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About REALedger

REALedger from Emphasys Software has everything you’d expect from comprehensive accounting software, plus many more features to make managing your real estate office easier than ever. Thousands of real estate brokerages across the US and Canada use Emphasys Software’s powerful software management platform to automate daily back office processes.

Video Overview

  • Listing–Manage information related to property listings and showings.
  • MLS Import–Automated import from your MLS into REALedger
  • Sales–Manage information related to specific sales.
  • Agent–Maintain records pertaining to each agent, including billing.
  • WebAgent–Browser based Agent Self-service Reporting Portal.
  • Accounts Payable–Perform payable transactions including referrals generated from a sale.
  • Bank–Track and reconcile multiple cash accounts including non-commission deposits and AR.
  • Payroll–Maintain employee records and process your organization’s payroll.
  • Trust–Track pooled Trust transactions.
  • General Ledger–Complete financial reporting of all activity integrated from other REALedger modules.
  • Task Tracker–Create checklists with due dates and attach documents to.

Sales Transactions

  • Recruiting Manager–TeamBuilder Interface
  • Multiple Company and Multiple Office
  • Management Reporting
  • Affiliate Reporting and Data Bridges (CREST, REALology, Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, John L. Scott)

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module enables you to perform all types of payable transactions.

These transactions are typically things like expense or overhead items such as rent, office supplies, telephone, or advertising bills. This module also provides the ability to allocate accounts payable directly to an agent.

REALedger Accounts Payable will help you:

  • Create agent charges directly from AP transaction entry
  • Track 1099 data – live & historical
  • Manage recurring A/P transactions
  • Create a vendor master file
  • Manage accounts payable transactions
  • Print checks to vendors
  • Process recurring accounts payable transactions

Affiliate Reporting and Data Bridges

REALedger provides affiliate reporting and data interfaces/bridges to CREST, REALology, Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, and John L. Scott affiliates.


The Agent module, together with the Sales module, make up the heart of the REALedger" system.

In this module, maintain records about each agent, including agent deductions and commission structures. Track agent earnings, charges, and 1099 data.

REALedger Agent will help you:

  • Track and generate 1099s – both current and historical
  • Track earnings (calendar, anniversary, monthly, quarterly, cross years) for agents
  • Define incentive breakpoints for agent commissions
  • Manage agent charges
  • Post recurring agent charges
  • Keep pertinent information about sales in one place
  • Apply on-account agent payments


The Bank module provides a means of entering non-commission deposits, managing multiple cash accounts, and reconciling to your bank statements.

There are two types of transactions that will be handled in this module: Agent payments, and miscellaneous deposits such as utility deposit refunds, insurance settlement checks, and AR deposits.

The Bank module also handles all cash reporting for the other modules such as check registers, deposit registers and current cash balance reporting.

REALedger Bank module will help you:

  • Manage multiple cash accounts
  • Manage miscellaneous deposits
  • Credit distributions
  • Payment applications
  • Refunds
  • Manage agent deposits
  • Agent payments
  • Apply deposit to specific agent charges
  • Reconcile cash accounts to bank statements

General Ledger

All REALedger" modules integrate with the General Ledger to provide on-demand financial statements and management reporting.

REALedger General Ledger will help you:

  • Track company performance against a budget
  • Maintain your Chart of Accounts
  • Manage recurring journal entries
  • Print financial statements


The Listings module, together with the Sales module, provides complete tracking of transactions from start to finish, including a property showing schedule for your front office.

In the Listings module, enter and maintain information related to property listings: property type, status, sale price, expected commission, etc. REALedger" will convert a listing to a pending sale, eliminating repetitive entries.

REALedger Listings will help you:

  • Manage active and expired/withdrawn listings
  • Schedule property showings
  • Obtain a complete picture of an agent’s activity and your office’s inventory
  • Automatically expire listings
  • Reduce data entry for pending sales
  • Facilitate franchise/corporate reporting

MLS Import

MLS Import relieves the need for double entry of listings into your back office system. Supports multiple MLS and MLS Listing changes.


The Payroll module allows you to maintain employee records and process your organization’s payroll. You enter and maintain information related to employees, including earnings and deductions, and process your organization’s payroll.

REALedger Payroll will help you:

  • Manage employees deductions
  • Manage employee earnings
  • Maintain withholding tax tables
  • Automatically generate payroll for multiple pay frequencies

Recruiting Manager

Manage your recruitment program and pay bonuses to recruiting Agents. Pay different bonuses based on experience levels. Bonuses are calculated and accrued within the General Ledger. When you decide to pay them, Accounts Payable vouchers are created for you.

Recruiting Manager also supports the Prudential Real Estate TeamBuilder Interface.


The Sales module, together with the Agent module, makes up the heart of the REALedger" system.

In the Sales module, enter and maintain information related to specific real estate sales. Manage your entire sales transaction, from entering a new listing to closing a transaction.

REALedger Sales will help you:

  • Manage various agent’s roles for a sale
  • Calculate agent/office splits
  • Handle accounting for outside referrals
  • Process trust checks
  • Process failed transactions
  • Manage entire sales transaction
  • Handle archived trust transactions

Task Tracker

Create an unlimited number of checklists with due dates, and attach to Sales transactions. Track completion and attach documents for electronic storage. With WebAgent", access to the checklists, open items, and the documents is provided directly to your agents.


REALedger" provides for complete accountability of pooled Trust transactions. Deposits received, checks written and Promissory Notes can all be tracked within the Sales module.

REALedger Trust will help you:

  • Manage earnest money deposits
  • Manage Promissory Notes
  • Reduce data entry in sales transactions with a direct interface
  • Reconcile Trust account bank statements
  • Print checks from Trust accounts


WebAgent can be deployed on an Intranet or Internet. Utilizing the .NET Framework, in a runtime environment, WebAgent is easy to install and maintain - no specific web experience is required. WebAgent can be linked to an existing website for convenient access by your Agents.

Data is extracted from your company database with a single click or on an automated schedule.

WebAgent is included with the REALedger Agent module and supports multiple company databases, office, and agents.

  • Charges Statement
  • Charges Paid
  • Closed Sales
  • Pending Sales
  • Payment Details by Transaction
  • Agent Check Register
  • Listings
  • Showings
  • Earnings and Volume - YTD and history
  • Agent Address Listings
  • Task Tracker – Checklist list items and documents

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User Reviews of REALedger

Submitted on July 29th, 2019 by Laura Satterfield

REALedger is an all-in-one system; it takes care of everything. It’s terrific, it’s a one-stop shop and it does whatever we need and a whole lot more.

Submitted on June 11th, 2019 by Anonymous

They have good ideas but their implementation is lacking and their user interface is buggy and doesn’t make sense at all. Customer support is a email/call waiting list with the usual answer being we will pass that on to development and a MIGHT possibly be in a future release.

The Good…

Keeps me guessing.

The Bad…

Keeps me guessing.