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CareCloud’s modern and intuitive practice management and EHR solutions help you streamline your day, so you spend less time fighting technology and more time treating patients. Automate many of the tedious tasks that can slow your practice down, and let advanced analytics provide real time feedback on practice performance so you can easily manage your business.

With CareCloud, you get easy-to-use cloud-based solutions – on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone – that you will actually love to use.

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Increase Collections

Need help with billing and collections? CareCloud Concierge, the revenue cycle management solution, does the heavy lifting so you get peace of mind in this era of reform. The expertise of CareCloud’s billing and collections specialists combines with CollectiveIQ – the advanced billing rules platform – to get you paid more, faster, and with less work on your end.

Decrease IT Costs

CareCloud delivers on the promise of cloud economics. Predictable monthly pricing means your practice won’t be blindsided by expensive upgrades or break the bank to stay ahead of industry changes. Minimal up-front and IT costs help you keep more of what you earn by leveraging economies of the cloud.

Advanced Billing Rules

Catch Problems Before They Cost You

CollectiveIQ–the advanced collection of automated billing rules embedded in the CareCloud platform – flags issues before a claim leaves your office, so you can improve collections and cash flow, reduce administrative costs, and minimize disruption from ICD-10.

Get Claims Right the First Time

Take the guesswork out of getting paid and run your practice more smoothly with CollectiveIQ’s unparalleled clinical coding knowledge base. With millions of Medicare and commercial payer edits and industry leading content, you generate more accurate claims–more easily–so you face fewer denials, get paid sooner and improve overall collections.

Make Your Billing More Effective

Boost financial results without having to cobble together multiple systems or hire rocket scientists to get the job done. CollectiveIQ makes your claims process more efficient by alerting you to claim issues upstream, inside your practice management system, so you can fix them at the earliest and least costly point. As a result, your billing and coding staff can generate more claims in less time.

Electronic Health Records

More Productive. More Profitable. Better Outcomes.

Get all of the tools you need to deliver better patient care – from managing patient flow to ePrescribing – with the complete Meaningful Use certified EHR. Charts, the EHR software, also integrates seamlessly with CareCloud Central practice management system, for a single clinical, administrative and financial solution. In addition to simplifying clinical handoffs, CareCloud also features patient engagement and clinical reporting tools that allow you to drive better patient outcomes.

Real-Time Patient Workflows

CareCloud’s cloud-based EHR gives you a complete, real-time view of how patients are flowing through your office – from check-in to check-out – with simple drag-and-drop tools. You can easily see how long patients are waiting and how resources like rooms are being used across your practice to maximize efficiency.

Rapid Charting Capabilities

Expedite clinical encounters with easy to use charting-by-exception, reusable order sets, and configurable templates that can be saved and shared in CareCloud’s innovative content store. Reduce clicks and get more time for patients with one-click ePrescribing, one-click lab ordering and rapid pharmacy look ups that make building a care plan faster than ever before. Charts also provides you with real-time clinical decision support tools so you can always feel confident you’re providing the best care possible to patients.

Intelligent Task Management

Reduce the chaos in your day by managing all administrative and clinicals tasks in one unified “inbox,” so you can spend more time providing care and less time on paperwork. From reviewing labs to ordering x-rays, all the tasks that used to add up and slow you down can now be more effectively managed with CareCloud’s innovative task management tool.

Healthcare Analytics

CareCloud Advanced Analytics provides unparalleled visibility into your organization’s financial, administrative, and clinical performance. Designed with usability top of mind, this healthcare analytics software makes it easy to access, visualize, and share data from across your organization. This enables you to keep a pulse on your entire business and make data-driven decisions to optimize processes and results.

Robust Analytics for Constant Control

Advanced Analytics puts your organization’s vital signs at your fingertips, so you’re never in the dark. Pre-built reports display critical metrics in seconds, while the intuitive report-building tool lets you quickly run customized analyses to hone in on specific data. Whether you have internal questions (e.g., how quickly do billers submit claims?) or external questions (e.g., how soon does each payer reimburse?) you’ll get answers fast, so you can respond quickly when metrics are off track.

And, since you can see data in aggregate or for individual practices under your umbrella, you have the transparency you need to take control–whether you’re part of a small group or large enterprise.

Powerful Flexibility for Fast Insights

CareCloud built Advanced Analytics with a focus on flexibility, so you can cut your data in myriad ways–by location, provider, payer, biller, and more–and add multiple filters to get answers not only to your initial questions (e.g., how’s revenue trending?), but also to the many that follow (e.g., is there a problem with a particular office?). The result? Deep insight that lets you get precise answers and pinpoint issues.

A Single Source of Data for Your Entire Business

The healthcare analytics software centralizes all of your key data across core performance areas–administrative, financial, clinical–and entities within your organization. You get full visibility so you can make better decisions across the board–from staffing and budgeting to payer contracting and M&A. What’s more, since the data from all of your departments is consolidated and in a consistent format, there’s no more wasting time tracking down inputs from other groups or cobbling files together manually.

Beautiful Visualizations in Seconds

With CareCloud’s Advanced Analytics, there’s no need to export to Excel in order to convert your findings into easy-to-interpret, compelling visualizations. You can generate beautifully-designed charts and graphs in mere clicks from right within Advanced Analytics. And, in addition to various other options–pdf, excel, csv, html–you’re able to export images to drop right into PowerPoint, so you can quickly create insightful presentations to fuel constructive business conversations.

