A cloud-based time tracking, billing, and accounting system for law firms.

Product Overview

Tabs3 Cloud provides both Tabs3 Billing and Tabs3 Financials. The Billing software helps firms get bills out quickly and provides management reports. The Financials product meets the accounting requirements of law firms via financial statements, invoicing, bank reconciliation, and client trust accounts. As a combined paltform, it provides reporting and analytics, specialized trust accounting tailored for legal needs, and a conflict checking feature that helps maintain ethical practice.


  • Very eays to use and navigate
  • System is customizable
  • Financials includes trust accounting functionality


  • Can get pricey for firms that do not utilize all features
  • Does not integrate with file software
  • Requires a developer quote to get exact pricing

Target Market

Small to medium-sized legal practices and firms, especially in general practice law firms, estate planning, and family law specialties, that require reporting, trust accounting, and practice management.

About Tabs3 Cloud

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Tabs3 Billing Features

  • Legal Timekeeping
  • Advanced Compensation Formulas
  • Print and Email Financial Statements
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Dashboards

Tabs3 Financial Features

  • Customizable Chart of Accounts
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • Detailed and Summary Financial Statements
  • Write Checks
  • Print Checks
  • Create 1099 Forms

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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Tabs3 Cloud

Submitted on May 19th, 2023 by Anonymous

I love TABS3; I have used TABS for the last 20+ years at the office from which I retired. It is very user friendly!

It offers so many features that we dont even use all of them!

The Good…

Very easy to use

The Bad…

A little pricey if you dont end up utilizing all of its features…

Submitted on February 8th, 2019 by Anonymous

It’s designed for lawyers so it accommodates most legal billing styles. You can bill by a standard hourly rate and customize it for each partner or associate. You can also use contingencies, split fees, flat fees, tasks based, and retainer billing methods.

Through the dashboard, you can run reports showing your top clients, your work in progress so you can have an idea of unbilled work.

Tabs3 defines it pricing on whether you have 6 or more users or 5 or fewer users. Those with 6 or more need a custom quote but if you have fewer than 5 users can use their price calculator to determine cost which is between $72/month to a few thousand depending on the features and number of users wanted on the software. They do have a free trial.

The Good…

If you know you’ll be using Windows desktops for the foreseeable future and don’t need a full-featured mobile app, it’s a good choice. It will give you an excellent overview of your firm’s performance.

The Bad…

The level of customization needed is complicated and will come at a high cost because you’ll likely need to hire a consultant for customization and data migration, meaning it’s not the best choice for solo lawyers.