Mondial CRx

A financial reporting and compliance software.

About Mondial CRx

Mondial CRx aggregates transaction-level accounting data from any combination of ERP systems into a cloud-based repository, offers GAAP and IFRS-compliance through a high-quality financial report writer, and supports the creation of meaningful executive informational financial dashboards that use actual, near-real time data.

Mondial CRx Features

  • The ability to store GL, AP and AR transaction data accurately in every reporting currency needed even if the underlying system doesn’t
  • The ability to undertake revaluations, group elimination entries, and statutory reallocations if this is difficult to accomplish in the source systems
  • Support for multiple alternate charts of account so that group companies with different set ups can all map to the same corporate or regulatory standard
  • The ability to drill down from every report balance to every groupwide accounting transaction thus providing a full system of record and audit trail.

Mondial CRx Target Market

Mondial CRx is a good fit for organizations with multiple companies in a group, that sometimes (but not always) use different ERP systems, and often operate in multiple different currencies. The solution is meant as a single reporting system that can be used by financial professionals across the whole enterprise, with the key beneficiary and economic decision-maker being the group CFO.

Mondial CRx Pricing

The cost of Mondial CRx starts at $500/month. Pricing is based on the number of group companies, ERP systems, reporting currencies, users, and languages. There is a free trial available. There is no free version available.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Mondial CRx

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