A multi-module management system designed by gloStream for health care & social services companies.

About gloPM

gloPM, the latest addition to the gloStream suite of products, is a powerful and easy to learn and use practice management system. gloPM simplifies scheduling, billing and creating practice reports. Built atop Microsoft technology and embedded with Microsoft Office, gloPM has a familiar Microsoft ýlook and feelý and makes true practice management easier than itýs ever been before.


Information from gloEMR flows directly into our integrated billing system. With a single click, billers can access a full range of billing information from patient demographics to billing/procedure codes to claims status. Our real time insurance eligibility and claim status check gives staff key information quickly so they know if patients have adequate insurance. Staff can even forecast when theyýll be paid for services rendered. Integration with clearinghouses makes claims processing quick and easy.

The gloPM billing module features extensive claims scrubbing functionality. Before claims are submitted to insurance companies, they are checked and reconciled for errors. Billers receive feedback so that they can make the changes needed to ensure approval and speed payment of their claims. The softwareýs single-screen views simplify navigation when editing payment information; staff can easily apply insurance reimbursements or review co-pay data quickly and easily.


With gloPM, just as they do when using gloStream’s EMR software, doctors and practice managers have the flexibility to do their jobs effectively, efficiently and in the way they are most comfortable. We donýt take users through a series of pop-up screens and check boxes. Instead, users choose where they want to go from our central dashboard.


gloPMýs robust reporting system gives practices the big picture view of their scheduling and billing so they can segment data for a better understanding of patient demographics


The backbone of every practice is the scheduling desk. Itýs incumbent upon scheduling to ensure the doctorýs schedule is clear and well defined, to keep workflow running smoothly. gloPM uses a simple scheduling philosophy: itýs all about ýpeople, places and things,ý since these are the three main categories that require scheduling. People relates to doctors and patients, places to examination rooms and things to resources such as diagnostic equipment. Users can quickly and easily schedule all three data elements, make changes by dragging and dropping entries and even set up a new patient appointment directly from the scheduling screen.

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