A 3D product configurator software

About Simplio3D

Simplio3D, by Digital Artflow, is a Visual Product Configurator software designed to drive sales and generate proposals directly on your website. This platform allows your website visitors to customize their own products using real-time 3D visualization.

As a visual product configurator, users on the platform can create interactive and engaging 3D renderings. Simplio3D is uses a modular library called SEL platform to meet specific requirements, compatible with almost any type of customizable product.

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  • Unique product experience using 3D visualization
  • Integrates with ecommerce platforms using API
  • Highly flexible and open for customization

Product Overview

User Reviews of Simplio3D

Submitted on December 8th, 2020 by Matt Wood from Wise Company

They did a great job of understanding our needs as an outsider from the industries they’re accustomed to. There was no drop off in communication given that we’re a US manufacturer and they’re a European developer.

Submitted on December 8th, 2020 by Angelo Santaniello from Krowne Metal Corporation

The completed tool has led to an increase in business. It’s visually stunning and the client has received phenomenal feedback from third-party dealers, customers, and the internal team.