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About ImagineBilling

ImagineSoftware is committed to innovative development and intelligent automation with the Imagine Suite of products, helping clients achieve peak performance and measurable results by streamlining the billing / collections workflow, improving staff productivity and increasing practice profitability to reduce the lifecycle of claims.

Our software suite optimizes patient billing for medical practices, creating an enhanced claims management experience that streamlines submissions to provide faster payments while automating data entry, claims processing, denial reductions, and analyzing practice performance metrics. Manage your billing effectively from eligibility to collections, and everywhere in between.

Practice Monitoring App

The ImagineAnywhere application allows physicians, administrators, and managers to monitor their practice performance and revenue stream at any time from any location.

The dashboard works in conjunction with the ImagineSoftware Suite ImagineAnywhere | Practice Monitoring Appto display up-to-date metrics and can be configured to provide complete system data as requested by the user.

Monitor Practice Performance On-The-Go And In Real-Time: The Anywhere app showcases a comparison analysis and breakdown of the various metrics for a given time period, as well as trending history of each. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, as well as most Droid devices, ImagineAnywhere" is a powerful tool for detecting potential performance issues and providing actionable data for quick resolution and optimization.

Benefits of ImagineAnywhere":

  • Practice Performance Metrics displayed by Charge, Payment and Adjustment Amount; Charge and Payment Count; Net and Gross Collections; and Denial Rate
  • Comparison analysis and breakdown of metrics over a given time period, as well as trending history
  • Compatible with multiple mobile devices
  • Works in conjunction with the Imagine Software Suite
  • Provides real-time, immediate and accurate performance updates from any location
  • Easy to set-up and fully customizable for each user

Business Intelligence Software

Imagine Intelligence is a comprehensive data-mining and analytics system. It features cube-driven reporting, web and mobile publishing and direct email integration. Multiple disparate data sources can be integrated into the application to allow for true enterprise reporting.ImagineIntelligence | Business Intelligence Software

With ImagineIntelligence", you have a full BI & Analytics solution with dashboards, analyses, predictive analytics, and much more to keep your business on track. Get notified instantly when changes occur and learn what possible outcomes those changes could have on current operations, while evaluating key performance indicators to predict future trends based on revenue and billing costs.

Benefits of ImagineIntelligence":

  • Allows reporting to be centralized and published to multiple audience members with consistent, high-quality visual content
  • Allows standardization of reporting across your entire organization, giving you one central repository for data from all of your systems
  • Provides opportunities for advanced data mining as well as forecasting for your business
  • Seamless searching throughout numerous data fields with the Intelligent Wizard
  • Real-time notifications provide alerts without constant system monitoring
  • What-if simulations determine possible changes on a global or local scale
  • Dashboards and scorecards offer interactive drill-down capabilities for gauging performance
  • Total mobility for accessing information anytime, on the go or in the office
  • Unmatched ease-of-use in compiling self-service data points and ad-hoc analytics

Take action on your billing and operational data with ImagineIntelligence" to visualize and analyze your KPIs in clear graphs and dynamic tables. Automate your reporting tasks and use the extra time to optimize your operations. Slice and dice data in any way you can imagine to get all those answers you are craving. Now, make well-founded decisions based on facts.


Revenue Cycle Management

The ImagineAppliance" takes medical billing to the next level with hands-free automation of many billing activities, eliminating routine and time-consuming manual work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your business needs.

Designed to automate the billing and revenue cycle management processes such that little to no human intervention is needed for a vast majority of the billing workflow, the ImagineAppliance" provides flexible set-up, easy-to-use navigation, and detailed logging of each action performed.

Let the ImagineAppliance" Work for You to Reduce the Claim Lifecycle

Just as user-friendly as it is efficient, utilize the ImagineAppliance" to automate general file transfer and management functions of your billing enterprise through automated timers and natural language processing, decreasing the overall human steps necessary in the billing process, including the acquisition of demographics and charges, coding of charges, checking against payer rules, and submitting for payment.

Benefits of the ImagineAppliance":

  • Flexible set-up and schedules
  • Real-time data validation
  • Auto-coding and charge posting
  • Hands-free claims generation and submission
  • Automatic electronic remittance
  • Rules driven and practice specific
  • Minimal exception handling
  • Auto-submission to third parties
  • Single and multi-job specification


Predictive Analytics

ImagineLogic" provides a central location to view current billing analytics and assess possible underperforming areas. Its patent-pending technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Imagine Suite. ImagineLogic | Predictive Analytics Easy to use, the targeted approach of Logic cuts out additional research by identifying and honing in on system components, allowing users to simplify the troubleshooting process while providing fast, efficient solutions and suggestions for improvement.

Proactive Monitoring for Simple Decision Making

By continually assessing the health of your billing system, Logic alerts administrators to different areas within Imagine that are strong, as well as those currently experiencing changes, then drills down to highlight each component involved while outlining specific actions to prevent any issues from escalating. Logic also offers predictions for future problems that might occur based on present trending patterns.

Benefits of ImagineLogic:

  • Locate occurring changes in real time
  • Drill down with one click to view all affected areas
  • Outline the recommended steps to resolve issues
  • Predict future trends, allowing for proactive decisions


Intelligent Patient Acquisition

ImagineMarketing" offers a central system for creating and monitoring marketing campaigns to increase patient acquisition. Simplify the marketing process to successfully reach and engage patients and prospects with measurable results! ImagineMarketing | Patient Acquisition Customize target lists from existing system data or additional sources, including potential prospects, then implement a campaign and tag events within the campaign at both the list and contact level. Advanced metrics and reporting show how successful your efforts are, by tracking measurable results that link directly to revenue.

Get Clear Visibility of Your Current and Target Markets

Uniquely developed and available only from Imagine, the module also includes a custom Geographic Information System (GIS), overlaying existing Imagine data (current patient and referring doctor information) with Medicare and Census data to visually show market share and potential referring doctor locations on a region-specific map. This component truly allows groups to monitor marketable areas and target where marketing dollars should be concentrated to provide the most return on investment.

Benefits of ImagineMarketing":

  • Directly link marketing activities to practice revenues
  • Ability to target referring physicians
  • Comprehensive system that covers various aspects of inbound and outbound marketing
  • Automate the follow-up process
  • Precise and effective, providing key metrics and analytics
  • Creates unification and helps standardize communications to ensure brand consistency


Radiology Scheduling and Workflow

ImagineRIS" is a fully integrated, open architecture, radiology information and scheduling system that provides a flexible modality-based, worklist driven solution while offering the same time-tested technological backbone designed by the Imagine team. ImagineRIS | Radiology Scheduling and Workflow Whether you are providing service at a single site or have complex, multi-site, multi-modality requirements, ImagineRIS" can assist with your workflow management.

Facilitate Superior Service From the Very First Appointment

Flexible, efficient, and intuitive, ImagineRIS" utilizes advanced automation tools, ranging from smart imaging technology to system integration, to help reduce errors and improve patient care during the radiology administrative process.

Benefits of ImagineRIS":

  • Browser-based - Intra and Internet Ready
  • HL7 Ready
  • Centralized setup/installation with Global Access
  • Global Scheduling with Drag and Drop Rescheduling
  • Wait Listing
  • Film Tracking
  • Insurance Authorization
  • Productivity Reporting
  • Auto Faxing of Finalized Reports
  • Multi-Modality, Multi-Resource Configurations

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