A patient intake management software from CareCloud.

About Breeze

Breeze from CareCloud is a patient intake management system that helps streamline your patient registration, patient payments, and overall patient experience. The software integrates your PM and EHR to ensure every interaction between patients and practice is as easy as possible.

Breeze is best used alongside CareCloud. Data input into Breeze can easily be sent over into the CareCloud Practice Management solution in order to improve your patient’s experience.

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Breeze Features

  • Electronic Intake: Patients can review and update demographic and insurance information:
  • Online Pre-Registration: Registration forms and your unique clinical intake questionnaires are easy to build
  • Automated Appointment Management: Patients can request, reschedule, pre-pay and get reminders for upcoming appointments

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User Reviews of Breeze

Submitted on November 1st, 2018 by Lisa J. Learn

I’ve been with CareCloud for 4 years. CareCloud is very user friendly. It’s like using PC and Mac. Mac is so much more intuitive, you know where to go and how everything is laid out and where to find it.

Since using CareCloud for a few years, we’ve noticed growth and seen upgrades. They’ve made workflow easier and patient care easier.

We are approached by other EMRs but we stay with CareCloud due to the innovation and upgrades. They are always one step aside. When they brought on Breeze, I was blown away. It fits with the practice. What stood out was that it made patient care easier.

Patients can sign in and not have to repeat their information and we don’t need additional workforce to interview them repeatedly. Everything flows so easily. The value of Breeze is that it comes with a marketplace, you have access to inventory and HR apps. It’s very extensive. You can even work with CRM with the integration with MailChimp. It does everything my EMR doesn’t, so it’s the perfect combo.