Easy Collaboration Within the CareCloud Platform

You’ll save even more time with Advanced Analytics with the ability to save and share analyses within the CareCloud platform. Once you get analyses just the way you want them, save them to your personal templates library to refresh in seconds whenever needed. And, with the ability to share your templates with colleagues securely within the CareCloud system–and receive analyses others build–your team avoids wasting time reinventing the wheel and can collaborate more productively.

Mobile App

Improve Productivity & Patient Care With CareCloud’s Mobile App

CareCloud Companion is a mobile medical app for doctors that lets you manage tasks from the CareCloud platform, and securely view your appointments and patient charts, even when you’re out of the office. You get anywhere, anytime access to the clinical, administrative, and financial information you need the most so you can improve productivity and enhance patient care.

Manage Your Busy Workday

Companion gives you instant visibility into your personal schedule directly from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Easily swipe through appointment details like patient demographics and visit specifics, so you can better prepare for clinical encounters. With Companion, you can also schedule and update appointments – directly from your mobile device – giving you more flexibility during your day.

Take Your Practice Anywhere

Companion lets you easily stay connected to patient data in CareCloud Charts, the cloud-based EHR. Simple swipes and one-touch access allows you to quickly view clinical documents (e.g., x-rays, encounter notes) or patient summaries like vitals, allergies, labs, and immunizations. You can also ePrescribe medications, review and sign incoming lab results, and approve medication refill requests directly from your mobile device. The result? Better, faster care no matter where you are.

Access Patient Data 24/7

Unlike many apps for doctors, Companion allows you to quickly access patient charts and clinical documents from anywhere – delivering unmatched flexibility in managing patient care. And with timed lockouts, 4-digit PIN access, and Touch ID your mobile experience will be secure across multiple devices, whether you’re working at the office, at the hospital or at home.

Patient Engagement

Increase Patient Engagement, Boost Productivity

CareCloud Community is a suite of patient engagement and social tools that gives you, your practice and your patients a secure way to communicate and collaborate with one another. Engage patients anywhere through a mobile patient portal to provide a better experience for them while reducing administrative hassle for your practice.

Secure Patient Portal

Allow patients to securely engage with your practice through your patient portal. Patients get a free and convenient way to stay in touch with you, request appointments, access clinical records and even pay bills online.

Social Collaboration Tools

From front-desk staff to physicians, each member of your practice is able to use Community’s online chat function to share and collaborate in real-time. Whether it’s sharing information about upcoming appointments, retrieving lab results, or scheduling follow-up visits, your practice will run more efficiently.

Patient Acquisition Tools

Community’s website integration feature simplifies registration for new patients by allowing them to easily sign up on your practice’s website. Health systems even have the ability to private label the patient portal for greater community branding.

Community Manager

Community Manager allows your practice to intelligently engage key patient populations. It’s simple: Easily query populations and send targeted invitations to patients. This drives patients to the patient portal, which improves patient engagement and their overall experience.

Practice Management

Streamline Workflow, Increase Revenue

CareCloud Central is a medical practice management solution that boosts productivity by automating the day-to-day tasks that can slow an office manager down. Central delivers much more than medical billing software. Sure, it has the tools to help generate cleaner claims and reduce denials, but CareCloud’s easy-to-use practice management software also streamlines your workflow to deliver seamless handoffs across departments.

Central becomes your practice’s command center, delivering robust, real-time analytics through customizable reports and dashboards to ensure you know how your business is performing on the metrics that matter most.

Comprehensive Scheduling

Easily manage your practice’s schedule with the multi-view calendar and drag-and-drop online patient appointment scheduling. Front-desk staff are empowered with modern patient scheduling software that makes it easy to book and confirm appointments across locations, verify insurance eligibility in advance, and quickly check patients in and out.

Your practice will maximize efficiency with smoother handoffs across the team and reduce patient no-shows with automated patient reminders, so you can make the most of your day.

Modern Front Desk Experience

Central gives your front-desk staff extremely powerful – yet easy to use – scheduling capabilities to manage your busy workday. Easily book and confirm appointments, check-in and checkout patients, and view past, present, and future schedules across multiple providers and locations – daily, weekly, or monthly. Drag-and-drop capabilities combine with rich, color-coded views to make scheduling fast and intuitive.

Patient Management

Get a complete, well-organized picture of your patients all in one place with the ability to easily view and update patients’ demographics, insurance details, and account histories. You can also attach files, so you keep everything together – reducing paperwork and saving time. Plus, if you use the EHR, you can also view clinical information consolidated neatly in this app.

Foolproof Billing

Central’s web-based medical billing software takes the guesswork out of financial performance, so you can run a more efficient business. Innovations like CollectiveIQ, CareCloud’s collection of advanced automated billing rules–embedded in Central’s claims workflows – help you avoid costly errors, minimize re-work, and get paid faster. And, for those unavoidable denials, Central’s powerful collections capabilities help you quickly take action so revenue doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Plus, spot financial trends early with the industry’s most advanced analytics delivering real-time insight into your practice performance.

Financial Workflow

Simplify coding and charge entry, while avoiding costly mistakes with Central’s Billing app. It takes the stress out of preparing claims by auto-populating fields and providing built-in tools like diagnosis and CPT code lookups. An advanced collection of billing rules and real-time error alerts are built into the workflow to prevent mistakes, so you can prepare claims quickly and accurately.

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