A full ERP system designed by MedEZ for health care & social services companies.

About MedEZ

MedEZ" provides a full-service clinical solution for both outpatient and inpatient programs. The practice management application is an administrative system providing extensive coordination among all level of the facility operations. Statistical Reports & KPIs offers a wide variety of tools created to guide management decisions towards the areas of desired outcome. The Billing & Revenue Management application is an administrative system providing extensive coordination among all level of the facility operations.

This different healthcare software suites are custom designed with administrators and facility management in mind. With MedEZ’s secure medical software, you can expect to:

  • Maximize patient healthcare
  • Cut costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Automate daily activities
  • End paperwork
  • Eliminate errors
  • Maintain HIPAA-compliance
  • Create customizable programs

Video Overview

Appointment Scheduling

MedEZ" appointment scheduling software is a medical appointment tracking program to be installed on the computer. Our healthcare software can automate medical scheduling at your healthcare facility. MedEZ" appointment scheduling software was created in an easy to use familiar format for your facility management needs. You can access patient’s appointment history by the click of a button.

Appointment history and medical scheduling are easily handled after implementing MedEZ". MedEZ’s HIPAA-compliant appointment scheduling software allows you to arrange appointments in either a single or multiple doctor view according to your preference. Simply select the employee you are scheduling the healthcare appointment for and double click. You may also create comments about patients and track attendance. This easy to use medical scheduling software, allows you to view a To Do list where employees can track things they need to have completed for the day and check them off as they finish.

Our customizable healthcare system optimizes time and improves efficiency in your healthcare facility using the following features:

  • The appointment scheduling software system is capable of handling multiple healthcare physicians. MedEZ" provides a side-by-side view of multiple doctors to efficiently schedule appointments.

  • Our one-click HIPAA-compliant medical scheduling is as easy as selecting the patient you are scheduling the appointment for and then clicking OK.

  • Patient’s scheduling a visit for the first time are stored in a temporary patient file until they check in for the visit. Then the information is stored in a permanent patient file.

  • Simplify standard healthcare procedures including demographics verification, patient photos, taking co-payments, printing receipts, medical scheduling, and customizable forms by automating the check in process.

  • The MedEZ" appointment scheduling software comes complete with a task pad. The ‘To Do’ list allows employees to keep track of the things they need to get done for the day and check them off as they are completed.

  • The Daily Scheduler Report is a part of our medical software that provides a listing of all the patients a healthcare physician will see for the day and allows you to make notes of the patients that come in for their appointment.

Behavioral Health Management

Behavioral Healthcare Management Software Helps Automate Outpatient Facilities

MedEZ" provides the healthcare community with affordable HIPAA-compliant healthcare software programs for management and automation needs. MedEZ" mental health practice management software will automate your outpatient facility with:

  • Patient information and electronic health records:

    • Demographics
    • Insurance and billing information
    • Assigned doctor and diagnosticcode
  • Patient registration

  • Clinical documentation software

  • Mental health scheduling software iiiand attendance check-in

  • Therapist clinical notes software

  • Face sheets/admissions profile

  • Program scheduling

  • Employee records

  • Maintain databases

    • Doctors, Therapists, and Clinicians
    • Insurance companies
    • Referrals
    • Patients
    • ICD-9 codes
    • Revenue codes
    • Therapies
    • Programs/tracks
    • Assessments
  • Administrative and CMHC billing software reports

    • Flash Reports
    • Electronic claims reports
    • CMS 1500
    • UB04
    • Bad debt reports
    • Projection report
    • Payment postings

MedEZ" automates the daily operations of Behavioral Healthcare Management Centers with healthcare software designed with the administrator in mind. MedEZ’s Community care software ensures HIPAA-compliance with checkpoints such as Driver check-in, Sign-in sheets, Attendance checks, Therapist notes, and Reports. Reports give administration an accurate picture of billing. User defined security levels allow access based on permission.

