An enterprise level web based veterinary practice management software

About Vetstar

Vetstar, designed by Advanced Technology Corp., is an enterprise-level, web-based veterinary practice management software for improving your practice.

SANDI is the new User Interface for the Vetstar application. These developments represent significant movement to propel the Vetstar application into a more robust and fully web-based application. The result of this means a significant increase in ATC’s development for web-based applications which can be run on tablets and other devices such as iPhones and the like. SANDI is emerging for an overall better end-user experience and is designed with the focus for clients to expand their EMR model.

Vetstar Features

  • Customized to the unique requirements of your organization
  • As easy to use as navigating the web
  • Software that’s available wherever and whenever your patients need you
  • Customizations available to save you time
  • Cloud based and locally hosted solutions available
  • Dozens of third party interfaces
  • An extensive and flexible permissions security module that allows you to specify which users can perform specific tasks throughout the application
  • Referring Vet and Client Portals that allow for access to information governed by your organization
  • An integrated accounting package for handling invoicing, statements, finance charges, taxes, aging analysis and comparative revenue reports
  • Localized User Manual – created especially based on how your system is setup

Product Overview

User Reviews of Vetstar

Submitted on October 6th, 2021 by James T. Wells from North Haven Animal Hospital

We were one of the first hospitals to start using Vetstar. We have been using it since April, 1990. Our space is very limited and without Vetstar I’m sure we would be forced to add a room and add personnel. It pays for itself every day.

Submitted on October 6th, 2021 by Joel Murphy from Animal & Bird of Palm Harbor

We have been using the Vetstar program since 1995 and have been paperless since that time. We have been extremely impressed with the customer service. Vetstar has been very responsive to our needs, and have modified the program many times with improvements that we have requested. When we have had computer problems they have even assisted us on weekends. The program has more options and flexibility than any other veterinary management software we analyzed. We use this computer system as a backbone for our hospital management system and it has allowed us to stay more organized and efficient than our competition.