AMS Practice Management Software

A multi-module management system designed by AMS Software for health care & social services companies.

About AMS Practice Management Software

AMS Practice Management Software, your complete tool for managing today’s busy medical office. AMS will help you organize and simplify all of your practice management data needs–patient information, scheduling, billing, insurance, reporting and much more–all are easy to learn and easy to implement.

AMS’ versatile floating tool bar makes it easy to navigate between different functions of the software.

With AMS Software, you can generate an electronic claim file that can easily be transmitted, speeding up the payment process from insurance companies. Or take advantage of our electronic statement service. We will download, print, fold, and mail statements to your patients. You’ll save time, money and free up your staff to be more productive. These are just a few of our many timesaving features.

And AMS’ professional customer support team is available 24/7. You can choose the support options that best suit your office requirements. We offer unlimited phone training and support for all of your office staff. And we welcome user feedback. In fact, AMS is constantly updating our software based on insight from our customers. As an AMS customer, you can expect to receive these updates periodically.

Whether your practice has a single physician, or thousands of doctors, AMS is simply the easiest and most functional software you’ll find for managing your practice.


AMS’ billing module offers one the fastest and easiest ways to check patients out after their visits. There’s easy access to diagnosis codes and procedure codes. You can setup various macros that speed patients through check out in just seconds. You can also track copayment and deductible amounts as well as tap other features that will personalize the patient’s experience in your office. Of course, you can easily print receipts and add sales tax as necessary.


AMS’ scheduling function is extremely flexible and totally customizable. Block out times with color and designate specific increments of time between appointments. And you can choose to run and access single or multiple calendars.

Print names, phone numbers and superbills. There’s a convenient ýFindý feature for finding a patient’s next appointment and the program will prompt for key information such as patient phone numbers.

Data Import

You can import data from other programs into AMS software as well. Diagnosis codes, procedure codes and dates of service can be entered into patient records on a per patient basis. You can run this function once a day, or keep it running continually, making it possible to update patient records in real time.

Patient Records

You can access all individual patient information from one window.

You can track charges and payments and view a breakdown of balances for both the patient and insurance company.

You can track copayments by percent or dollar amount or both. You can also track deductibles, find unpaid insurance claims and setup multiple fee schedules for different patient types.

AMS lets you print a number of documents including insurance forms, patient bills and receipts, attorney bills and receipts, superbills, visit history and mailing labels.


AMS is a comprehensive reporting tool for both the accounting and operations sides of your practice. Among the reports you can access are:

  • Daily and Monthly Cash Reports - View and print reports tracking a range of items, including daily transactions, gross sales, adjustments/write offs, net sales, deposits, visit counts, and daily accounts receivable. These reports also breakdown the cash, check and credit card payments for the specified time period.
  • Patient Statements - Print statements for patients with outstanding balances on plain paper or preprinted forms. The software will also allow you to automatically add interest or finance charges to unpaid balances beyond a time period.
  • Patient Balances - View and print a summary of patient balances by individual, entire practice or self-specified category.
  • Daily and Monthly Activity Reports - Monitor every action in your AMS system by code, diagnosis, payment or other activity.
  • Daily Operations Summaries - View and print summaries of data such as net sales, visit counts, collection percentages and new patient numbers and percentages.
  • Patient Recall Reports - Quickly identify patients who have stopped coming in for care. This is a guaranteed way to boost your average income.

Sorting and Exporting

Sort and print by any data field in the entire patient file. You can also merge data from the patient files for customized letters, and print labels for specific purposes such as birthday greetings. AMS can be exported to many other popular software programs such as ChartWare, SoapWare, Document Plus and others.


AMS’ easy-to-use program utilities make short work of updating fee schedules and adding new diagnosis and procedure codes at any time without affecting previous data entries.

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