Therapies your outpatient facility offers are customizable in the MedEZ" healthcare software system. Therapies are assigned codes that are utilized when a program is created. Building a healthcare program is accomplished with a few mouse clicks. You can create customizable tracks/programs and treatment plans offered at your Behavioral Healthcare Center. Some examples are: PHP, Day Treatment, Dual Diagnosis, and Juvenile. MedEZ’s billing software also uses therapy codes to automate billing.

MedEZ" community mental health software makes it simple to:

  • Keep employees up-to-date with their certification and licensing requirements.

  • Become HIPAA-compliant

  • With MedEZ" you scan or save documents of different types to be organized and made readily available to you using our EHR package.

  • Necessary patient information and electronic health records can be found easily

  • After entering the patient information, you can schedule an evaluation. Management of CMHC appointment scheduling can be done with the easy to use Mental Health scheduling software.

These features customizable for your healthcare facility

After the patient evaluation, a program or treatment plan is selected and patient registration can be completed in less than a minute. With the Mental Health scheduling software, a patient’s schedule is determined according to their program, but these schedules are customizable for your patients’ specific needs and printable to aid in their orientation. With our HIPAA-compliant Template Letter Module – Registration Packet required forms are printable with the patient name and date ready for the patient’s signature.

Do you provide patient transportation to/from your community care center? Your mental health office will benefit from customizable reporting which is printable daily for each driver. This informs the driver who needs to be picked-up so that the driver can simply follow this list and mark those picked-up or not. There is also an option for a Driver Return List. When the patients arrive at the healthcare center, the receptionist takes the list and simply checks the patients in using the MedEZ" Mental Health scheduling software.

The receptionist then prints a roster sheet for each program, allowing the therapist to verify patient attendance. Attendance should be entered into the healthcare software. Attendance information is used by the billing software. Client attendance may be grouped by therapist name making therapist notes, daily progress notes, and the clinical notes software easy to use. Once therapy is completed, discharging a patient is simply a click and a date with the opportunity to add a discharge assessment.

Billing Company

Streamline the administrative, billing, collections, and accounts receivable management functions with MedEZ’s healthcare solutions. Automate patient charge capture (electronic medical super bill software) with MedEZ-Billing software.

As a leader in electronic claims and billing software solutions for the healthcare community, MedEZ takes your business to the next level with:

  • Fiscal monitoring and reporting

  • Administrative and billing reports

    • Electronic claim reports
    • CMS 1500
    • UB04
    • Bad debt reports
    • Projection report
    • Patient invoices and statements
    • Free electronic claims submission
  • Account Receivable Reporting

    • Patient Co-Pays
    • Automates billing process
  • Payment posting

    • ICD-9 codes
    • Revenue codes
    • Additional billing codes

MedEZ’s secure medical software was developed for easy to use management with checkpoints to ensure HIPAA-compliance and eliminate billing errors.

MedEZ’s Billing software allows submittal of electronic claims directly to Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, and Medicaid, avoiding any clearinghouse fees. Easily create files or upload and download reports.

With Batch Billing software, claims are processed efficiently with the click of a button.

After processing the electronic claims, print a UB04, CMS1500, and access many billing reports.

The Automatic Payment Posting modules download the Ansi 835 and automatically post payments saving time and errors with data entry.

MedEZ" medical billing software includes extensive reporting capabilities allowing your staff to track activity at your client’s healthcare practice, thereby providing administrators with an accurate picture of billing. These customizable reports contain printable, official invoices and statements, and are easily created in the basic categories listed below:

MedEZ’s easy to use projection reports allow you and your clients to determine when future payments are due to be received. Our billing software then calculates the monthly totals.

Monitor your clients’ activities, procedures, patients ,and employees with statistical reports.

This complete accounts receivable and billing software system produces Patient Invoices and Statements, Bad Debt and Aging reports, plus much more. The Accounts Receivable module includes a Payment and Sales Journal that can be exported to your clients’ accounting software.

The MedEZ" reporting and billing software supports Crystal Report Writer, allowing you to create customizable reports based on each individual client’s needs.

All features of MedEZ-Billing software are all directly customizable for your individual healthcare facility’s needs.

