A web-based multi-module management system designed by Nuesoft Technologies for health care & social services companies.

About NueMD

Welcome to NueMD, your complete Internet-based medical billing software solution. Our easy-to-use, affordable online medical billing software will help you better serve your clients by shortening their reimbursement cycles, increasing efficiencies within their practices, and providing them with detailed reports on revenue trends, collection aging, and payment status.

Because NueMD is Internet-based, it is faster and more secure than Web-based medical billing software. All of your clients can have access to the electronic medical billing system to handle their appointment scheduling, and there are no added charges for multiple users.

Third-party medical billers love the NueMD medical billing system because it offers the following benefits:

  • Access from anywhere, at any time
  • Total security and HIPAA compliance
  • Claim scrubbing
  • Filtered batch posting by patient, insurance carrier or batch number
  • Current, preloaded ICD-9, CPT® and HCPCS codes
  • Electronic UB04 billing capabilities
  • Financial reporting broken down to primary insurance or secondary insurance payments
  • Super-user capabilities, allowing billers to access several clients’ accounts simultaneously

Claims Processing

The NueMD® Claims Module makes claims processing more efficient than ever. Before submission, NueMD automatically scrubs and edits all claims against its constantly updated list of almost 10 million federal, state and commercial claims edits, supporting the National and Local Medical Determinations for Medical Necessity and the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI).

Using NueMD’s Claims Module, You Can:

  • Batch claims for electronic filing by a variety of criteria
  • Transmit electronic CMS 1500 or UB04 claim forms or print hard copy claims
  • Check the e-filing status of a claim in real time
  • Instantly verify insurance benefits with more than 200 payers
  • Receive explanations of benefits (EOBs) within NueMD
  • See a snapshot of overdue claims for easy follow up

Nuesoft is an approved, HIPAA-compliant clearinghouse, so we can speed up your reimbursement by filing electronically in most states direct to Medicare, Medicaid, MediCal, Medicare RailRoad, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Tricare/Champus and other government payers. In addition, we have negotiated partnerships with third parties to efficiently file your commercial claims. Unlike some medical billing software that requires you to go outside of your medical billing system to get your claims log reports, NueMD receives verification of accepted and rejected claims directly into our NueMD Claims Module.

Medical Scheduling

The NueMD® Appointments Module can handle multi-physician, multi-day, or multi-office schedules, and helps you reduce no-show rates by 30 percent or more.

Our Medical Scheduling Software:

  • Quickly creates new patients
  • Scans for next available appointment times
  • Schedules for multiple appointments
  • Offers multiple views and customizable settings for appointment time increments and appointment reason reservations
  • Tracks patient flow with a time-stamped record of arrival, check-in, visit and departure time
  • Tracks co-pays, no-shows and cancellations

With our easy-to-use system, you can track appointment confirmations manually or use our automated telephone appointment reminder service, which is integrated into NueMD and brings reports right to your desktop. You can even color code your settings based on physician, patient, appointment reason or check-in status. Or, print out all of your encounter forms and use our form builder to create your own labels, forms and patient letters.

Patient Ticketing

The NueMD® Ticketing Module applies payment to an account, accepts charges for billing, and prepares and prints a patient’s bill.

With Our Easy-to-Use Module, You Can:

  • Post all diagnosis, procedure and macro codes
  • Post all payments, including co-pays and line-item insurance payments
  • Post charges and other adjustments that affect the balance of a ticket
  • Set up recalls and referrals
  • Open new tickets created from your EHR
  • Track an infinite number of transactions
  • Electronically file or print hard copy claims
  • View a snapshot of your accounts receivable

NueMD’s Ticketing Module even supports multiple fee schedules for more accurate insurance and patient billing, and accommodates anesthesia billing.

Reimbursement Management

These three powerful billing features within NueMD® allow in-house and third-party billers alike to manage multiple claim reimbursements and payments easily and time-effectively.

Batch Payment

The Batch Payment module allows insurance payments for multiple claims to be posted to multiple patient tickets at once:

  • Post checks
  • Make adjustments
  • Turn claims over to secondary plans
  • Post internal office memos and outgoing messages based on insurance denial codes

When completed, patient balances are automatically ready for secondary filing or patient responsibility. NueMD® intuitively moves those balances to the appropriate modules.

Electronic Remittance Advice

Our Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) automatically posts government and commercial payments in seconds. Patient accounts will instantly reflect approved amounts, deductibles, coinsurance portions, payments, rejections, and contractual allowances. What’s more, you’ll never scan another Remittance Advice (RA) again. NueMD generates a report, similar to an RA, that can be saved or printed. Collect all of your information electronically and be confident of its safety.


If you are a physician that is enrolled with a capitated insurance plan, NueMD has a module with you in mind. Reconcile all of your capitation accounts with the click of a button. Your payment will be evenly distributed and adjusted accordingly, leaving clean and balanced accounts. By doing line-item payment in capitation, NueMD can help you track and compare how well you are being paid for your services via your capitated plan versus other payment options.

Reporting and Analysis

With this module, report statistically and analytically on all the financial and clinical data in your system, including appointments and transactions such as procedure and diagnosis codes, recalls and referrals.

NueMD’s Reports and Analysis Module:

  • Generates 80 standard reports, with the ability to customize hundreds more
  • Analyzes information sorted by transaction, diagnosis, date of service and more
  • Offers customizable templates.
  • Charts and graphs your data at the touch of a button.
  • Accesses multiple years’ worth of data in minutes

There is no need to struggle with complex queries or structured fields. NueMD filters and exports your data in a customizable, easy-to-use format; whether Excel, Access Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, ASCII, HTML, or others.

Statements and Collections

NueMD’s Statement Processing and Collections modules give you better control over patient balances and past-due accounts. View and send easy-to-understand patient statements, broken down by visit, minimize outstanding patient co-pays, and keep an audit of your collections activity.

Statement Processing Module Highlights:

  • Limit calls to your office with NueMD’s easy-to-understand statements, showing transactions broken down by visit
  • Choose between sending statements to the patient or the responsible party
  • Sort patient statements by account balance amount or alphabetically
  • Report on cash flow and delinquent payments with the touch of a button
  • Add predefined messages to delinquent accounts to aid in the collection process

Save time and resources by transmitting your statements through NueMD. Let us print, fold, stuff and mail patient statements for you! With three different styles, you can even choose the format that best fits your practice.

Collections Management Highlights:

  • Automatically print letters to patients with outstanding balances
  • Generate account-aged reports to prioritize collections
  • Assign accounts to a collection agency
  • Create payment plans and promises
  • Customize letter templates

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