An EHR and medical billing solution.

About PDS MDsuite

PDS MDsuite by PDSMED outperforms competing systems. First and foremost, it’s easier to use. Its streamlined, time-saving components and integrated features help ensure that you capture all the charges insurance companies will reimburse. Your MDsute practice and records management systems fit you and your operation like a latex glove.

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MDsuite EHR

Have access to a full patient history – every time. Move the patient from check-in, through the exam to checkout without ever handling a paper chart. Edit and add photos and documentation on the fly. Create a cover letter, a message to a referring doctor or generate any form with one click. Here are just a few more ways MDsuite EHR can save you time and money.

  • Create, store, edit and retrieve patient charts with just a click.
  • Enter physician documentation faster than ever before.
  • Enter data once.
  • Verify insurance before service.
  • Chart by exception.
  • Use models – fast as templates – that are easy to use and customize in your own words.
  • Quick access to the entire patient record – clinical, financial, documentation, communication and scheduling

MDsuite PM

MDsuite PM helps you manage your practice by streamlining the flow of patient information. From care to billing, the system helps ensure that you cover all relevant issues, deliver the best, most comprehensive care, and that every action is captured and accounted for so you receive full, fair compensation. Here are a few more ways it helps you manage your practice.

  • Intake card scanner captures all the information on your patient’s ID card and automatically converts it to data. Name, address, ID number – even the photo.
  • Room view shows you what is happening in every procedure room, allowing you to keep track of patients and staff.
  • Task-tracking tabs. Our clinical decision support adapts to you. Use tabs to switch from one task to another – no drilling in and backing out every time.
  • Evaluation and management codes. You’ll never again forget a reimbursable procedure, because our system presents patient-appropriate E&M codes and lets you document – in real time – everything you do
  • Automate your billing. Our system consolidates your billing and gives you complete confidence that everything is fully documented and supported.
  • Do your work when it works for you. Set up routine tasks to complete when it’s convenient for you. Batch them and work on them at a time when they don’t interfere with patient care.

PDS Cortex

PDS Cortex makes your practice more efficient by providing tools for managing patient appointments, billings, collections, and more. It makes it easy to navigate the complexities of today’s health insurance environment.

  • Medical billing – The heart of Cortex; dynamic cash flow, reduced A/R, efficient retrieval and analysis of information.
  • Managing insurance – Robust tools you need to manage, track, report and save time.
  • Bad debts/collection agency tracking – Monitor collection agency activity and effectiveness; improve A/R efficiency.
  • Appointment scheduling – Intuitive scheduling, with custom layouts and a powerful workflow.
  • Electronic remittance distribution – Take control with electronic posting of insurance payments and streamline your insurance transactions.
  • Reporting – Flexibility and control in the more than 270 standard reports
Starting Price
$49 /month

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User Reviews of PDS MDsuite

Submitted on February 18th, 2019 by Anonymous

It is a general purpose EMR, not well suited any specialty other than office-based primary care not doing any procedures

The Good…

It has a nifty little level of service calculator that keeps track of things you do, so you know what level your visit will be when you’re done. That way, if you forgot something in the HPI, you can talk more tot the patient and flesh that part out and increase your LOS

The Bad…

The support and customer service is almost non-existent. They respond pretty quickly, but then just make promises and never actually do anything about it. We have been struggling with this EMR for over 6 months and they have done nothing to help.

The cloud version is supremely SLOW. I’m picturing a shed in the middle of Kansas with a 56k modem sitting there attached to a satellite dish.

It randomly loses entire portions of a note. I went back to review a note after signing off and completing it and the entire assessment and plan was gone.

The ICD-10 database is inaccurate. I entered a number from and the MDS database was a completely different diagnosis. Can anyone say “fraud”?

Various keys stop working throughout the day such as the backspace, tab, or delete key. The only way to make then work again is to sign out of MD Suite and then log back in.
On average each person in our office has to restart the EMR 4 times/day. Sometimes these are back to back.

Parts of the chart don’t talk to one another. For example, when you enter the number of pregnancies a patient has had in the “Gyn Hx” section, it doesn’t update in the “Pregnancy” section and vice versa. So depending on which part of the chart you are looking at you could have inaccurate data. When reviewing labs or documents, it doesn’t remove them from the queue as you sign off on them. They stay in the queue unless you manually hit the “refresh” button to make them disappear. It took me a couple of episodes to figure this out, so I was reviewing numerous labs and documents over and over again. So if you have 80 labs to review, not only do you get the tedium of reviewing them, you have to click the “refresh” button 80 times when you’re done.