A web-based multi-module management system designed by eBillity.

About eBillity

The simplest and fastest time tracking & billing solution. eBility is a secure web and mobile time billing & tracking tool for professionals & freelancers. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Customizable Reporting & Notifications

Quickly create reports and visualize your business with eBillity Reporting Templates. Reports are easily customizable, and you can save your most-used reports for one-click access to vital stats.

Automate Report Generation

Schedule time tracking management reports to run automatically and get sent to anyone you choose, anytime you choose.

Protect & Secure Your Reports

Customize permissions so that reports are viewed or edited only by authorized users.

Generate & View Real Time Reports

  • Reports are run in real-time with the most up-to-date information.
  • Access and edit entries directly from the report invoicing software! Ensure data and invoicing accuracy in real-time.

Receive Email Alerts & Notifications

  • Generate email alerts when time entry hourly minimums are not met, or time is not entered on a given day. Send to the user, the group manager, or anyone you choose!
  • Generate email alerts when a client falls past due on an invoice. Send to the client, account manager, or anyone you choose!
  • Subscribe to project time tracking and receive alerts when time, expense, notes, and schedule entries are created. Stay up to date at all times.

Reports Types

  • User Reports: Reports information about the user and their entries.
  • Client Reports: Reports information about the clients and their projects & invoices.
  • Project Summary Reports: Reports all the summed up details of the project completed.
  • Expense Reports: Online billing software reports expenses of the user(s) and totals the reimbursable and total expenses.
  • Contractor Report: Reports all the financial details concerning the contractor - for example Contractor charges incurred by the firm and the fees collected by the firm from the client and the differential amount.
  • Tax Reports: Reports details of all the taxes collected by the firm.
  • Trust Account Reports: Reports the activity of the trust account(s) as well as the balance and total of the client. The trust account will display all pertinent trust account information for each trust account.
  • Productivity Reports: The user productivity report provides a daily view of who is logging time, and how much time and billing has been logged…
  • Rate Reports: Shows the details of all the rates charged by the firm - broken down by user, client, project, and activity type.
  • Accounts Receivable Reports: Provides a detailed aging view of the amount due to the firm.
  • Pre-Paid Reports: Gives a detailed view of the Client’s prepaid hours purchased, used and available.

Invoicing, Accounting, Payment Processing

eBillity makes the entire process of creating, tracking, sending and editing invoices quick and easy. Send branded invoices to clients in minutes - eBillity enables them to pay you with one click by credit card or PayPal online. Shorten your invoicing, time and billing collection cycles too - send automatic reminders, and acknowledge receipts.

Dispatch Invoices in Different Formats

With eBillity invoice software you can choose a convenient mode to send invoices.

  • Print invoices and send a hard copy to your clients.
  • Email invoices to your clients.
  • Send invoices in Ledes1998B format .
  • Stay Paperless: Send electronic invoices that include links for payment."

Communicate Invoice Status to Clients

  • Set up and send automated notifications to clients who have overdue invoices.
  • Invoicing software allows firm’s clients to view and pay invoices online.

Efficiently Manage Invoice Software

  • Create multiple invoices grouped into a single line item or batch.
  • Simplify your time and billing and group many time/expense entries into a single group entry.
  • Conveniently verify/edit time tracking management and expense entries during invoice creation.
  • Law firms will appreciate the ability to include Trust Accounting transactions and balances on invoices.
  • Divide a single invoice into any number of “split-billed” invoices. Perfect for insurance adjusters.
  • Apply finance charges to overdue invoices, with a default percentage preset for each client.
  • With our built-in payment gateway you can accept check, credit card, and PayPal payments from clients.
  • Download invoice history in excel format. Create or view multiple invoices grouped into a single group or batch

Keep Track of Invoices in Different Stages

An invoice flows through different stages before getting finalized. eBillity’s invoice software differentiates them clearly and makes it easy to keep track of multiple invoices.

  • Invoice pre-bill - An invoice that has just been created which is still in a review/edit stage.
  • Finalized Invoice - an invoice is finalized when it has had its time and expense entries verified and approved. Finalized invoice data is locked and cannot be edited.
  • Open Invoice - An invoice that has been sent to clients and is not fully paid.
  • Overdue Invoice - An invoice that has crossed its due date and is not fully paid.
  • Closed Invoice - An invoice that has been paid off by the client.

Improve the Look and Feel With Invoice Software

Using eBillity invoicing software, you can customize the invoice templates.

  • Fully customize the look and feel of your invoices with a choice of data fields to include, logos, fonts, colors, languages, and much more! You can even have a custom invoice template for each client.
  • Modify existing invoice templates and save them as new templates.
  • Upload a logo of your own choice and personalize your invoices.

Client Access Portal

  • Keep clients in the loop with access to a special site with their account info. You choose what they see including: invoices, time and billing expense entries and reports.
  • Clients can view and pay invoices online – with PayPal or Credit Card - via the Client Access Portal
  • Clients can purchase pre-paid hours for any billable activities you set via the Client Access Portal.

Manage Trust Accounting Efficiently

eBillity time management software enables trust accounting services for specific users, such as law firms, who may use it to hold client funds.

  • Create, edit and disable trust accounts.
  • Allow clients to deposit money into a trust account.
  • Transfer funds between trust accounts.
  • Record disbursements from trust accounts.
  • Complete trust account reporting.
  • Clients can view their trust account activities and balances on their own from the client portal. Create, edit and disable a trust account using eBillity.

Manage Time and Billing Accounts

  • View, search and add invoices and handle balance adjustments at the client, firm or project level.
  • Use tabbed controls - Invoices, Add Payment and Balance Adjustment – to manage time tracking accounts easily.
  • Record a refund of a part or all of a payment. Assign permissions for searching and making client refunds.
  • Create and print statements. Find the specific info using the search tool.
  • Add, edit, and view bank account information.