Correctional Facility Medical Management

MedEZ’s Detainee Healthcare Software was developed to be customizable and easy to use with your administrators in mind. With HIPAA-compliant accuracy and simplicity, the MedEZ" healthcare software helps with the management of your correctional facility’s medical office through our unique collection of appointment scheduling software, billing software, electronic health records, and reporting.

Employee and detainee information is easily entered and monitored using the MedEZ’s Correctional Facility Medical software. Employee healthcare certification and user security levels are tracked and maintained at the click of a button. Detainee information and Electronic Health Records are easily retrieved through the use of filtering, tabs, and buttons. You can filter lists by beginning to type or by clicking on the information that you would like to sort by. Detainee information and Electronic Health Records are handled with our easy to use healthcare software which includes features such as:

  • Detainee Admission

  • Detainee Discharge

    • Security Level
    • Chronic Diseases
    • Alert Messages
    • Alert Messages

The HIPAA-compliant Patient Navigator makes the management of these options easy to use by allowing you to view a list of detainees and various related healthcare screens, such as the ones listed above, quickly and easily.

MedEZ’s Correctional Facility Medical software system includes appointment scheduling software. This appointment scheduling software provides the ability to arrange individual and group healthcare appointments along with the option to plan reoccurring appointments. To schedule a group of detainees for appointments at one time simply select the patients and enter the appointment type, date, time in and out, and the doctor/healthcare provider. MedEZ" healthcare software is customizable and information can be changed for each individual detainee or you can remove a detainee from the list.

You will find that the MedEZ" appointment scheduling software is capable of more than just scheduling such as our customizable calendar resources which are easy to use. You can select different calendar resources and the number of days that you would like to display on your screen. With MedEZ’s appointment scheduling software, you can also keep track of attendance by checking detainees into the MedEZ" healthcare system when they arrive for an appointment. Admitting a detainee into your healthcare office using MedEZ’s Detainee Healthcare software is as simple as double clicking on the appointment block and checking the Patient Showed Up box. Appointments can be rescheduled and moved to different healthcare providers by a simple drag and drop function.

MedEZ’s appointment scheduling software also contains the easy to use Task Pad which allows you to easily create new tasks and To Do’s. Adding a task does not affect the scheduling of appointments. The management of your tasks will be seen by all users in order to help your staff with items that they may be working on collectively.

Document Management

MedEZ’s Electronic Health Records and Document Management is easy to use and can help you eliminate lost paper files, retrieve electronic medical records at the push of a button, attach all EHR to a single file, recover healthcare records any place any time, and create a HIPAA-compliant paperless MedEZ-Document Management environment. With the implemented EHR package, it is easy to keep all necessary employee and patient documents handy so you can always access them without having to pull files and dig through paperwork. Simply scan documents or use current documents from your computer and save them in MedEZ’s electronic medical records software.

  • This MedEZ" healthcare facility management package supports scanned items, digital images, 3D-images and documents in a multitude of formats.

  • MedEZ-LAB retrieves lab results ordered from popular lab vendors and stores them as a part of the MedEZ-EHR software module in text and PDF format.

  • This MedEZ" healthcare package has been updated to include DICOM support. MedEZ" allows for easy management of electronic health records and imaging lab results, such as x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, MRAs and CTs, in DICOM format to be stored and analyzed right from your MedEZ" screen.

Medical Office

This doctor software has an easy to use Graphical User Interface. Simple point and click mouse functions allow easy navigation and operation. The minimum configuration to run MedEZ’s healthcare software is the same as Windows 95/NT/2000/XP-Professional.

MedEZ-DOCTOR software package is the best integrated medical practice management software available, providing management automation for:

  • Patient Information and EHR’s
  • Demographics
  • Insurance and billing information
  • Assigned doctor and diagnostic code
  • Admissions profile
  • Patient history reports
  • Appointment scheduling software
  • Patient Co-Pays
  • Quick claims
  • Employee records
  • Clinical software
  • Automated physician office billing software
  • Payment posting
  • Maintain databases
  • Doctors
  • Insurance companies
  • Referrals
  • Patients
  • ICD-9 codes
  • Revenue codes
  • Additional billing codes
  • Administrative and billing reports
  • Claim reports
  • CMS 1500
  • UB04
  • Bad debt reports
  • Projection report
  • Payment postings

MedEZ-Doctor software makes office management simple with billing software and appointment scheduling software that automates routines at your healthcare facility. Electronic Health Records are integrated into the doctor’s paperless office system for retrieval of patient information in one complete healthcare system.

