Commercial Real Estate Accounting

A web-based multi-module management system designed by Leo Software for real estate & property management companies.

About Commercial Real Estate Accounting

Various commercial real estate technology solutions address accounting, invoice processing and work orders, among other business functions. Leo, unlike any other software solution, addresses the needs of what we call ýProperty Information Management.ý

Effective property management requires access to current inventory amount, location and condition; occupancy projections; floor plans; leasing options; insurance expiration dates, and other crucial operational data. As the keeper of the data, the property manager also faces constant interruptions from owners, brokers, tenants or vendors seeking access to building information. Without Leo’s easy-to-use technology, property managers spend much of the day dealing with frequent interruptions and inquiries.

Leo Software is the Property Information Management system that integrates with your current accounting and financial software applications to deliver decision-quality data in an easy-to-use format to the people who need it: property managers, brokers, clients, investors and others. Leo Software is web-based which means you are always working in real-time. All data being viewed, shared or reported on is the most current information available.

Leo will help you:

  • Maximize revenues and profits.
  • Compete for new tenants and new property assignments, and retain current tenants.
  • Increase your business capacity – do more work with fewer people
  • Automatically create dynamic stacking plans from rent rolls, summarizing a building’s leasing status in one easy-to-understand screen and linking to all documents associated with each rentable space.
  • Lease space more quickly by enabling leasing brokers to create ýmicro-siteý marketing brochures on-the-fly. Remind you not to miss important upcoming events such as changes in leases and building events.
  • Create lease abstracts.
  • Increase your management and administrative efficiency by automatically generating standard and custom management reports.

Building Details

Find all key data about each building in your portfolio in the Building Details screen. View rent roll data, amenities for the building and the area, photos of the building and suites, graphic files such as as-builts and floor plans, expenses, ceiling heights, number of docks, Tax ID. You name it, it’s all there.

Key Features

  • Quick Navigation - Click on the buildings within your portfolio for information and comparisons.
  • Building Specifications - Key information in a single location. Click the tabs marked Information, Floors and Suites, Amenities, Docks, Expenses or Rent Roll for all the greater details.
  • Rent Roll View - All your lease information in a single concise form. Rent Roll data can be entered manually, or captured from existing programs such as Argus

Building Details Benefits

  • Save time - find what you need, when you need it
  • Quickly aggregate data for comparison purposes
  • Easily update and share information about the buildings in your portfolio

Critical Events

When you use Leo, you’ll never miss an important deadline or event. You can flag your due-date for taxes, find all right-of-refusal encumbrances, manage tenant insurance coverages and expirations, track exclusivity offers to specific kinds of business.

Key Features

  • Calendar or Grid View - A quick view of your week is easy, or with Grid View you can create reports by building or event type. Want to know how many lease proposals are pending for a building? Just move the cursor and there it is.
  • Outlook and Palm Compatible - Leo can pull your schedule from Outlook" or push Leo generated alerts and notices to your Outlook" and your Palm Pilot"
  • Best Practices and Custom Events - Anyone with permission can schedule an appointment for the team. Click “Send Email” and the event detail is sent out to the team members. Accept or modify the preset Leo “Best Practice” schedules and you have begun to establish ways to measure team performance.

Critical Events Benefits

  • Consolidate all date-sensitive information
  • Generate data for monthly reports
  • Never lose track of a property-related critical date
  • Employ a standard, uniform display for information sharing
  • Find events across portfolio – do more, faster
  • Save time producing leasing reports

Document Manager

With Leo’s online document-management system, you can store, retrieve and share documents, all in a safe, secure environment that’s easy to use. No more emailing massive files, fewer Fed Ex shipments and less confusion about versions of documents.

Key Features

  • File Folders - Leo constructs a folder tree automatically according to each building’s stacking plan – new folders can be added by users.
  • File Details - Display in table view or card view each file’s properties, (size, etc). A drop down menu allows for e-mailing of files and access management.
  • File Descriptions - Each file can be fully described, and may be calssified for display in custom web pages that the user creates with the Leo Web Page Generator

Document Manager Benefits

  • Easily access and manage documents across your portfolio
  • Share documents with other Leo users
  • Automatically create file structure for each building through integration with accounting system
  • Create internal library of corporate documents, templates and forms/manuals

Lease Abstracts

eo quickly generates, retrieves and prints detailed lease abstracts. Use Leo’s filtering capabilities to search for key lease data contained in the abstracts. Information entered into Leo’s lease abstracting system automatically informs Leo’s critical events calendar of important dates and deadlines, such as lease termination option dates, notice dates and other key events.

