A web-based accounting software system designed by dbtech for health care & social services companies.

About Ras

Dbtech Ras has been specifically tailored to healthcare workflows so you can increase revenue, expedite payments and reduce costs while maintaining the integrity of all security and privacy mandates. With that in mind, Ras can become an important element in the success of a broader electronic medical record (EMR) solution.


Ras is proven to work with all major applications, independent of hardware, operating systems, databases or system architecture. It captures, compresses and archives data from any application – regardless of data source – into a secure, searchable database.

  • Patient Accounting
  • Digital Medical Records
  • Electronic Forms
  • Document Management

Document Management

At the core of dbtech’s solution set is Ras. This powerful IT solution manages the flow of actionable information so that it gets to the right people in the right format at just the right time.

Put this essential tool in the hands of your staff to give them access to information on-demand so they can make faster, better and more effective business decisions.


All documentation can be captured by Ras, whether paper-based or electronic, and is secure and available in a central environment with access controlled by user, department or document type.

Ras captures, compresses and archives data from any application into a searchable enterprise-wide repository. Users can automate, manipulate and process information and distribute, view and manipulate reports online. Ras provides formats for automatic data analysis and executive reporting and eliminates the need for a variety of manual tasks, including distribution and cumbersome paper storage. The best part is that employee productivity climbs and so does morale.

In addition to improving process, speed and efficiency Ras also virtually eliminates paper. That translates to lower costs and a significant step toward operating a “green” organization.

With the flexibility of Ras, organizational workflow processes are streamlined and the paper cycle more efficiently managed. It is designed to address the critical function of Revenue Cycle Management which spans everything from patient registration to remittance. Ras automatically transforms data into actionable information and helps manage financial and operational reporting by capturing data from any application in a searchable database with no required interfaces. How does it do this?

By leveraging standard print stream technology to pull the data. Once in the system, the ‘magic’ begins. The simplicity of this approach is ingenious and the value of aggregating information for optimized processes and better decisions goes straight to the bottom line.

With Ras, you have at your fingertips the ability to easily unify, search and gain value from documents stored across any and all disparate sources.

Electronic Forms

Meet eForms, dbtech’s form-generation platform. With eForms you can easily gather information from any relevant data source and automatically generate pre-populated, bar-coded documents.


Use eForms to eliminate the need for pre-printed forms and the stacks of paper on which they are printed. With eForms, you can even create bar-coded forms. And, when used alongside Ras, eForms allows you to store all actionable data in one patient folder.

With hospitals using anywhere from 2,000-3,000 forms each day, staff must order pre-printed forms and keep a large quantity in stock – creating additional costs for both the forms and forms storage. This means 30% of hospital staff time is spent processing forms manually in hospitals without electronic forms.

Interactive eForms and signature capture can help you eliminate manual inefficiencies in areas including patient registration, clinical areas, finance, HR and administration.


Automating your forms workflow with eForms helps your organization eliminate many of the errors inherent to manual processes while giving you easy-access to electronic forms, which can be stored digitally in patient-centric folders.

Going digital with eForms also helps your organization to do the following:

  • Automate form completion to greatly reduce time spent by Patient Admissions Departments.
  • Enhance patient safety with consistent, readable clinical forms and the elimination of blue cards and embossing systems.
  • Move towards a “paperless hospital” by automating the forms process.
  • Reduce storage needs by printing forms on-demand.
  • Ensure positive patient ID with automatic bar coding for forms and wristbands.


What’s more, dbtech also offers eForms as a fully-managed solution – so you can choose to take your entire forms library from paper to digital with no capital outlay.

Electronic Medical Records


Put your medical records to work by going digital with Ras for Medical Records.

With Ras, your existing paper records can all be scanned into your system. Then, all digital correspondence can be automatically linked to those records. What’s more, documents can be scanned in at the point of service so that they are immediately available in the patient record.


  • Paperless Medical Records
  • Assign Charts to Physicians For Electronic Signatures & Approvals
  • Automated Work Lists based on user-defined criteria
  • Completely Automate the Release of Information Process
  • Batch Scanning
  • Barcoded Documents Eliminate Manual Error & Intervention
  • Digital Photo Capture
  • Integration with Business Office for Chart Requests


Ras eliminates the need to pull physical charts for RAC audits – streamlining the process and saving your organization money. It also simplifies other audit processes, including CMS and payer audits.


Health Information Exchange (HIE)

With Ras, you can easily retrieve valuable information while providing safer, more timely, efficient, and effective patient care.

Patient Accounting

Ras is a user-friendly solution that quickly and cost-effectively leverages your technology investment and helps you automatically capture, organize and distribute patient registration, financial and clinical data.


With Ras, electronic patient folders can be set up automatically from an existing HL7 transaction.


Reduction in AR Days

  • Claims get processed faster, resulting in quicker payment
  • Additional paper requests from payers can be sent immediately from Ras
  • Allows hospitals to implement remote coding by providing web-based access to chart information
  • Charts are coded faster which helps decrease AR days

Decrease in Denials

  • Information is stored electronically and is readily accessible eliminating trips to the file room
  • Accurate data collection
  • Missing registration documents eliminated, reducing AR delays

Notice of Admission

  • Eliminate manual faxing of NOA
  • Confirmation that the Notice of Admission was sent on time
  • Reduce potential loss of reimbursements due to lack of notification within X hours of admission

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