A multi-module management system designed by Atlantic Associates.

About TimeManager

TimeManager is a full-function Time & Billing system designed to be used simultaneously by one to 250 persons. It can be used on a single Windows or Macintosh computer or with a high performance server as a true client/server application serving both Windows and Mac desktops. The program allows for hourly, flat fee and percent finished billing. TimeManager produces reports on individual performance, as well as on total firm billing by client, project, case, department, work group, territory, etc. It produces aged accounts receivables, productivity reports, user history reports, client history reports, time analysis reports, overhead and budget reports and user customizable reports. TimeManager comes with a multi-level password protection system so that users see only what they need to see.

Report Writer

Embedded in TimeManager is a sophisticated Report Writer. This report writer allows you to customize reports to show only the information you require. If text based reports are not effective enough at displaying the information, this software has the ability to produce graphical charts. These charts can show the distribution of billing throughout the business by individuals, workgroups, departments, etc. This feature allows TimeManager to present you with crucial information necessary to make your vital business decisions

Time & Billing

This product is the easiest to use time & billing program available on Mac OSX or Windows. The whole program is operated by a point and click interface, eliminating the learning curve and saving you hours. All financial data can be exported to your general ledger system. The Windows and Mac OSX compatibility of this program, means anyone on your staff regardless of computer type can use this program. Additionally, the ability to access the program over the Internet allows business owners without a centralized location to implement this software. All invoices are automatically calculated on a monthly basis, or as needed by you. All invoices can be printed as PDF files and emailed to clients. Furthermore, invoices can be created one at a time or the process can be automated, allowing hundreds to be generated simultaneously. Invoices can be billed on quarterly or monthly cycles and are tracked until paid. Finally, you are given the ability to limit employee access to sensitive data by implementing a password system. From start to finish TimeManager’s versatile nature is perfect for any practice.

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