A purpose built PIM for the digital shelf

About Salsify PIM

Salsify PIM is purpose built to manage product information on the digital shelf. With this web-based solution, you can quickly you can adapt your brand to meet new customer demands, new market forces, and new category disruptors. Balance governance and speed by using Salsify PIM.

Traditional PIMs solve the many-to-one problem of creating a standard, on-brand message. Salsify helps by solving the one-to-many problem of creating myriad experiences for the digital shelf for every channel.

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  • Validation capabilities including attribute-level checks against internal schemas
  • Fast data imports can take place before data governance
  • Multiple data domains are supported including digital assets, inventory, and customer data
  • Filtering and search bar functionality on everything in the platform
  • Product experience activation for every channel
  • Channel-specific requirements and the latest retailer schemas
  • Centralized View One central view for your data, with validation, versions, and auditing
  • Single platform connections bring together your entire commerce ecosystem through a single platform

Product Overview

User Reviews of Salsify PIM

Submitted on December 14th, 2020 by Scott Sommers from ShurTech Brands

You need to both be able to create, generate, and optimize great content, and then deliver it to your customers in an efficient and effective way. And that’s what I feel like Salsify has done for us - it’s given us that simple point of truth, the ability to manage and measure it, optimize it, and iterate.

Submitted on December 14th, 2020 by Jessica Hendrix from Rawlings

By July, every tool the salesforce needed to hit the ground running for 2017 was loaded into Salsify.