Psychiatric Hospital

MedEZ" keeps your inpatient psychiatric facility HIPAA-compliant with customizable checkpoints including: Attendance checks, Therapist notes, automated charge sheet calculator, Reimbursement pricer, and Reports. These healthcare reports and the billing software help administrators to monitor billing. Permission assigned by the management determines which user has access to which screens. Because our psychiatric hospital software is custom-designed for Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities, items like Status Code, ICD-9CM to Comorbidity Assignment, Admission Form, and Pre-Hospital Living Setting are included.

MedEZ" for inpatient facilities creates an easy to use psychiatric hospital practice management environment which enables you to complete the following tasks effortlessly:

  • Certifications and licenses are easily tracked

  • MedEZ" makes HIPAA-compliance simple

  • Scanning, saving, and arranging files of varying file types into MedEZ’s healthcare software is a painless task.

  • Retrieving EHRs and other healthcare information is simple by the use of tabs such as the insurance tab which includes screens on Medications, General information, Allergies, and Prior Authorization.

  • Therapy notes are printable with patient’s name, electronic medical record number, and psychiatric treatment plan, and other therapy information to make the management of written notes simple.

  • Flash reports give administrators an outline of the day, week, month, or year.

  • Easy admission and discharge of patients from your Inpatient Psychiatric facility.

MedEZ’s healthcare software has inventory control capabilities that are easy to use. Enter inventory items for initial database setup and then, management of inventory quantities is simple. The MedEZ" healthcare software can generate alerts for inventory items that run low. The user can create and receive purchase orders, and MedEZ" updates the healthcare facility’s database accordingly.

MedEZ" psychiatric hospital software makes it simple to enter patient healthcare information and admit them into the inpatient facility and include information such as admission and estimated discharge dates, what program patients are in, their chart number and room assignment. MedEZ’s easy to use psychiatric hospital software allows you to assign rooms and check room availability so that you can track patients. You can use the customizable clinical notes software for management of notes on each patient daily or you can choose to manually check attendance and therapy services patients have received. MedEZ" is customizable so your inpatient facility can create programs for each of the tracks/programs. Each therapy has its own code which is used to automatically create and calculate a bill. Once the patient has been discharged from the Inpatient Psychiatric facility, they need to be discharged in MedEZ" as well. Then, any remaining charges can be added to the charge sheet and the patient can be billed.

Facility management is made simple using MedEZ". We include a screen that lists all patients within the psychiatric hospital which can be filtered for only active or only unbilled. From this screen, the billing software such as the Pricer and the charge sheet can be accessed. The reimbursement pricer is available anytime during the patient’s stay to calculate the highest reimbursement rate for any admission.

With MedEZ’s electronic medical billing software your charge sheet will be easier to create than ever before. An automated charge sheet calculator is generated and prices are stored, thus eliminating tedious price lookups. Based on the length of the stay, daily notes, and/or attendance checks, room charges and daily charges are already calculated. This feature of MedEZ’s psychiatric hospital software is easy to use and customizable so you can add items such as pharmacy, lab, and supply charges. Once everything is listed on the charge sheet the billing software can be utilized by clicking on the “Generate Claims” button and batching the charges to create an electronic claim.

The HIPAA-compliant billing software displays what payments have been posted by whom and the current balance. The MedEZ" psychiatric hospital software package includes an official printable patient statement, CPT Activity screen which shows how much was billed for each procedure, among many other screens, reports, and printable templates.

Rehabilitation Center Management

MedEZ" is a HIPAA-compliant healthcare software program focused on the management of the daily operations of your outpatient facility. Driver check-in, Sign-in sheets, Attendance checks, and Therapist notes help track services rendered. Information is transmitted to the billing software which can submit electronic claims. Healthcare reports give you some insight into the status of your rehabilitation center’s operations. Users are able to see screens according to their security clearance level.

