A multi-module management system designed by CaseWare International for accounting/legal/professional and finance & insurance companies.

About CaseWare Time

NOTE: Previously called Practice Administration CaseWare International now offers version 2000 of its CaseWare Time,the premier software package for professional accountants. CaseWare International’s Time performs the complex functions an accounting professional requires – but in a simple, easy-to-use manner that doesn’t require a financial background.

Created by accountants for accountants, Time can handle any practice-management challenge. In practices both small and large, it’s the ideal tool for simplifying the day-to-day management of your practice.

CaseWare Today

CaseWare Today is a series of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange forms and objects that integrates seamlessly with CaseWare Time. You can keep information in just one place and take advantage of the tools available in the CaseWare products and Microsoft Outlook, and if using Exchange, the full collaborative groupware features.

Rather than including many of the advanced features of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange in the CaseWare products, a much better approach is to integrate these products seamlessly. With intelligent integration, the ýwhole is greater than the sum of the partsý and greater productivity and new opportunities for extra revenue with additional services are better accomplished.

A lot of needless duplication exists when you have to keep client, contact and staff information in several software packages such as accounting, contact management, and email. When a change has to be made to a client address for example, it can be very time consuming to update all relevant software. Mistakes can be easily made and quite often you cannot remember which entry is the most current.

Today synchronizes information with Time. To enable synchronization, new tabs and fields have been added to the Outlook generic contact form in the following areas:

  • Client form - Client information fields such as Client number, Partner, Engagement type and Year End date
  • Contact form – Contact information fields such as Contact number and Type of contact (Lawyer, banker etc.)
  • Staff form – Staff information fields such as Staff number and position

Today allows easy access of information from Working Papers. You can:

  • Track client specific working paper engagement issues that are outstanding using the customized task
  • Set up staff specific tasks and track the activity Using Today within Microsoft Outlook, common information can now be entered and stored in one place and synchronized with Time.

Contact List

Your Contact List serves as the core of CaseWare Time’s integrated contact-management system. This system provides you with a powerful, flexible means of communicating with your clients, and identifying key clients or contacts for marketing opportunities and other communications. With Time’s sophisticated but user-friendly word-processing and spreadsheet component, you can generate marketing- and form-letters, filtered and addressed to specific clients or contacts. No other practice-management software gives you a comparable range of tools to help you manage your practice and expand your business.

Practice Managment

CaseWare Time’s Practice-Management Features Allow You To:

  • Find and access documents and reports easily.* Enter all of your contacts – clients, referrals, prospects – into one system, thereby eliminating the need to keep separate contact-databases.
  • Include with each client list an infinite number of your clients’ contacts (lawyers, banks, insurers, etc.)
  • Export automatically your time-and-billing and accounts-receivable data to your CaseWare Working Papers general ledger.
  • Generate an invoice as soon as a file is completed (rather than waiting until month’s end), thereby improving cashflow.
  • Password-protect all reports and input-screens, thereby ensuring the full security for your system.


CaseWare International’s CaseWare Time Includes Comprehensive Report Features That Let You:

  • Generate reports by name, number, partner, group and type.
  • See, at a glance, your total exposure for any client through our integrated Work-In-Process (WIP) and Accounts Receivable (A/R) reports.
  • Produce detailed and summary WIP reports by work code and employee subtotal.
  • Monitor partner-productivity by making it easy to summarize partner reports for WIPs, accounts receivable and billings.
  • Generate productivity- and profitability-reports for all staff and clients.
  • Produce accounts-receivable trial-balances, payment histories and statements.

Time, Projects, & BIlling

CaseWare International’s CaseWare Time Puts the Following at Your Fingertips:

  • True real-time operation. Enter a transaction and every report is updated instantly.
  • Unlimited databases. You have no limits (other than your hardware) with respect to client size, work codes, time and expense, and accounts receivable.
  • A client/contact database boasting over 70 fields. You can fully customize your client data.
  • Full Projects and Sub Projects. Assign Projects to a specific client, track progress and then bill by Project.
  • Full on-screen billing. Plus, you can customize the text, layout and breakdown of invoices.
  • Flexible write-up and write-down distribution. You can distribute write-ups and -downs to a single or a combination of employees.
  • A single screen that handles all advanced, miscellaneous, partial and full payments.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of CaseWare Time

Submitted on November 25th, 2020 by Brian Humble

tracks time but doesn’t provide all reports I need

The Good…

WIP info for billing

The Bad…

I cannot print a report of WIP summary by workcode for a specific period (it only allows WIP summary by workcode for beginnig of time to date)