Key Features

  • Tenant Information - Easily enter all tenant contact and lease economic information.
  • Filtering Technology - Search for and generate lease and portfolio risk analysis reports by tenant size, location or other criteria.
  • Lease Option Details - Track lease option details. Leo alerts your team before lease option trigger dates when you still have time to react.

Lease Abstract Benefits

  • Identify over-market rents in your portfolio and understand their potential impacts on your business
  • Increase efficiency by filtering for and sorting lease abstracts across entire portfolio, and by toggling between lease abstracts quickly to compare terms
  • Understand how future space availabilities can help you anticipate tenant needs and increase retention
  • Generate, retrieve and print detailed lease abstracts quickly
  • Avoid surprises through automatic notification of lease termination options

On-Demand Reporting

Leo’s integrated management and reporting tools increase productivity. Leo gives any user the power to analyze property information on-the-fly, on-demand, 24/7 from any Internet-capable computer. No more waiting days or weeks for a report. Just go to Leo ý you’ll get the answer right now.

Here’s a list of some of the typical reports Leo will create for you on demand:

  • Stacking Plan
  • Rent Roll
  • Lease Abstracts
  • Leasing Report
  • Building Card
  • Portfolio Overview

Portfolio Overview

Leo can show you the facts on every building in your portfolio in one comprehensive screen. And with Leo’s filtering technology, you can check Key Performance Indicators for each building or compare those variables across your whole portfolio.

Key Features

  • Filtering Technology - Click on the “Display Filter Box” button to search specific criteria within your portfolio.
  • Property Summary - Quickly reveal the economic health of selected buildings.
  • Building Card - Request a snapshot with customized performance measures for quick access to data, key building information and performance.

Portfolio Overview Benefits

  • Quickly get information on every building in your portfolio in a single screen
  • Use Leo’s filtering technology to compare the status of specific buildings
  • Find answers to your questions immediately without interrupting accountants or other colleagues
  • Portability – take advantage of Leo’s constant availability from any Internet-connected computer

Stacking Plan

Leo turns rent-roll data into a graphical, interactive stacking plan view of your building that shows you the “health” of your building – today, in the future or in the past – in one, comprehensive screen. Leo brings your accounting data to life – in ways that inform and support your decision-making and management processes.

  • Stacking Plan: View vacancies, lease terms, options and encumbrances - at any point in time.
  • Building Card: Each building card displays a snapshot of the user selected and prioritized building statistics.
  • Dynamic Bar Chart: A graphic display of average occupancy 12 months into the past and future, with an overlay of weighted net rent averages. By adjusting the target date users can examine building lease economics for any two year period.

Stacking Plan Benefits

  • Drive revenue through inventory and vacancy management
  • Gain quick understanding through data-visualization
  • Instant diagnosis of building’s health – your “check engine light”
  • Understand occupancy and rent trends over time
  • Enhance efficiency by linking dynamically to all related documents

Web Site Generator

Leo’s web generator accelerates the tenant-acquisition cycle. If a prospective tenant calls at 3 p.m. and describes the kind of space he needs, you can use Leo to search your portfolio for space that meets the client’s needs, create a customized web brochure and email a link to the client, literally within a few minutes. By 3:10, he’s reviewing solutions to his problem.

Key Features

  • Your Branded Header - Customize the website with your logo and building image.
  • Featured Suites - Highlight suites which meet your prospect’s requirements.
  • Detailed Views - Include all the suite details necessary for your prospect’s decision making.

Web Generator Benefits

  • “Get on the tour” through Leo-generated Web brochures
  • Gain a competitive sales and marketing edge by creating professional, customized Web brochures – in minutes and at no additional cost
  • Save time and money without having to use outside resources to build custom Web sites

Product Overview

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