a compliant and viable infrastructure.


Registered with EDIFECS, AllegianceMD attained HIPAA-compliant certification for its electronic claims. In other words, no third party has to transform our claims into a compliant format.

Equally important, AllegianceMD incorporates a seamless design, integrating key features to enforce HIPAA regulations. Our expert system–the only web-based medical billing/practice management software, armed with Artificial Intelligence for outstanding performance–offers the mandated security infrastructure, functionality and ease for HIPAA adherence.


  1. Electronic transaction standards.October 15, 2003, marked the deadline for all transactions to be in an ANSIX12 format. Also, these standard code sets have to be implemented: ICD-9, HCPCS, CPT, NCPDP, and CDT. AllegianceMD processes all electronic transaction in full compliance with these HIPAA standards.

  2. Unique identifiers.This controversial rule calls for specific identifiers for health plans, patients, providers and employers. AllegianceMD will enhance this facet in its software once this ruling is finalized.

  3. Security. Electronic, patient-identifiable health data is to be protected across the board, uniformly. In additions, technical security and mechanisms plus specific administrative processes and physical security safeguards are to secure patient data protection. This includes reliable storage of electronic data and emergency access to that data. AllegianceMD provides a full, secure data management system, designed to facilitate HIPAA compliance. All electronic information is housed in a secure facility with numerous security measures in place, from firewall protection and 24-hour monitoring to locked server cages.

AllegianceMD further secures data with a three-level backup system - that runs like clockwork, backing up your sensitive information every hour.

AllegianceMD also ensures your HIPAA compliance to security regulations:

  • Safeguarding electronic transfers - with SSL 128-bit encryption, used by government and banks
  • Timed logout - proactively hindering unauthorized access to patient data
  • User tracking - traces every user logging in and out
  • Audit - tracks changes to patient data for review as needed
  1. Privacy. By April 14, 2003, compliance had to be met, regarding specific standards for patient notification and the specificities on disclosure of patient healthcare data - paper, verbal or electronic. Now all providers must give patients a Notice of Privacy Practices and attain signed authorization from patients for release of their healthcare information in matters of treatment, payment or other healthcare operations. Also, providers are required to appoint a Privacy Officer, develop/implement HIPAA-compliant policies and procedures and train staff in HIPAA privacy policies. Meanwhile, patients maintain the right to access their data, attain records of various data disclosures, request amendments to their data and request special restrictions on data use or data disclosure.

AllegianceMD enforces privacy regulations with restricted user roles; patient data is only accessible to authorized personnel. Automated reminders and storage for electronic forms keep consent status current and upheld.

Electronic Claims


Patient care is your passion . . . but properly filed claims and quick remittance help keep your practice moving forward. Allegiance offers a straightforward expert system to expedite workflow and ensure accuracy.

You know it all too well. The claim rejections, denials and related mounting documents. Every error and delay cost you money–and time. Not to mention the frustrations your staff endures.

Allegiance can turn the tide with its seamless design. In fact, we offer the only web-based medical billing/practice management software with Artificial Intelligence. So now you can significantly improve collections and claim turnaround time as well as generate reports and review comprehensive analyses. And it’s all done effortlessly with a click of the mouse from any location.

Electronic Eligibility

How much time does your staff spend trying to verify patient eligibility? Calling the long list of insurance companies is one thing, but when you factor in the additional time spent on hold with them to get the information-- then it’s a whole new ball game.

With AllegianceMD’s electronic eligibility feature you can truly optimize your staff’s workday. It starts before your patients even arrive. No longer will you need to call each individual insurance company to see whether or not the patients insurance is valid. Just 72 hours before the scheduled appointment, insurance coverage is automatically verified–without an employee ever picking up the phone. Our expert system electronically contacts each insurance company, who then replies back in electronic format. If no verification is given, regardless of the reason, the patient’s name is flagged, alerting your team that a manual verification is required.

The AllegianceMD approach uses a seamless design and a special back-end process–guaranteed to save your team time and better ensure your payments so you can shift your staff’s focus to other priority tasks. Our expert system, driven by Artificial Intelligence, synchronizes your practice management and helps it run like a fine-tuned machine.

Electronic Posting


Filing hundreds of claims each week and then posting deductibles, payments and other adjustments create a time-consuming, tedious and demanding process. And that means your not getting the most out of every man-hour. That’s about to change, thanks to Allegiance MD and our electronic posting capabilities.

What claims were paid, the amount and subsequent posting can now be handled quickly, efficiently. One click of the button handles it all automatically, within your determined criteria. So when those EOBs arrive electronically, there are no more data input errors, math blunders or wasted time. Instead, postings are done meticulously, noting if other carriers require billing.

With Allegiance, you’re back in control–staying on top of your behind-the-scenes administrative process. Change what needs altering or deleted. It’s a smart solution to running your busy practice.

Allegiance goes to task with its electronic format delivery system and Artificial Intelligence. From start to finish, your practice management process performs smoothly . . .keeping error-free claims going out and those payments coming in.

Electronic Statement

Preparing medical billing statements used to be intricate and time-consuming. Now your staff can forget the bulk mail, stuffing envelopes, sorting, potential errors and countless hours. AllegianceMD has expert system technology–supported with Artificial Intelligence–to keep operations moving smoother, faster and more accurately.

Every month your staff faces the same ordeal: patient statements. Tracking every detail of their individual healthcare takes some doing. And there is no room for mistakes. That all adds up to hefty operational costs–salary dollars and valuable time that could be more wisely spent.

Allegiance helps alleviate the frustrations. Our seamless design, the only web-based medical billing/practice management software with Artificial Intelligence, significantly improves statement processing. Automatically print statements per your criteria–daily, monthly, 24 days, etc.

The AllegianceMD products even give your patients the option to choose how they want to pay. Not only does this give your patients more flexibility, it also allows you to save on paper by having the patient opt out of paper statements, and pay their statements online. You can even automate the number of past due days before accounts are sent to collections.

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