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About inRiver PIM

inRiver Product Information Management (PIM) is purpose built for marketers and secure enough for IT teams. This platform is at the heart of creating great e-commerce experiences for today and the future. Empower your buyers anyplace, anytime with inRiver.

With this highly visual, extensible SaaS solution, inRiver helps you increase sales, streamline product data syndication, and reduce product returns. No downtime, no software updates, just time to build better customer experiences. Simple.

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  • Content onboarding
  • ERP and PLM integration
  • Spreadsheets
  • Content creation
  • Catalog and media management
  • Product data management
  • Data governance
  • Content distribution

Product Overview

User Reviews of inRiver PIM

Submitted on December 14th, 2020 by Hans Troiza from Alfa Laval

I often talk about ‘one-and-done’ when it comes to PIM. It means that you add or make changes once, in a single place, and then it is published in all different channels. In the end, you have the same information everywhere, regardless of touchpoint. It’s like inRiver is a very good airport. We put information in and then the system funnels it to the right place. For us at Alfa Laval, this wasn’t really achievable before.

Submitted on December 14th, 2020 by Kimberly Morris from Intermatic

At Intermatic, if you need any product related material, you need to go through inRiver to get it. Basically, it is feeding everything, everywhere, just like it should. With inRiver, our tech sheets all look identical, beautiful, and professional.