MedEZ’s rehabilitation facility software is customizable, allowing your healthcare facility to put different therapy types into the system. Once each therapy is designated a code, a program can be made in a few simple steps. An unlimited number of tracks can be stored allowing you to track your outpatient facility’s day treatment and any other programs that your outpatient facility may offer.

MedEZ" makes rehab center practice management quick and simple by automating the following:

  • Monitor your employee’s certificates and licenses.

  • Operate within the regulations of HIPAA.

  • The EHR package allows you to scan or save various document types. MedEZ" systematizes these rehabilitation center files making them viewable by a mouse click.

  • MedEZ" allows you to schedule evaluations and register a patient for a program via the easy to use registration screens and appointment scheduling software.

  • When a patient is registered, a customizable and printable schedule is assigned. The MedEZ" healthcare package includes a Template Letter Module – Registration Packet which contains forms that may be printed as an official document for the patient to sign.

  • Management of a driver, a pickup list is a simple way to be sure of who is responsible for picking up the patient.

  • By having a daily roster sheet in the program room, you ensure patient signatures and monitor attendance.

  • Therapy notes are pre-printed with patient’s name, Medical Record number, and therapy information which can be used for management of written notes.

  • Print healthcare program and therapist schedules to be posted in rooms.

  • Flash reports give administrators a quick overview of the day.

MedEZ’s Features Are Conveniently Customizable

MedEZ" makes management and maintenance of up-to-date records simple. These records include electronic health records and clinical notes software. The billing software uses these records to calculate the patient’s bill. From there, billing is easily finished and an electronic claim quickly generated. Claims and payments may also be tracked and handled electronically to Medicare and other private insurance companies. MedEZ" collects information to make Batch-billing and electronic claim processing possible. Your CORF will benefit from the simplicity and speed with which this process is completed. The user may use the billing software to view the patient’s billing information by entering the patient code. From here, it is as simple as printing the UB04, CMS1500, billing report or submitting the healthcare claim electronically. The payment-posting screen allows for the posting of payments from patients and/or insurance companies. If there is still a balance remaining, MedEZ" automatically calculates and posts the amount.

Rehabilitation Hospital

MedEZ’s Rehabilitation Hospital software is customizable and easy to use. This healthcare system was specifically designed with your inpatient rehabilitation center and management team in mind. Management and automation of routines with MedEZ’s Rehabilitation center software will make your rehabilitation office run more efficiently. MedEZ" assists in maintaining HIPAA-compliance and simplicity through the use of checkpoints such as Attendance Checks, Therapist clinical notes software, Automated Charge Sheet Calculator, Reimbursement Pricer, and Reports. Accurate reports give administration a clear picture of the billing software and electronic claims. MedEZ’s healthcare software can also help your rehabilitation hospital to automate inventory tracking and room availability.

User defined security levels allow access based on permission assigned. MedEZ" also helps your Rehabilitation center’s management can easily keep track of credentials, licensing, and expiration dates. MedEZ’s easy to use rehabilitation facility software also makes patient information and Electronic Health Records accessible. Patient information and Electronic Health Records are easily retrieved through the use of filtering, tabs, and buttons. You can filter lists by beginning to type or by clicking on the information that you would like to sort by and then use the Patient Navigator to view the patient’s healthcare screens. MedEZ" contains clinical notes software that provides your rehabilitation office with patient assessment instruments and progress notes that are customizable and printable to meet your specific needs.

This Rehabilitation Center software by MedEZ" will provide your healthcare facility with treatment plans and appointment scheduling software that is customizable and easy to use. Management of your schedule can be performed one day at a time, or you can view as many days at one time as you wish. When a patient arrives at your rehabilitation office, simply admit them with the click of a button. MedEZ’s scheduling software not only makes scheduling and rescheduling programs and treatment quick and effortless, but it also has features such as calendar resources and a task pad that are indispensable. The task pad is easy to use and allows you to put tasks and reminders for other users to view.

Product Overview

  • Developer MedEZ
  • Type Medical Practice Management Software
  • Client OS Windows
  • Deployment Cloud or On-Premises

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