Manage Accounts From Anywhere

  • Manage accounts from your PC, Mac or mobile phone
  • Manage invoices from the Accounting page on your eBillity Mobile time tracking app: see lists including the last invoice and last payment.

Generate Account Status Reports

  • Create Account Receivable reports, which detail the amount due to the firm from different sources.
  • Create Trust Account reports, which document the activity of the trust account(s) as well as the balance and total of the client.

Calculate Finance Charges Quickly

Use eBillity time billing software to quickly manage your billing and finance charges.

  • Set options to calculate finance/ interest charges for overdue payments automatically.
  • Apply overdue finance charges automatically.

Mobile Time Tracking

Never miss a billable second! We’ve got iPhone and Blackberry" Mobile time tracking apps, so you can log client time and expenses, and see project time tracking data on-the-go!

Mobile Time Tracking Management on the Move

  • Accurately log time and billing expenses from your mobile device
  • Mobile time tracking entries are automatically synced to your account and ready for your time billing software
  • Use the built-in timer to capture time and billing quickly and accurately – no remembering to input it later!

Mobile Time Tracking Remote Access, View & Send Invoices

  • Look up client balances
  • View client invoice details
  • Receive email alerts and notifications on Client and Project time tracking activity

Project Time Tracking Management

Manage your projects seamlessly with vital project info in a single view. eBillity lets you manage User access permissions, billing, schedules, meetings, contacts and time or expense entries by project. You can create, access, modify, subscribe, and delete projects - or upload project files to a common area - all with eBillity time management software.

Access and Stay Connected to Projects

  • View your projects on the My Projects tab on the dashboard.
  • Search for Projects by: Project ID, Project Name, Client Name, Status and more.
  • Keep up-to-date: Subscribe to projects and receive email notifications about project-related events.
  • Reduce data errors: Get email alerts when incorrect data or time is logged or time is logged against an incorrect task. You can edit entries at any time before you send an invoice.
  • Manage projects on the go with mobile time tracking: Receive email alerts and view project data on your mobile.

View Completed Project Time Tracking Status

  • View basic project time tracking information: client contacts, pre-paid hours purchased, time and expense details, balance and invoice information on the Project Summary Tab.
  • Give role-based and user-based permissions for viewing confidential information.
  • Create “Named Users” in the system – users without eBillity access, but who have time and expense entries added on their behalf. Or assign “Standard Users” to a project. They can log in to eBillity and view their project info at a glance

Manage Time and Billing for the Project

  • Select a convenient billing method - bill at regular intervals or bill at closing.
  • Generate invoices for the project.
  • Set triggers to automatically send invoice payment reminders or late fee notices.
  • Set time and billing rates at the User or Project levels.
  • You have the option to require review of all time and expense entries before they get invoiced.

Safeguard Project Information

  • Configure role-based permissions for viewing, creating, modifying, and subscribing to projects.
  • Manage time tracking management software permissions for different Users.
  • Add basic contact information, assign members and a project lead for the project, and name subscribers to project notifications.

Add New Projects

  • Add Add new project time tracking to an existing client using the Add New Project Page option.
  • Add basic contact information, assign members and a project lead for the project, and name subscribers.

Schedule Meetings, Communicate & Share

  • Schedule and invite other Users to meetings. Meetings automatically post to each Users’ daily, weekly and monthly Schedule.
  • Sync eBillity meetings with Outlook, Entourage and iCal applications! All emailed meeting requests include .ics attachments.
  • Never miss a meeting; display meeting alerts on your screen and always be on schedule.
  • Add appointments to your own Schedule.
  • Upload and share project files with your team.
  • Send messages, instant messages and notifications to other Users in the system.
  • Manage contacts easily; create general, client or project contacts through the time management software system

Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software"Every second counts." Earn more! Use eBillity to track and record every possible, billable moment of your day. Manage project time tracking plus time and billing at your desk, in your den, over a cocktail or anywhere on the go.

Time & Expense Tracking Anytime, Anywhere

  • Log time and billing remotely through your mobile device, or in the office at a Mac or PC. Entries are updated real-time.
  • Record time management and expenses even when you’re offline; the eBillityOffline Desktop
  • Widget automatically syncs data the next time you reconnect.
  • Allow other Users to make time or expense entries on your behalf.

Intuitively Manage Time Tracking and Expenses

  • Edit or delete time tracking or expense entries anytime
  • Create time and expense reports by User, Client or Project time tracking
  • Add or search entries by User, Client or Project.

Accurate Time Tracking Management

  • Customize bill rates by User, Client, Project or Activity.
  • Easily set up Standard or Overtime, Hourly or Flat-Fee rates.
  • Time tracking software allows you to capture time quickly and accurately with eBillity’s built in timer.
  • Enter time manually or auto-calculate “start” and “end” times.
  • Add multiple time entries at once with the eBillity batch entry system.
  • Create custom activity type lists to use whenever you log time.

Get Efficient Expense Reimbursement

  • Account and get reimbursed for every dollar you spend! Invoicing software allows you to record and easily categorize expenses by type, tax or reimbursement status.
  • Create a custom list of expense types to use whenever you enter expenses.
  • Attach a document (ex. a scanned receipt) to any expense entry.

Let Clients See Their Time and Expense Data

  • Let clients view time tracking and expense entries via the Client Access Portal. You choose what data they can see. Your hard work for them is transparent!
  • Clients can purchase prepaid hours at the client or project time tracking project rates you set, all via the Portal.
  • Allow clients one-click invoice payment with PayPal or a Credit Card through the payment gateway (with your eBillity Premium Account)

Product Overview

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